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Laura's Final Project: Reversed Roles

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For my last project I chose to comment on how men and women in society are reversing roles. Unlike many years ago, when women were forced to stay at home to watch the kids, today more men are staying home and letting the wives bring in the money. I thought it would be funny to take this observation to an extreme and make the men be the ones to get pregnant instead of women.

How I did this was I filmed the man and woman in my project and then used a filter to make the film look older. I thought it would be an interesting effect to use because obviously men and women did not change roles that early on in time. But what if they would have? How far would women be in the working world today?

I also liked the emotion old silent films give off. With the music being light and airy, it makes the situation seem normal, yet funny. I found it hard to find music that I could use for my project, but the music I did find did an all right job setting the tone.

Overall, I was happy with the outcome of my project. I tried to apply different techniques I learned from the previous projects such as changing angles for the scenes and starting the scenes not just on the faces of the actors but on objects as well. It made editing a little easier. Hopefully, what I have learned this semester is evident in the outcome.