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Manu's Final Project

For this last project I tried to stick as much as possible to my original ideas. However, I had to make some modifications to the execution process due to time limitations and some difficulties that I ran into. In spite of these challenging obstacles I still had a lot of fun realizing this project.
My intention for the final project was to demonstrate a child’s sense of freedom from prejudice and their natural behavior of moving freely around space. I sometimes wish that adults would also move and interact with other cultures and people without prejudice. With that in mind I wanted to show a girl that disregards cultural boundaries by being totally comfortable playing in two different cultures. In the installation I included two representations of very different cultures to better demonstrate ideas of cultural boundaries. To enhance this contrast and sense of boundary I decided to include two different soundscapes that are associated with the two cultures. I also mixed two different media - the animation played by two projectors and the outline of two cities on the wall.