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Lowrey Sims Artist Response

Lowrey Sims' speaking style differed from Lisa Lapinski's greatly in the way Sims was able to express her knowledge about artwork. However, since Sims is a curator, I expected that she would be quite comfortable speaking about works, and she delivered on that expectation. I was engaged by the theme of the talk, environmental art, especially with the recent "green" movement that has occurred in popular culture. It really demonstrated the notion of art reflecting the times. I thought it was neat how she drew many of her own relevant conclusions about other people's artwork, especially conclusions that the artists themselves did not recognize. Sims turned a work about bees to represent environmental concerns, when the artist created it to be about feminism, and it worked either way. This shows Sims extensive knowledge and experience, as well as her understanding of what art truly means. I thought the question about whether art can serve a purpose in the fight against environmental destruction was a worthwhile one as well. Sims brought this up to compare art’s impact on environmental awareness to science’s role, and whether art is simply aesthetic, or if it is more useful. With the evidence she presented, I drew the conclusion that art could be useful to raise awareness about environmental concerns, especially when presented along with some scientific fact to help create a drastically thought-provoking piece.