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King Kong

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In my final project I tried to incorporate everything we learned in the course along with a new idea. My initial plan for the project was to make a stop motion video with animations, but this idea was dropped after my laptop was stolen. It would have taken to much time to start that project again, so I thought of making a video.
My video is about King Kong. I used the song “King Kong� by Jibbs for the background music. The song says “I got King Kong in the trunk…� In the song he isn’t literally referring to King Kong being in his trunk, but rather the subs that are blaring in the trunk of the car. I took this idea and made it more literal by actually putting King Kong in the trunk.
I wanted to incorporate the different lighting techniques and scene shots we learned in the second project. I added my own sounds in the movie and played around with the volume of the sounds that went over the music. I decided to make the clip a short movie trailer for an upcoming movie. The clip ended up being shorter than anticipated, but hopefully it still gets the message across.
Overall I think I did a good job on the project considering the short amount of time I had after losing the original movie. It does a good job portraying how the music these days just doesn’t make very much sense and it’s just funny if you take them into literal sense. I had a lot of fun making the movie and directing the different scenes.