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Reposting of Lisa Lapinski

At the beginning of the semester when I was planning which visiting artists to attend I selected Lisa Lapinski because I was intrigued by the referenced quote from an art critic that described Lisa as "providing new thought about what a sculpture might be." I enjoy attending visiting artist presentations because I like hearing precisely what the artist has to say about their work: what inspired them, the process in developing each piece and the message they were attempting to convey. Viewers, such as myself, will always draw up their own inferences so it is interesting to see how that compares with what the artist was meaning. Sculpture is a medium of art I typically enjoy viewing because of how many different types of materials can be used and incorporated into a single piece. I was looking forward to see what Lisa’s “new thought? of sculpture work was like.
My anticipation quickly died upon arrival. Lisa is definitely more of an artist than a public speaker. The presentation was simply her clicking through her work and monotonously stating the title and where it was presented or what show it was a part of. For most of her pieces I wasn’t immediately turned on or drawn into the art so not having any further explanation or background about the piece didn’t bother me as much. On the other hand, if Lisa would have taken time to talk about some of her works I may have changed my outlook on it. The one portion of her presentation that did provide more insight to her views and personality was when she read an email of hers addressed to an art critic. She initially wrote to this art critique in response to the critic’s comments on a piece of art. What makes this more interesting is that the critic wasn’t even talking about her work but the work of a friend. This could lead me to conclude that Lisa has strong opinions and ideas and really stands behind her beliefs.
There was one thing I got out of coming to the presentation (besides a caramel brownie) and that was a viewing of what an individual artist’s show may look like. Being fairly new to exploring art I have never been to a single artist’s show. I have had my share of art museums but seeing images from a few of Lisa’s main shows made me more aware of what the set up may look like. I liked how the art work was arranged around the room but again, would have appreciated more discussion about why the pieces were designed the way they were and if the placement in the room meant anything.