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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

I visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden near downtown last week. This is an outdoor exhibit that is free to the public. I had a lot of fun because I went with my friends when there was a lot of snow on the ground. We walked around and got to see all the different art works that were featured. The spoon was my favorite piece of art there. It was presented by Claes Oldenburg , who is known for his oversized ordinary objects. It was a really basic piece of artwork, but I felt like it had so much power. There was snow on some of the sculpture, but it still had so much color and life to it. It’s probably one of the more famous works of art in Minnesota because it is easy to see from a lot of places in downtown. The second piece of artwork that caught my eye was the Arikidea, which was presented by Mark di Suvero. It was like a giant steel swing like thing. It had a very eerie feel to it because it looked like a rusted mechanical monster. It felt like if you went and sat on it you could control the monster from underneath. I liked this art because it was interactive and it looked very interesting. I also liked that fact that it was really big and it looks like it has been sitting there for a very long time. Overall, the sculpture garden was a great experience. I got to see a lot of great art work that I probably wouldn’t have seen if we didn’t have this project. It really makes you open your eyes to the things that are around you and what you could be missing.