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Visting Artist Response:

Artist Review

For my final artist response i wanted to talk about my favorite artist. Her name is Ruth Thompson, and I have been an avid collector of her art since i was 12 years old! My parents took me to my first art fair where I first saw Ruth's works. A brief history about Ruth: She graduated college in 1990. For a short period after graduation she worked for publishing companies, doing mostly fantasy illustrations for collectible card games, magazines, board games, books, role-playing games. She operated as a free-lance artist for about a year or so various companies until landing a job as a staff artist for SJG (Steve Jackson Games). In 1991 she left SJG to become a self-working artists stating she couldn’t stand drawing what others wanted anymore and decided to paint for her own piece of mind, she left Texas and moved to Ohio. Her boyfriend / business partner and she started her art company called Tarnished Images, a “bootstrap business, with our sales coming from either attending or mailing in artwork to Fantasy and Science-Fiction conventions, and the occasional free-lance job?
In 1994 she got married to long time boyfriend/business partner and also began touring World Renaissance fairs at that time as well. Her artwork as become a staple icon for a lot of renaissance fairs throughout the nation, and it’s where I first saw her work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.
In 2005 I was thrilled to hear that she had officially purchased and opened her own Tarnished Images first retail art gallery in Ohio.

She recently visited Minnesota to attend and Anime/Sci-fi convention in November where I was able to purchase more of her work while being able to take a look at a huge exhibition she had displayed of her more recent series of works. Her art focuses on fantasy theme, dragons, knights and the like. Being a huge fan I really admire how she brings the fantasy to life my favorite collection of hers being her archangel series, in which all of the archangels are depicted alone and together in epic battles.