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Lowrey Sims

I found Lowrey Sims' talk to be a very engaging discussion with some excellent points regarding museum art, environmental art and functional art. My favorite part of her talk was her discussion of some of the environmentally functional pieces. Traditionally, I am used to seeing art made solely for a viewer's senses. Many of the pieces Sims showed at the beginning beared the same aesthetic elements but had environmental impacts. The first things I recall are the gardens and ark layouts she showed. I find this departure from traditonal art to be very thought invoking, especially when displayed by an art curator such as Sims. I was also drawn to the series of Native American works that she showed. They depicted Native American towns with cultural images covered in gas masks and mutations. These works were extraordinarily eerie and depicted some of the images I would have had in nightmares if nuclear weapons had been tested near my hometown. I feel her discussion about environmentally fucntional versus traditonal museum art was spot on. Creating a piece with functionality adds another aspect to the work to be admired and questioned.