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Repost of Visiting Artist Response:

Repost of Visiting Artist Response:

---This is a repost of my original Nikki S. Lee review since for some reason it didn’t show up on the blog site--- 12/18/07

Posted- 10/20/2007

Visiting Artist Response: Nikki S. Lee

This was the first artist discussion I had ever attended and I was deleted to see that it wasn’t a stuff affair like I had originally thought. Nikki immediately came off with an excellent sense of humor which I feel set the audience at ease. I really like the way she described herself as Korean-Korean as opposed to Korean-American like its most commonly stated here in the U.S. Since she was born and raised in Korea, later leaving to NY to pursue photography, a lot of her work focuses on an East vs. West theme. What I mean by that is because she was able to relate to two worlds her work reflects the ideals and personalities of both Eastern and Western cultures. Her cut out photography seemed very interesting to me where you are looking at something that isn’t there is very unique in my opinion. She spoke of her recent works and how she took layers of herself making different expressions and so forth I would have loved to see that work. With her focus on self-identity and how it changes with our interaction with others it made her stand out as an artist for me, I really enjoyed listening about her work and herself.