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Revision of Perfect World Video

This is a fix up and improved version of my project three video on what my perfect world consists of. From the moment I confirmed my idea for this project I had my final plan in my head. The difficulty was figuring out how to get the idea out of my head and into an actual production. At the due date for Project three I had a video completed but it wasn't up to it's full potential and wasn't completed how I ideally had wanted it to be completed. The critiques I received on it precisely supported my thinking: the video has good intentions and is going in the right direction but it needs to be finished up with what I had planned on doing all along. My struggle was working with Final Cut in general and learning how to do what I wanted to do. It seemed like a simple idea: split the screen in half, then thirds and possibly fourths to display the world of many Jennas being everywhere at one time. The screen splitting action was not that simple. BUT, in my extra time and effort I have managed to learn how to split the screen and have my video do what I wanted to do. As an outsider I would think my video is just average but personally knowing how much time and hard work I went through to get it to look the way it does makes me appreciate the video more. I am happy with finally completing this video to be the idea that originally was just a thought in my head.

and here it is: