December 18, 2007

Revision of Perfect World Video

This is a fix up and improved version of my project three video on what my perfect world consists of. From the moment I confirmed my idea for this project I had my final plan in my head. The difficulty was figuring out how to get the idea out of my head and into an actual production. At the due date for Project three I had a video completed but it wasn't up to it's full potential and wasn't completed how I ideally had wanted it to be completed. The critiques I received on it precisely supported my thinking: the video has good intentions and is going in the right direction but it needs to be finished up with what I had planned on doing all along. My struggle was working with Final Cut in general and learning how to do what I wanted to do. It seemed like a simple idea: split the screen in half, then thirds and possibly fourths to display the world of many Jennas being everywhere at one time. The screen splitting action was not that simple. BUT, in my extra time and effort I have managed to learn how to split the screen and have my video do what I wanted to do. As an outsider I would think my video is just average but personally knowing how much time and hard work I went through to get it to look the way it does makes me appreciate the video more. I am happy with finally completing this video to be the idea that originally was just a thought in my head.

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December 14, 2007

Project 3 Re-edit

Download file

In this new version, I have added sound effects, a song clip ('It's Getting Better' by The Beatles), and a drum-roll soundtrack that I produced using Garageband. I thought that the drum-roll seemed fitting seeing as how alot of the imagery of the clip showed slaying using guns/militar-type violence. Also, I added simple sound-effects such as footsteps, crackling flames, and straining voices. I wanted the audience to feel a bit more involved with the video so now they can experience both a graphic scene, while listening to its audio counterpart. Also, I sped up some of the scenes in order to give the clip a more flowing rhythm.

November 28, 2007

Critique for Jenna

Jenna’s ideal world is one in which time is no longer an issue. She has created a world where she is able to create “multiple Jennas?, capable of completing the many tasks on her hands. Her video opens with many scenarios and events being planned – all happening to be at 12:00. As she goes to each example, a reaction shot of Jenna is placed after each one, adding to the panic of having no time. As this is all going on in real time, the images suddenly shift to a stop-motion style, emphasizing the pure manipulation of time. Now, with her different forms, she is able to go running, socialize, and get homework done all at the same time.

I like the use of narrative in this video, however there is no real conclusion. I was a bit thrown off by the sudden black screen, signifying an ending. I liked the transitions between each segment, though, where it just shows Jenna’s feet running. It was consistent, and a nice change in pace from the dialogue and surrounding action.

The sound is definitely at a forefront in this project, however I think that it could have been brought out a lot more. There are noticeable gaps in between each speaking part, which I think could have better come out had there been a constant “room tone? going on behind each scene. That way, the dialogue wouldn’t seem to come out of nowhere. Besides that, though, I thought the dialogue was very effective in setting up each scene and the action that surrounds the video. I just think a little more attention to it would help ease the sometimes-distracting element of the sound coming out of nowhere.

Overall, I thought Jenna’s ideas for a perfect world were really interesting. The thought of having multiple ‘You’s is a cool twist on the perfect world assignment. I thought it was effective in portraying what she was trying to show, however I believe with a little more focus on the stop-motion aspect of the video and more focus on the audio, it would help create a much more coherent piece of work. I enjoyed watching it.

Critique for Jenn

Jenn's project was about the social, cultural, and racial divisions in the world. Through the use of different chicken nuggets, she portrayed the fictional colonization of a country. The inhabitants of the country where then cast into two different groups according to "what was on the inside." Special rights and privileges where given to one group over the other. Eventually, the groups rebelled against their colonial masters and gained their freedom only to find they still where cast into two different groups. Fighting ensued and eventually only one nugget from each side was left.

I believe this project meets the guidelines for a perfect world. It shows what can happen in a not so perfect world and how this type of thing could be avoided. I also thought the voices used in the film where excellent for the point they where trying to make. Lastly, the overall quality and seamlessness of the motion was good.

Critique for Manda

Manda’s piece was extremely successful at questioning the idea of how to create a perfect world and making me laugh. At the beginning of the her film, I didn’t understand what the phrase “Hug a Furry Friend for a Better Tomorrow…? meant. I was unclear whether she was making a statement or asking a question. By the end of the film, it was clear that this statement, placed at the beginning, served as a question that set up the rest of the film. Manda’s film questioned the simplistic idea that hugs and smiles can make the world a better place. As a watched the cute animals cut through the toy soldiers and tear the main character apart, I understood the point of the film: being kind and gentle is a naïve way to create a perfect world.

The use of claymation proved to be an effective media format for Manda’s film. She was able to use it to make a big-eyed person and cute little animals. She had no dialogue in her piece, nor did she need any. Her uses of “Ooooooh?s and screams helped convey her “naïve perfect world? better than words could have. The scenery was also very well done. Her cheesy, colorful, background made it seem very innocent. Each animal had a character represented by its design, movement, and fighting style. It was shot fairly smooth and was able to hold a moderately fluid feeling.

The sound ended up being the best part of the whole piece. As I stated, her choice to omit dialogue worked very well for the film. Her timing was perfect and her cutesy “Oooooh?s conveyed the feeling well. The screams at the end were absolutely hilarious. They fit perfect and created a great sense of surprise and contrast at the end of the film.

In the end, I was very interested by Manda’s film. It was effective in discussing the idea of being kind and gentle to create a naïve perfect world. I felt the visual format, sounds, and storyline did a great job of pulling this idea together and discussing our theme.

Response to Jon's video

I found this video to be somewhat underdeveloped...things could have been worked on here. The absence of an audio compliment was one of the large issues that I noticed. The flow of the animation was a bit jumpy, and probably could have been fine-tuned a bit. The topic of racism is obviously a pretty large issue to tackle. I think it worked to Jon's advantage to de-personalize the subjects involved in his narrative so that it would be easier to place them in the context of the video. However, it's hard to consider the horrors and dark history of racism in this country or in any other without bringing some emotion and feeling into it. So, I guess the subject matter was a little much for the end result.

Critique for Sam

Sam’s piece shows the history of the world to illustrate an idea of a perfect world. From an abstract standpoint, I can see how an Adam and Eve type story teaches history of our “perfect world? but I don’t exactly understand how it bonds with the theme. Reading his project proposal shed some light on the idea but still left me with more of a feeling of curiosity for the world than a sense of “perfection.?

The structure of the film was well planned, narrated, and shot. It was done in a very linear fashion. By far, the best part of the film was the way Sam seamlessly put the audience in a viewer’s perspective. His use of legos to create a changing environment was smooth and captivating. It was intriguing to watch the scenery change and develop into a historical landscape. The placement of significant events accentuated this perspective. Through his use of symbols and geographic changes, Sam was able to show us where we were and when it was instead of just telling us. This made for a stronger cinematic feeling with more depth of realism. This sensation was backed with his smooth photography and frame transitions.

His choice to use little dialogue added too his use of audience placement. The sound effects he had, were well done and contributed well to the piece. By using environmental sounds and random effects, he forced us to interpret what was happening instead of just telling us. This strategy made a strong contribution to his piece and ended up being a fine point of his work.

Overall, I found Sam’s piece to be effective in demonstrating the possibilities of creation. He did a good job of placing us in an atmosphere of wonder. I don’t see exactly how it shows a perfect world but I can make an abstract connection to get a deeper understanding of the world we’re in.

Critique for Xi

Xi’s project was a representation of a perfect world displayed through various viewpoints on sportsmanship. Many different countries don’t always demonstrate sportsmanship; Xi asks the question “why?? We are all human; why can’t we be civil with one another? He executed his assignment of a perfect world with stop-motion animation.
The animation Xi did exaggerated the way various countries show sportsmanship. I thought they way he portrayed these scenarios was humorous. Obviously, some of the actions of Xi’s characters are extreme, and are not played out in real life, but the exaggeration was effective by obviously pointing out the problems society has with displaying sportsmanship.

I thought the quality of Xi’s images was good. He used real life images combined with special effects to reach the final product. I was impressed with some of the effects he was able to achieve with the computer. However, I was not as impressed with the quality of the sound. Some parts worked well with the visuals, but other parts were too loud and some did not have sound at all. Maybe if Xi would have recorded a background tone for the piece it would not be so awkward when some of the sound kicked in. I noticed there was no sound in the beginning which led to an uneasy transition in the middle of the piece when sound was added.

Overall, I felt Xi accomplished his goal in portraying a perfect world. The theme Xi displayed in his work could be played out in the life of athletes and also everyday citizens. It’s important to be courteous to one another, even if it is hard to do so. Perhaps, a perfect world wouldn’t be so far out of reach if we took the time stop ourselves and help each other up sometimes, like the characters at the end of Xi’s animation.

Critique of Bax

Bax's project was about superheros defeating the last bad guy on earth. He used action figures to present this. I think this idea works well for the project guidelines of a perfect world. Overall the animations created by the stop motion effect could have been smoother, however, they were easy enough to follow. I liked how the characters entered and exited their vehicles. If he were to rework this project, I would probably suggest the use of sound (maybe the DL version didn't have it?). The subtitles used for communication were a little hard to read (color choice) and I felt distracted from what was happening. Maybe next time use different voices for each character.

Overall, I liked the idea the project was portraying, a perfect world where there are no longer any bad guys and there are superhero there to protect us. With a few simple changes this project could be really really good.

Critique of Tanya

I really liked Tanya's use of construction paper for this assignment. At first it created a children's program type feel. However, after several seconds it became clear this was intended for a more mature audience. I think this approach worked well for the constraints of this assignment, along with the overall message of the video (what goes around comes around). So in the end a moral was given (just like in a children's program).

Overall I also really liked her use of sound. It was well edited and fit the context of the video well. I also though the overall project was edited well especially some of the transitions. The only thing I maybe would have changed is the editing when the worm is eating the other characters, maybe add in a few more frames so the worm isnt eating the character in three bites.

Critique for Xi

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Critique for Mike's Music Video

I really liked how Mike put together his stop motion video. I thought it was very creative how he utilized the white board with drawings of musical instruments and then played those pictures. The sound for the beginning matches well with the music he creates with the instruments and then blended right back into the concluding music which brought the whole piece together nicely. The beginning of the video is really dark and I cannot understand where I am or what is going on. Once the lighting comes in and I see the bedroom I realize where I am at so I think at least some brighter image could have been at the introduction. It is probably walking down a hallway so Mike could show a far away clip of the hallway and then walk down it so at least the viewer is established right from the start.
The stop motion flowed well, Mike took plenty of photos to have the video go rather smooth but it still was effective in giving off the stop motion feel. I think reading Mike’s thoughts before watching the video helped me associate the messy to clean room with the chaos to organized sounds. Had I not read what Mike’s intentions were beforehand I don’t know that I would have made that particular connection regarding music making. All of his white board drawings were quite impressive in how smooth each cut came out.
As for the overall theme of the video being Mike’s perfect world I believe he could have been more clear in how the music creation equals his idea of a perfect world. I would assume he wants to erase messes and clutter in his life and just be able to make music. One suggestion that could be added to help clarify the message is maybe at the very end he could show himself in the midst of a busy life such as standing in the middle of a sidewalk with cars and people hustling by him and he is just serene, holding a guitar or something and playing his music. The sound would be primarily the music he is playing but there would be background noise of the city, people chatter and traffic. All in all I think Mike did a very good job and took a creative approach with how he made this project.

Critique of Chris' Perfect Nature Video

The perfect world of nature portrayed in Chris’ stop motion film certainly did bring new insight to the natural world of the environment in which we live. I liked what Chris did with the sound for his video in that he opened with the image of him attempting to be at peace with nature but the sound associated with the image was the loud, sharp noises we are so familiar with in our day to day lives. It really is difficult to find the serenity Chris looks for through nature in his idea of a perfect world. His intro established a good base for expressing what he currently is surrounded by (made apparent by the sound) with what he would like to be surrounded by (made clear with the visual of him lying on the grass). I think the idea itself is a really good and unique idea and the approach Chris took for showing his perfect world had the right intention.
For being a stop motion film I think there could have been a clearer display of stop motion. I know that he could have had so many shots that the picture blended really smoothly but I think he could have had a greater transition in each of the nature scenes. One example is with the red and pink leaves on the tree. In the portion of the video with these shown there is not very much contrast between the images shown so the beginning of the scene looks very similar to the end of the scene. As an alternative, he could have had shown the leaves on the tree and then watched them fall to the ground or possibly shoot photos as he moves through the tree so the viewer feels like they are walking through nature. The scene with the storm clouds was better in displaying stop motion and was visually pleasing. Chris’ closed eyes and smile in the final shots undoubtedly make known that the sights and sounds just displayed are the ideals he wants to have in his perfect world.

November 27, 2007

Critique of Jenn's Video

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My critique of Jenna’s video

I think that Jenna’s video has a good start. From what I have seen and read so far about her stop motion project she is sticking to her original idea. Her idea of presenting a perfect world as a world in which she can split herself into several Jennas to be able to perform several tasks at once is very funny. She is approaching the subject from a different angle than others in the class did. But I do see a parallel between her project and Grant’s video. Both would like to do many things at once. Grant came up with the idea of stopping time and Jenna used the idea of multiplying a person so that she can do more things in a smaller amount of time. It is interesting how both explore the same concept of a perfect world, only Grant explores it with time and Jenna uses space.
As far as I can tell at this point, Jenna is exploring space well since her shots are all displayed in different rooms, which adds to the idea of wishing to be everywhere. She also uses a combination of video and stop-animation in her project, which I think is a great idea. With those two styles she will be able to explore different ideas of time. She could use the stop motion effect to better illustrate the fast pace of time and the video for the normal time sequences.
I would like to see the completed version since she has started with an entertaining idea. I would imagine that showing multiple views on one screen, showing the various Jennas at once might help to get her message across. Another point that I would like to mention concerns the audio. Until now, people’s voices in the video seem to be too choppy and they sometimes cut out all of the sudden. It would be nice to see some more attention paid to the audio so that it is less confusing.
In conclusion, Jenna’s video is a clever take on the assignment and shows potential. I think that if the video were finished, it would be quite amusing.

Critique for Donny

Critique for Donny

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Critique for Jon

Critique for Jon...

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Xi's Perfect Sportsmanship World

This video shows a soccer match in which one player, in a fit of anger, head-butts another player in the chest, knocking him over. Following the title of "referee perspective," another video plays instead that shows a similar scene where one player knocks over another by striking him in the chest with his head. Following this, the video is shown from the less-objective perspectives of the French, Germans, and Americans. (We also get to see the rather amusing perspectives of the Mushroom Kingdom and Street Fighters.) Transitioning back to the original sequence, we see one player helping the other back up, which shows the kind of sportsmanship you might expect in a perfect world. Stop motion animation is used for the sequence at the beginning and end. The middle part, with all the replays, contains animation laid over video.

I think this video does a good job of showing its basic point, that regardless of what happens in a game, we should be civil with other players (and help them up even if it seems they've just knocked you down). However, beyond that, I really liked the sequence of "replays" in the middle of the video showing the perspectives of various observers. Although it seems quite obvious what actually happened from the referee perspective, the French seem not to see the other player at all. The Germans see the other player, but also noticed that had he not valiantly knocked over the player wearing blue, he would have been shot and killed by a sniper kitten. The Americans blame Islamic extremists. These views are, of course, completely ridiculous in the case of this soccer match, but they do a good job of representing the vast chasms between various world viewpoints on other issues. Almost all conflict in the world stems from differences of viewpoints and an inability to understand others' points of view. To a lesser extent, these differences of views also show up in sporting events and can certainly lead to one group feeling sore towards another.

The animation is excellent. The beginning and ending parts are well done, of course, but it's the effects added in the middle that make this video stand out. The ideas for the various viewpoints are good, and they are well executed. The Mushroom Kingdom and Street Fighters viewpoints are humorous, and also serve to point out how ridiculous the other viewpoints actually are (since they fit right in).

To me, the sound was the weakest part of the work. Although what is in the video is generally good, there are long periods of silence, especially in the beginning and the end, which are awkward. It would be nice to have some sound effects in the opening part where there are shots on the goal. Also, a constant low background crowd noise might have helped tie together parts of the video which had specific sound effects that needed to be accentuated with those that didn't. The sounds in the "replays" section were pretty good; they helped show what was going on and enhance the humor of some of the clips.

Overall, I liked this piece a lot. I think the "replay" animations idea worked very well to show different perspectives, and I appreciated the humor added here. I think this video goes beyond just talking about sportsmanship and talks about differences in world opinion in general in a very effective way.

Laura's Perfect Eating World

This is a sketch-style animation that shows a young girl who comes upon some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and is tempted by the cookies to eat them, but tries to refrain from eating them. In opposition to the cookies' plea to be eaten, voices from outside tell her that, though she may be hungry, she shouldn't eat cookies. Eventually, she gets overwhelmed, screams, and gives in to eating a cookie. Quite satisfied, she eats the remainder of the cookies happily and smiles.

The quality of the images in this animation is superb. I was especially impressed that the photographs of the individual frames were either very carefully taken or adjusted afterwards so that white was white and black was black; this made it easy to see and pleasant to watch.

As a perfect world, I think the idea of a place where you can eat free of guilt and consequences is a great idea. In Laura's description of this piece, she says that "time stops (as you can see on the clock in the animation) which demonstrates how the girl has escaped reality." I didn't notice this the first time I watched it; I wasn't watching the clock at this point in the video. If this was a very important point, some emphasis should have been put on the clock. But, even though I didn't see the stopping clock, I think the scream served as an effective transition to escape the voices. I also liked how the voices of society were drawn as coming from outside the frame, while the girl's own thoughts (and the cookies' pleas of being eaten) come from inside the frame.

Even though Laura says she didn't have much time for the sound, I think the sound is fairly good in the work. The pitch of the voices and the munching sound effects work very well together with the sketchy style animation. The only point where the sound doesn't work very well with the mood is during the scream, when another scream is patched onto the first to make it longer. It would be nice if this could have been recorded at the correct length instead. In general, the sound helps to show what the girl is thinking or feeling, even just by the simple way her hums change.

Overall, I think the video works very well to show a perfect world in which the voices of society are silenced and you can eat in peace. The video quality was excellent, and the audio was very good too; neither one got in the way of the message that the film was trying to convey.

November 26, 2007

A critique of Mike's video

I enjoyed that Mike’s video concentrates mainly on music. As the video starts, we see a person walking into a chaotic room. For the first scene, Mike used a rhythmic, loud drumbeat. This reminded me of a parade, which gives the video a theatrical and circus-like quality. The theatrical effect is then reinforced by the lights, which lead the viewer to a blank board. From here the viewer enters an imaginary world that opens up with several images such as disorderly placed letters and designs and then shows us drawings of instruments that are played by a real hand. First, the hand tests every instrument and then the hand plays them all together producing a unique melody. Mike concludes his piece by leaving the imaginary world and reentering into the room that was shown at the beginning of the video, which gives the impression that the viewer is pulled back to reality. This time, reality looks clean and the loud music is replaced by the new melody created in the fiction world.
From this narrative part of the video I understand that Mike’s intention was to show a perfect world as a creative world where creating music has a liberating effect from the messy world that surrounds us every day.
With respect to the visual part of the video, I think his use of space is effective in that he leads the viewer from one space to another, implying different worlds. The choppiness of the images created by the stop motion adds a humorous quality to the video, which goes well with the parade-like opening and ending. Some of the best shots that stand out in his piece are the shots of the real hand playing the instruments. That those images stick out helps the viewer to really understand where Mike has put the focal point in his piece, which is his understanding of a perfect world.
The only negative critique that I have is that I did not really understand what the first images that were drawn on the board represented. I think that it would have made more sense if there were already chaotic images on the board to start with that the hand could then wipe out. This solution might more clearly illustrate the cleansing and purifying effect of the imaginary world. Furthermore, this would work well with the beginning and end of the movie in which he starts with a messy room and ends with a clean room.
In conclusion, the video effectively gets its message across and shows a very creative solution to the assignment where context and form work well together in showing Mikes unique, musical world as a liberation from chaotic and messy surroundings.

Critique for Emanuela

Manu’s video is very well crafted. It presents an industrial world created of both clay and drawings in which a single subject is freed from the busyness by their own state of mind. Starting out surrounded by a mass of people, we see a woman trudging along among them. As more people keep passing her by, the camera zooms closer to her, following her to a busy intersection. From here, we zoom in and enter a mental state of bliss, marked by the clear switch from black and white to color (like the Wizard of Oz!). In this dreamscape colorful pinwheels, flying fish, and colored streamers surround our subject. And as she draws back to the real world, a sea of commotion again surrounds her; only this time, she is still happy in her tranquil state of mind.

I liked the narrative form that the project took, creating this circular trip in and out of this character’s mind. By starting and ending with the same images, we as the viewer, feel both the sense of completion and the effect that this state of mind had on the character. Along these same lines, the sense of space felt in this world is very well portrayed. We get a depth of field with the perspective drawings of buildings, and the characters appear and disappear in what seems like a huge expanse of unseen space. In the pure creation of such a world, I would say that Manu was very effective with her project. Aiding this claim, I’ll move to the sound aspect of the film.

The sound here is very beneficial to the project; without it, it would completely loose its effect. The viewer gets a great sense of the sound fully encompassing and taking over the space on the screen, which has the effect of placing the viewer in the scene and in turn, surrounding them. A great element of the sound is the transition between the busy surroundings into the state of mind. There is a great fade out and fade in to the ambient audio for the dream sequence, which is repeated to go back into the ‘real’ world. Although maybe lacking in varied “outdoors sounds?, the general hubbub sound of the streets was also done very well.

I think what Manu’s working at here is very effective with its meaning. The idea of a perfect world being a state of mind is a profound take on the directions we were given, seeing as many of us chose to create a physical alteration of our present world. I think she did a great job in executing her idea, and the work itself is genuinely good.

Critique for Laura

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Critique for Alan

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Critique for Grant

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Jenn's animation

Download file

Critique for Sam

So what I got rom your movie was that Eden was a perfect world but the world can never stay perfect. I was unsure if you were going back in time or forward in time. It isn't really relevant but it would make sense either way.
I really liked that you used legos as well as other toys. i thought that were you had the main character was perfect, it kept me moving forward in the story without becoming confused. Even though the main character was front and center it did not get in the way at all for seeing what was going on in the background. I was not really sure why the main character was there or how he got there but again, I don't think that it matters. The line "I wonder" explains it enough.
I really liked the sounds, there were a lot of them and they all seemed to be well timed. A few of the sounds were a little choppy but overall I think you did a great job. I also liked how there wasn't a whole lot of dialouge, I think it worked well for the piece.
The movie was effective in getting the message across. Eden has obvious religious overtones but your movie was not overpowering. It seemed more like a myth or your view on it and that made it new and interesting.

Jenna's Stop Motion...real deal

Download file

Critique for Grant

Grant’s third project focused on stopping time, an idea that at first seemed ideal but eventually turned out to be something not so desirable. I thought Grant was successful at portraying this idea. I liked how he used both video and stop motion to display this type of situation. He used the video to show real time and then after time stopped he used stop motion. I thought the idea was well thought out.

During the animation Grant also incorporated sound. He impressed me with how nicely he fit the audio to the visuals, which many other people in class found difficult to do. The sound was clear and crisp. The animation seemed virtually seamless. It was evident he put a lot of thought into what sounds worked with the images (i.e. clock changing numbers, flipping through books, walking outside, etc)

Another part of Grant’s work that impressed me was one of the final shots, when Grant was falling on his bed (in essence falling back into real time). I was amazed at how he was able to capture himself falling with stop motion. He must have used a special feature on his camera where he was able to take shots in a sequence, sometimes know as a paparazzi feature on a camera.

Overall, I thought Grant did a good job expressing his idea of a perfect world. He even touched on the fact that what we think might be a perfect world doesn’t always play out that way. The images we great (i.e. exposure, clarity, etc) and so was the sound. I couldn’t think of any ideas of what to do differently next time.

Critique for Grant

Grant’s third project focused on stopping time, an idea that at first seemed ideal but eventually turned out to be something not so desirable. I thought Grant was successful at portraying this idea. I liked how he used both video and stop motion to display this type of situation. He used the video to show real time and then after time stopped he used stop motion. I thought the idea was well thought out.

During the animation Grant also incorporated sound. He impressed me with how nicely he fit the audio to the visuals, which many other people in class found difficult to do. The sound was clear and crisp. The animation seemed virtually seamless. It was evident he put a lot of thought into what sounds worked with the images (i.e. clock changing numbers, flipping through books, walking outside, etc)

Another part of Grant’s work that impressed me was one of the final shots, when Grant was falling on his bed (in essence falling back into real time). I was amazed at how he was able to capture himself falling with stop motion. He must have used a special feature on his camera where he was able to take shots in a sequence, sometimes know as a paparazzi feature on a camera.

Overall, I thought Grant did a good job expressing his idea of a perfect world. He even touched on the fact that what we think might be a perfect world doesn’t always play out that way. The images we great (i.e. exposure, clarity, etc) and so was the sound. I couldn’t think of any ideas of what to do differently next time.

Critique for Grant

Grant’s third project focused on stopping time, an idea that at first seemed ideal but eventually turned out to be something not so desirable. I thought Grant was successful at portraying this idea. I liked how he used both video and stop motion to display this type of situation. He used the video to show real time and then after time stopped he used stop motion. I thought the idea was well thought out.

During the animation Grant also incorporated sound. He impressed me with how nicely he fit the audio to the visuals, which many other people in class found difficult to do. The sound was clear and crisp. The animation seemed virtually seamless. It was evident he put a lot of thought into what sounds worked with the images (i.e. clock changing numbers, flipping through books, walking outside, etc)

Another part of Grant’s work that impressed me was one of the final shots, when Grant was falling on his bed (in essence falling back into real time). I was amazed at how he was able to capture himself falling with stop motion. He must have used a special feature on his camera where he was able to take shots in a sequence, sometimes know as a paparazzi feature on a camera.

Overall, I thought Grant did a good job expressing his idea of a perfect world. He even touched on the fact that what we think might be a perfect world doesn’t always play out that way. The images we great (i.e. exposure, clarity, etc) and so was the sound. I couldn’t think of any ideas of what to do differently next time.

Response to Amanda's Project III

I found the illustrations throughout this video to be very pleasing. They were stylized enough to the point that low frame rates, and choppy cuts could be forgiven. I completely understand the difficulty of making elaborately constructed scenes appear to move seamlessly without perhaps another 2 months of work at our disposal. I was a bit critical of the audio choices throughout the video, but that is mainly because I didn't realize they were actually created by Amanda. Knowing this, I think the music was fairly fitting. It melded quite well with the atmosphere she created. The narration was also pretty effective. However, as she mentioned, the subtitles presented a bit of an issue. Being that they were red and the lettering was thin, I found it hard to follow them. I felt as if they could have been eliminated entirely from the narrative. As a form of translation, the poem could have been written in English just before the credits. In this way, the viewer could have enjoyed the video without the issue of attempting to interpret not only the subtitles, but how they pertained to the scene. Instead, the translation could have been presented to the viewer at the end, giving him/her a more leisurely option to mull things over at their own pace. As for the narrative, I think I got the idea without reading through the blog description. A little more could have been done (playing with time?) to signify a greater difference between the pre-apocalyptic scenes and the post-apocalyptic ones. This might have allowed my imagination to catch up and allow the progression to flow more freely. Just a thought. The idea of utopia was a tricky one for me, but I likewise explored ideas of alternate kinds of situations presenting a chance for happiness (in this case, an apocalypse presenting a chance for rebirth, a fresh start, something of that sort?) Interesting ideas.

Critique for Sean

Your perfect world made sense at the end. I like that you really had to build up the message you were trying to get across. The movie was really funny and I enjoyed your use of action figures. The power ranger was ridiculous in the best way. I especially enjoyed the "plot twists" and ending. Having that garbage thing come back and run over Leonardo was great and the laugh you gave him was really funny and really appropriate. The movie was a little sloppy, the strings and the tape was super visible and the movements could have been smoother but I think that it works for the movie and I totally understand about time on this project, it takes forever!
I really enjoyed the sound; it worked really well with the movie and gave it that extra push towards ridiculous humor. I think having Leonardo as the main character worked well for the movie as well, it kept things linear and making sense. I thought that the conversations between the characters were really well thought out and worked really well in the movie. The whole thing reminded me of Robot Chicken. I don't think I can say this enough..It was really funny!!
I believe that you were effective in getting your message across. A perfect world would be boring!

Stop Motion End Result and Jenna's Thoughts

For my Stop Motion video I continued with my initial idea of trying to be everywhere at the same time. When I first came up with the idea I had it figured out in my head and then after I began to work on it that plan made a complete 360. I have regular video in the beginning to set the stage for filling up my schedule with everything being coordinated at the exact same time. Then I gather "Jennas". This is one portion of my video that is different from what I intended but I think it still fits for what I wanted to do in that the only way to accomplish everything is to have more than one of me available to go in multiple directions. This project was certainly the most time consuming and frustrating of the projects we have done in class. I had difficulties recruiting people to be in my video and then to act normal in front of the camera. I chose to video tape everything and then go frame by frame to turn half of the video into choppy "photo-like" images. I decided to do this because I felt it was necessary to incorporate other individuals in the stop motion segment of my video but I could not get anyone to actually sit with me and move inch by inch for each photo. For my sound I used natural background noise, I went into a classroom while people were working to get a study atmospheric sound, I used sound from sitting in on a meeting and then for the shopping segment I used noise from a dining room at lunch when people are all sitting around and chatting. I wanted each scene to have natural sounds that somewhat related to the visual so the shopping segment has socializing sounds whereas the studying and the meeting are quiet whispers and papers turning.
Ideally I could continue to work on this project as I believe with all art, there is never really a "completion point" because there can always be something new added, altered or converted.

Project 3

Watch Video
To me a perfect world would be one without animosity, but total peace. Being a non-white immigrant, I have experienced racism firsthand. In this day and age, though most people are careful to be politically correct and just, there still exists an inherent racism. I am not one to criticize the white community because they are not the only ones who have shown racist tendencies. I believe it is up to each and every person in a community to accept the fact that life is a mix of culture. From this day on, we will only become more diverse so we might as well accept each other’s differences. My focus in this project is to show a perfect world by using drawn characters
I show confusion and chaos in my animation. For example, I show different people criticizing each other and committing acts of violence upon each other. Locations change as different groups of people are shown. It is like a historic piece documenting different conflicts from the past leading up to present day. Finally, there is an explosive ending where the serious tone of the piece immediately changes to one of happiness where all the characters are shown getting along as one.
Throughout the project, I used a whiteboard and different colored markers. The reason I did not include sounds is because I felt that my piece did not require it; it is graphic enough on its own and the visuals will convey my message. I incorporated violent imagery because I believe that people should be aware of history. We, as citizens have to be tolerant and respectful for the rights and views of others. This is what a perfect world is to me.

Critique for Amanda's Project

The drawing was done extremely well. All the visuals were seamless as if it were done all on the computer. The sounds too were clear and they set an eerie tone throughout the story. I like that the story was original and was almost like a kid’s story, but at the same time it dealt with loss and the death. The Russian was hard to follow and although there were subtitles, it was difficult to make out what was being said. After reading the preview though, it seemed that you were not able to fix that due to technical problems. If I had not read the preview, I would not have understood the story. It was new to me and somewhat hard to follow. However it made sense after I did some reading. I believe the target audience would be adults because of the fact that most kids would not be able to comprehend life after an apocalypse. I do not know though how the movie conveyed an idea of utopia, but that’s probably because I would not call it my utopia. I cannot relate to it like the creator can. I think that the transitions should have been better. For example, when the scene centers about the girl, I had no idea she was in the egg. I though it was some random scene.

Critique for Alan's Project

This clip was very artistic. All the sounds, titles, and effects were integrated perfectly. It was really easy to follow and it was concise. For example, you can figure out the message without having to read the preview. Having titles before the sequences was a good idea because it helped prepare the viewer for what was coming up. The story flowed well because the transitions were good. I don’t think that I can suggest doing anything to improve it because it seems flawless in all aspects. The story contained humor and the character was integral, yet simple. The fact that the man was smiling after does set a mood and that helps to drive the message. The only thing that I can question would be do you really find your utopia in not being hit by a train? With that in mind though, I think you got that message across pretty well.

Critique for Donny's Project

The clip started off with some humor. The idea of utopia here is the material wealth I think, but after the first sequence I was lost. This clip probably could have used more sound because it seemed empty. Also, the question about watching TV was irrelevant to me and I did not understand it. The story could also use a narrative (like a voice or titles before the scenes) to help guide the viewer along. Transitions would have helped bring the story together.

Critique for Emanuela

Emanuela took an interesting approach to this stop motion project. I found it unique how she incorporated both drawing and clay figures for the visual aids. Even though the characters are moving around in front of a stable background consisting of a building I liked how she must have created more than one background building pictures. I detected this as the characters are moving there is are slight adjustments with the background drawing and this little motion adds to the movement and chaos Emanuela was hoping to portray in the first portion of the movie. After watching the complete video I am glad I read Emanuela’s intentions beforehand because the first scene of being in the city did not fully convey the chaotic fast paced world in which she stated she was walking.
The sound served as the primary factor in expressing a busy lifestyle but I think that if the character moved through the scene faster it would have really added to the idea of chaos and constant movement. Overall, each scene had appropriately suited sound and really added to the ideas being expressed. Emanuela did a nice job in finding the right noise sources to not only fit the visual but to incorporate the thoughts she intended for each scene. It was creative of her to play with the sounds of the busy world and edit them in audacity. I think the idea she had of slurring noises together to the point of misunderstanding really matches the American “go-go-go? world in which we function. The sounds with the middle scene nicely blended to transforming us as viewers into a dreamlike, fantasy world. I think that after the initial transformation to the “perfect world? the sounds should have became more clear because in the perfect world it is no longer the hustle, bustle and there is clarity to one’s life outside of the action and disorder.
What I also liked about Emanuela’s video is that it was black and white in the real world commotion but then in the conversion to the dream world colors came into the scene. Color adds life and a sense of cheerfulness to what is going on in the scene. In conclusion, it really shows that Emanuela put time and thought into this project and she did a nice job!

November 25, 2007

A critique of Chris's video

I enjoyed watching Chris’s video clip because it put me in a serene mood. I think that Chris’s video is a well-structured piece that has a well-developed narrative. It has a definite beginning, middle and end. At the beginning we see a relaxed person lying down on grass surrounded by traffic noises. After some zoom-in shots the viewer is shown different images of nature, which include leaves, water and sky imagery. Those images are accompanied by simple and serene sounds of nature. At the end, the viewer is taken back to the first setting, which is only different from the original scene in that the busy noises are replaced by calm whistling.
With this video Chris is definitely focusing on nature scenes since the middle part is longer than the beginning and the end. He displays the imagery of nature in way that mesmerize the viewer. I can see that his imaginary perfect world is found in the beauty and serenity of nature.
Several shots of nature in the video are nice, but what really stands out in his movie is the nice shot of the moon. It has a rich contrast between dark and white values.
Chris explores the representation of time. By showing us the change from day to night the viewer can see that time is passing. I interpreted this change to show that in an imaginary world, time has a different quality. It also seems to symbolize that time passes at a faster pace when we do something that we like.
The soundtrack goes well with the subject and the visual format. There is a clear shift from the chaotic, and loud sounds, which represent the hectic world of the city to the serene and peaceful sounds in the perfect world of nature. The sound change that occurs between the beginning and the middle part builds up a sharp contrast between two different worlds: the real and the perfect world. While in the beginning the sounds have a more repelling effect, the middle part includes more pleasant noises. The only thing that distracted me a little bit was the fact that I could hear some repetition of sounds in the middle part. But this was only slightly distracting. A second point that I would like to mention is that I got confused in the beginning of the video since I see the person relaxed. I think it would have been better to clarify that the city sounds were a source for anxiety to make the point of being displeased by those sounds in contrast to the perfect world.
All in all, the video is effective in getting the message across of showing us Chris’s personal perfect world.

Critique for Mike

Mike’s project is all about music and is strongly influenced by his use of sound. It starts with a person walking into a cluttered room. Among this messy image is a droning beat of a drum, the never-changing continuity of our everyday lives. From this messy ‘real’ world, we enter into a created music world, made by drawings with markers on a dry-erase board. Here, instruments are created, and one-by-one they provide another piece to the freeing musical solution of our messy lives. When each new instrument is created (and then tested), they all return together in the end to create a structured piece of music. As this new song plays out, we exit the same way we came in, only this time the material world we were once surrounded by is now clean. In essence, we are set free.

This idea of music as a freed peace of mind from our busy lives is a great play on our given theme of a ‘Perfect World’. With the use of the choppy effect Stop-Motion adds to a work, it brings a whole new dimension to the structured element in question. Both the image and the sound are fractured, unable to be seamless because of the underlying essence of our theme: Our world has caught us in a deadly routine and it takes something as powerful as music free to us from all of that. In this sense, the provided circular narrative works very well for the concept. We start and finish with the same images; only it is the middle section that causes the change that polarizes the beginning from the end. Whereas in the beginning time seems to drag (the long stroll to our destination, the droning effect of the drums, etc.), the ending has a very fluid sense of time (despite the stop-motion choppiness).

Going off of this theme of structure, the audio picks up where the images alone can’t reach. As mentioned before, the beginning is all about the droning tempo of the drum. When we reach the middle, however, something pretty amazing takes place: as each instrument is tested, the structure of the 4/4 tempo disappears, providing a freed world without tempos. The significant aspect of this, though, is that each instrument (once free) comes back together to form a unified piece of music, suggesting that not all structure is bad. In these respects, I would say this work is very effective. Every element put into the video adds to the idea of depicting a world saved by music. And in these regards, this project as a whole is quite effective.

November 24, 2007

Laura's Project

Laura’s project starts with a young girl tries to find food and found some chocolate chip cookies on her kitchen table. She had a dilemma of whether to eat those or not. Her desire for the food was in conflict with the outside voice of trying to stop her from eating them. The voices became overwhelming and she finally broke down. She screamed loudly to make the voice go away and the time froze. She then finally escaped the reality and got to eat her food in peace. The work posts a problem that this world has. People cares about their body’s shape too much that they forgo the idea of food. Sometimes the taste of things can balance with healthy perspective. She tried to push the idea of idealism away and replace with people’s real desires and their pleasure of consuming delicious treats. The idea of keeping weight and eating food conflicts and posts many problems.
Laura’s project is based on drawings. I can see hundreds of frames taken by cameras and edited in Photoshop. I can see the lighting and contrast were enhanced on drawings. Perhaps some color could be added in to make important items or ideas stand out. The work moved through time and incorporated with the space. The idea was clearly illustrated. I think the sound worked well. She obviously recorded sound to match her drawings at the end. She seems enjoyed the recording of sound in the eating part. The narrative part was effective to help audiences understand the dilemma which the character was facing. The sound could probably be edited more using Audacity or Final Cut Pro. Overall the project was very effective in illustrating the theme of a perfect world through the idea of eating. It is suitable for many audiences because many of us are facing the similar issue. The perfect world becomes to eat whatever we desire but at the same time still be able to keep a perfect body.

Critique for Chaz's project

I really enjoyed Chaz’s project because of the use of the split screen. I think that this added feature really added a lot to the paradox that he was trying to convey. I also liked that he used a compare method to show his utopian world. He was the only one in the class who used this method. I appreciated that he used himself as the protagonist in his animation. The narrative followed a linear pattern, which started as himself as a college student going through a typical day on campus and himself as a professional going to a typical day of work from 9:00am to 5:00pm. I enjoyed seeing the comparison and it made me realize that even though college can be stressful, we as college students have it pretty good. There is minimal responsibility and the best part about being in college is that we don’t have a boss! Most college students work really hard in their classes and choose to major in a subject where the jobs are lucrative, stable, and well paying, which to a young person in college seems very attractive and perhaps is a utopian dream, which is the paradox in Chaz’s idea of a utopian world. Most lucrative and stable jobs are extremely boring and spontaneity is not a choice for most of those who are supporting families. Chaz realizes this, and will probably always be conscious of this because he knows that the 9-5 job will eventually end up happening to him because he is career choice thus far is engineering.
I think that the project was very effective, although it probably could have been longer just show more of the “boring day at work? that the worker was experiencing as opposed to the “care-free? days that the college student experiences. I understand that it was probably difficult to judge how long it would be because of the stop-motion technique. I had a hard time judging how long a scene would be as well in doing my animation. I like the use of no narrative or voice over or any dialogue. I was very content to just watch how the two scenarios played out in the animation. I think that it was a good choice to not add voices because it wasn’t necessary to do so.

Critique for Tany's project

I really enjoyed Tanya’s animation because it had a very homemade feel to it and everything was created and produced by her. I also like the simplicity that she used in order to get her point across. The animation starts out with the worm befriending those who he approaches and then eats them symbolizing murder or possibly greed. The fairy, which represents justice, casts a spell on him turning him into a mushroom, which becomes a home for a toad that doesn’t treat him very well. The worm ends up with what he deserves, which is to be punished, not by enforced laws, but by fate, or in other words, karma. This project as a whole definitely fits into the theme “invent a perfect world,? because justice being served as a part of everyone’s destiny verses by an act of free-will is a very utopian idea and concept. And Tanya was able to convey this idea in a very real and simplistic way that people of all ages can interpret. The style reminded me a lot of South Park, not only because of the paper cut outs, but the moral aspect of the project as well as adding a little bit of adult humor. The narrative follows the same conventional narrative that is used in children’s books in order for them to use a linear thought process to come to a conclusion. “The Hungry Worm? also follows the same structure as the song “Little Bunny Foo-Foo? This was very clear because the song was being hummed during the introduction to the animation and then in the end, however, the audience would have understood this even with out the theme song. I really liked the sound in the animation because it was simple and funny, and Tanya produced all of it. All of the sound effects were pretty straightforward and were timed to fit the actions in the animation. I thought that Tanya’s project was one of more successful animations in the class because of the style of using paper cutouts. She was the only one that used this style and perhaps that is why it stood out so much. Her project also was effective because of the use of the analogy. I always appreciate work that is simple in content but has a much larger deeper meaning.

Critique for Bax's project

Bax’s animation starts out with King Arthur and the one evil villain left in the world. Eventually, a crew of super hero/good guys from various niches of the super hero spectrum enters the scene to take on the one bad guy in order for the world to be a peaceful place once again. It is interesting to see that whenever somebody uses an action figure as a prop, the original name and specific super powers are kept. This adds humor to the piece because viewers understand the “inside jokes? that pertain to each character when reading the dialog. The narrative follows conventional methods, so this animation was easy to follow. First there is a confrontation between two characters and the good guy is eventually distinguished from the villain, second the good guy runs into a dilemma, third, the plot unfolds into an intense, action packed fiasco where the good-guy prevails, and all is good in the world. This fits the theme; “Invent a perfect world? quite well because in the end, there is peace and everyone can live harmoniously due to the courageous acts of the “good guys.? The structure was done in a timely fashion, however I wish that there were dialogue instead of text. Because this is an action animation where there is a lot going on, and many characters, it seems appropriate to use dialogue so the viewer doesn’t have to concentrate on reading and watching at the same time. It also would have been helpful if there were an introduction for each character so it would have been easier to place a name with each character. Other than the text being in place instead of voices, I really liked the tone of the animation, it was very innocent as if the dialogue was being made up by three or four young boys all adding in their own commentary and all wanting the same goal of being the super hero who saves the world.

Grant's Project.

In Grant’s video, the beginning he seemed to be stressed, worried by homework and things. He was tired and went to sleep. The focus becomes the alarm clock on his bedside. The speed of the clock went increasingly faster along with its sound. Then he woke up, but suddenly found that every single clock froze. He went out and found that leaves stopped in the midair, and the entire world has stopped. His stress and frustration went away that he could finally get his work done. He could finally get do something that he always wanted. Such as watching the entire series of a movie that he borrowed from a friend, read all the textbooks that he had been behind. He tried to talk to his friends, but realize that he was the only one in that world. He was bored and tired of being the only one. The time finally started moving again. The perfect world is never perfect. There is always something that we don’t idealize. The stopping of time allows us to do things that we always wanted, but it also posts many problems. The concept becomes what is the perfect world? And do we really want to live in an idealized world? We would perhaps want the imperfect world back.
It is a narrative piece that runs with time. The space and time melted together and coherent into one. It attacks the idea of perfect world through freezing of time. The pictures were well shot. The lighting was clear and uses of tripod helped to keep images moving. The editing reflected the change of angle and photoshop was used to add the unmoving leaf into the frame. A small fracture of video was used to reflect the unstopped part of the video. The sound was well, seamlessly used and incorporated into the work. The narratives timed well with the video. Also the clicking sound from the alarm clock and the flipped sound of DVD covers left me memorable impressions. The idea of this work stands out becomes it displays the idea of imperfection. The perfect world is not perfect. The graphic details also leave audience with great impressions. The angle of picture taken and outdoor effects were powerful.

November 23, 2007

Critique for Sean's project

I found Sean’s stop motion project to be very creative because it reminded me of being a kid when I played with action figures and made up storylines. Firstly the use of the action figures like Leonardo, Splinter, and the yellow power ranger was interesting because kids are the ones who mix different figures together, so I found this variety of characters kid like. This variety worked well, because they all had their own style that added to the group; there was Leonardo the fighter, Splinter the serious one, that blob like creature (with a garbage face) was the dumb one, and the yellow ranger the funny one. I found the scenery worked with the theme but I felt a better one could have been made. The scenery reminded me of where a kid might play with his/her action figures. One scene that could have been used instead of the living room could have been a place like a city or sewer, since characters like Leonardo, and Splinter live in the sewer, and the blob creature looks like he might live in the sewer. I found that the sounds fit perfectly, and were very entertaining. The voices for instance fit each character well like Leonardo’s voice emphasized a serious and funny character. Splinter’s voice emphasized a serious person, while the power ranger was rather silly, and the blob creature just sounded crazy. I also liked the villain’s sound when he was flying and laughing, it added much humor to the animation. The villain and the blob creature were the funniest characters because of their voices. The idea of the hero choosing to be sort of a bad guy rather than live in a world without any problems is rather interesting because I really wonder how people will act in a world that does not have any crime, wars, and social problems.

Critique for Manda's stop motion

I found the Manda’s stop motion very interesting and imaginative because of the scenery, the characters, the sounds, and the idea. The scenery used was very creative with all the different shades of green, blue, and the plane in the background. The Christmas tree was also imaginative because it added to the feel of a forest environment. The scenery reminded me of little red riding hood, the part were she was walking through the woods. More specifically the little red riding hood movie entitled “Hood Winked? is the version which is the most similar to this piece. I found each character, the people and the animals to be well made. The characters reminded me of a mixture of two cartoons, Gumby, and Rocky and Bull Winkle. Obviously the use of clay and the eyes is what reminds me of Gumby, and the use of the squirrel reminds me of Rocky from Rocky and Bull Winkle. The guy who was hugging the animals did not remind me of anyone but I still found him interesting because how he walked and how he hugged each animal and how they all followed him. The soldiers, in my opinion were a good choice to show aggression because they are soldiers used in situations that require aggression. I found the color blue for soldiers was a little off, maybe I am over analyzing this but perhaps the blue color was used to show how they are separate from nature. I found the sounds to be cool, because of its use between the person and animals when he first saw each one in the beginning. The other sound I liked when one of the soldiers started screaming, it sounded like a movie scream. I also liked the sound when the turtle ate one of the soldiers, how the deer rammed one of the soldiers, and how the squirrel hit the last soldier standing with his tail. They were also very good action scenes. The timing of the sounds was very good is not perfect. I found the idea of this perfect world to be quite good because it involved nature, and wars, similar to what is going on in our society.

November 21, 2007

Project 3 :: Guidelines for Written Critique

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Donny's stop motion movie

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Escape from the Mess

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I decided to approach this project in a more abstract way than I normally do. The beginning was kind of supposed to be a metaphor of a cluttered mind as the messy room and loud music. Then through getting to be creative, making music, the clutter vanished and the music continued instead of the beating drum.
Erasing the random letters and design was also a metaphor for clearing ones mind and to have a less hectic outlook on life.

The Perfect Eating World

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Most people in today’s society are hounded by these two words: carbs. and calories. I admit that when I eat something “not-so-healthy? I often think about the effects it will have on my body. Who doesn’t anymore? American society has put body image high on a pedestal. A part of me feels guilty for eating some of the things I eat. But is that fair? Wouldn’t it be nice to eat this or that without worrying about gaining weight? Wouldn’t it be the perfect world if those ideas were pushed out of our minds? The pleasure of eating those delicious treats is taken away from those negative voices swarming in our heads. “You’ll get back fat!?…. “Think of you thighs!?…. “Don’t eat it!?.. or “You’ll regret it!? are just a few of those thoughts all of us wish would go away. Wouldn’t you love to eat a brownie or say a chocolate chip cookie without having to hear those nasty thoughts?

Through my project I tried to portray the very thing I just described. A young girl finds some chocolate chip cookies on her kitchen table and doesn’t know if she should eat them or not. Her body sure wants them, but the voices are trying to stop her from eating them. Finally, the voices get too overwhelming and the girl breaks down. She screams so loud the voices go away. Time stops (as you can see on the clock in the animation) which demonstrates how the girl has escaped reality. She’s in a world where she can finally eat in peace.

This project was a pretty complex process for me. First I had to draw all of the frames, which ended up being a total of 235. Then I had to photograph the drawings and edit them in Photoshop. I needed to crop all of the images and add more light and contrast to enhance them. If I would have had more time I would have liked to play around with the lighting more in Photoshop. It turned out to be a little to dark for me. Then I had to add sound. The sound was fun to make for me. I recorded all of the sounds after watching the animation play through and matched it with the movement of the character. I didn’t leave much time for sound in the end, but I wish I would have, because I think I could have done a little more with it. The program I used didn’t allow much room for manipulation either.

Manu's Perfect World

In my final project I show my perfect world as a state of mind where my imaginary world gives the main character a break from the rushed real world. The idea of portraying a perfect world as a fantasy world is based on my daily experiences, where my daily schedule is so packed with things to do that it does not leave me any leisure time to dream or think. In my opinion it is very important to pursue leisure time because it stimulates creativity and productivity instead of constantly being tired from a hasty daily rhythm.
As such, I decided to present my fantasy world as colorful and playful to illustrate, first of all, a personal perfect world and secondly to give a sense of refreshment, which elevates my mood. I also placed my dreamlike world in between scenes of a rushed street life to better demonstrate the contrast between the two.
With respect to the sound in the video, I tried to record a variety of noisy sounds for the rushed and busy scene that we usually encounter on the street. Those noises include cars going by, people talking - but not understandable talking so that it does not take away from the visual aspect - and construction drone. The sound effects that I created for the fantasy world were created by instruments such as harmonica, guitar and sounds made by two metal objects. I then tried to transform their original sound by playing with effects in audacity using normalizing, reversing and echo effects as well as some others. I chose to transform those noises to indefinable noises to underline the dream effect of the scene.

Manu's Perfect World

Old Man and Train (Alan)

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Utopian Perspective...

Within my video, I have provided a situation where happiness (which i find to be the root of any "utopia") is made apparent through a somewhat atypical situation. While this is not meant to be dissected in any deeper manner, feel free to do so. Using a train and an old man who finds peace in an apple was merely a playful attempt to juxtapose a sort of chaos or tension with the simplicity and singularity that happiness entails. I kept things fairly minimal in this video, and used audio samples as a form of emphasis rather than a constant presence. I believe this was effective, and provided a sort of audible outline of the story. Apologies for the missing title in the middle...(Chapter 4.) Things became rather hectic toward the end, and it was forgotten in the mix. Tragic, really. Overall, as I explored somewhat in the last video project, I find charcoal sketches as a form of animation to hold a nice aesthetic value. Also, the constructive element which it provides (where images leave "trails" or shadows) is something which I would like to continue to play with.

Lost Eden

For project three I felt that there was something missing from it, the project felt a little dry like it needed music. I wanted to put a small part of a song but since it could only go on a small part of the animation I felt that it would have sounded weird, so I left it without music. Some of the sounds that I had to make were a little difficult because I had no reference point like the buildings being deconstructed, so I just used a sound that which was like a drill. The other sounds like sun and moon passing by I got from the movie “The Time Machine?; to make it sound alike I just made a whoosh sound. When I got to the Garden of Eden I did not want to make it seem like the traditional view so I added some things like I researched on like dinosaurs. In many pictures or videos nobody ever thinks of having dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, everything else was basically traditional. In my opinion I wish I could have gotten better voices because I do not think they fit in the way I wanted them to. Overall I am pleased with the frame rate because the speed allowed the film to be the right length, and still kept the smoothness that I wanted.

Lost Eden

A Perfect Hero

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Let me start off by stating that stop-motion filmography is a monster. I don't know how people who animate for a living keep hair. It's a good thing I'm bald or half of my head would have been pulled out in the process.

The hardest part of making my piece was the video capture. Trying to get 8 unstable figures to go through a series of unique movements and interact was painstakingly difficult. In the end, I ended up going through almost half a roll of duct tape, 2 sheets of double sided tack, and 2 cases of red bull just to get the photos i needed captured. Still, as the figures continued to fall over and ruin series of takes, I ended up tossing many a turtle across the room.

I found that as I continued taking shots, I got better at making smooth movements and did the process quicker. I hate the beginning of my piece. If I had more time (and less academic load) I would reshoot the whole first half. I was pleased with the ending but I really dislike the discontinuity in the framerates throughout the film. Since I was trying to make it look like a cheap, bootlegged work, written by a kid, making the sound was easy. I did a narration in the mindset of a kid playing with his toys. The product was reminiscent of my childhood afternoons. I feel the storyline, mixed with this sentiment of play and levity, emphasize the idea of a perfect world I was attempting to convey.

The Evil Last Boss Guy - Project 3


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Good Life

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Jenna's Stop Motion Critique

For my stop motion video I thought a lot about what issues arise on a daily basis that I wish were different, more perfect to my standards. The most reoccurring thought is that I always want to be in multiple locations at the same time. All throughout college I have been very involved with numerous activities and organizations aside from the 20 credit semesters I continuously find myself registering for. Because of my insane schedule and determination to stay committed with each of my affiliations I constantly struggle with conflicting events and obligations. My perfect world would be to stay FULLY committed to everything, including my homework and still have an exciting social life.
My video starts with regular film of different people asking me to be places all at the same time. I want to do it all so I multiply myself so I CAN do it all. The rest is stop motion with clips of me doing all different activities. It was hard to make it clear to the observer that I was doing all of these activities at the same time. I have a clock showing at one point and then figured since the beginning of the video introduces four people all wanting me to do something at 12 and then what follows are scenes from each requested activity the observer can put the two together and understand that I DID do each activity even though they were all at the same time. This project has certainly been the most time consuming of all of our work but also a constant learning process. Like with all art this video could continue to be worked on and improved. Adding text was one thought I had but decided against doing it. At first I thought it coud be used to clarify that I am doing everything at once but after watching my video I think text would be superficial and just a distraction to the scences. Split sc
The sound I chose to go in my video is different for each scene and it is natural sounds related to the images being displayed so for example, the study sequence has sound from pages of a book turning, computer typing and students in "group discussion". While working on this project I certainly wish I could do multiple things at once because I would have liked to have time to work in the lab while attending my regularly scheduled classes and meetings.

My Utopia

My Utopia

A perfect world after the apocalypse...

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November 20, 2007

Stopping Time

Download file (Tiny, hosted on blog)

High-quality version (Huge, link to media mill)

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The Hungry Worm

Download file

This movie follows the excursions of an evil inchworm and the misdeeds he does along his path.

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Project III: "Featuring Nature"

Download file

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Project 3: Perfect World

This video conicals the day in a life of a typical college student and a 9 to 5er. I'm not sure that I made the message completely clear. The goal was to compare the two mornings (wake up time, breakfast, mode of travel, ect.) and through that show how good we as college students have it now. I think the split screen helped make this more clear. To make the sound I simply used the digital audio recorder to tape some of the more interesting actions in the film and overlayed them depending on the situation on the screen.

Prep for project 3 critique

As per the past assignments:
please up-load your quicktime export (DV-NTSC compression format) to Media Mill.
Then make 2 derivatives -
* one large quicktime (for in-class viewing)
* one small quicktime (to post on our blog)

Also write and post 200-300 words on your "perfect world" - what and why you chose this interpretation of the topic and how you have realized tyour idea given the process of stop-motion. Also talk about your sound and how it is incorporated into your project!

November 19, 2007


Download file

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I had forgotten to post a project proposal.....until now.

SO, here is my proposal after a couple weeks of progress. I am working on a short narrative that makes use of sketch-based animation (once again.) This time I am attempting to put more of a focus on timing and a more seamless integration of audio. I am also playing with different modes of stop motion to set a mood. For instance, I hope to merge smooth animation (higher frame rates) with a "one image fades into the next" approach, which will be used to give a sense of broken time or slow motion. The narrative, in contrast with other projects I've done thus far, is less conceptually heavy and a bit more playful.

November 18, 2007

Assignment III :: Stop-Motion Primer

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November 5, 2007

Project Proposal-Stop Motion

For my first stop motion project, I thought I would use construction paper since that seems like an easier medium to work with. After all, that is why the show South Park is able to churn out an episode based on recent events, since it takes much less time to create their construction paper shows than an episode of The Simpsons or Family Guy. I figured that if I use this medium I had better keep the story fairly simple and keep characters to a minimum, since I will have to create different sections for them to show movement. I figured that I would have the main character be an inchworm, since it has a repeatable movement pattern and is a fairly easy creature to create.
My story so far is to have the inchworm be an inchworm from hell, who seems friendly to his other insect friends but ends up gruesomely devouring them. I hoped to relate the story to the theme of a perfect world by having the evil inchworm receive his comeuppance, and have the theme of justice be part of my perfect world. I suppose I am loosely basing the story on the children’s song “Little Bunny Foo Foo,? and will probably have the tune of that song whistled or hummed in the background. I chose insects to be the creatures devoured since that might not be as horrifying for some people as, for example, seeing a person eaten alive. I hope to create the illusion of traveling by moving the ground as the inchworm inches along it. Instead of creating the inchworm’s movement by constructing different entire inchworms, I will make small sections of the worm that can be rearranged accordingly.
I am not entirely sure what my perfect justice for the inchworm will be. I suppose I have a few ideas. One way would be to reflect the human want for things to be equal, such as, for example, if someone kills, they in turn deserve death, or something of that sort by just having the inchworm be devoured by a vengeful friend of the murdered insects. Or perhaps I’ll just leave it to the viewer’s imagination by having the inchworm get captured and placed in a cage with a bird or some other worm eater, to show how karma usually takes care of things in the end. In the world today, so many feel like they have to take revenge into their own hands, and in some cases, perhaps they do. But in my perfect world, justice should just exist as a part of life. Humans (and animals) should be able to let fate take care of those who wronged them, especially if the wronged have no means of allowing the antagonist to see the error of their ways.

Perfect World

For my perfect world I want to do something with super heroes. I’m actually not sure yet of how I want my scenes to look like but, an idea I have right now is to hold a super hero gathering where each super hero introduces themselves to each other. Probably show off their powers, brag about their success at saving the worlds and then maybe go into what the world would be like if they weren’t around. The message I’ll be trying to get off is that because these super heroes exist the world is always being saved. Although the perfect world I’m creating isn’t a utopia, it shows that there are good and evil in the world, and good always prevails.
Using some form of stop motion for this project, I’m thinking of working with action figure toys. Since my nephew has tons of action figures I’ll be borrowing a lot of them to star as super heroes in my perfect world. I never had many action figures as a child, and I wasn’t really into them as much either so when playing out my scenes for the project it might be a challenge. For the sound, I’m thinking of making my own sound effects and voices. I also want to try to get my two nephews involved with my projects. I’m hoping they can help a lot with the voices because it would be pretty boring having me voice over the toys by myself.
I’m hoping to gain more ideas while working on this project. At the moment I’m not really sure if I want to stick with the idea of super hero gathering or if I want to play with other scenes.

Doing it ALL in my Perfect World

When I think of my “ideal? world or what would need to happen in order for me to have a perfect world I think about all the things I enjoy doing. Then I think about why I don’t have these enjoyments ALL the time because in a perfect world I should be able to control what goes on and when because ideally, that would be perfect. I love meeting people. I think what can make something perfect is seeing all the differences that exist and being a part of those differences. That is what I consistently find myself doing on a regular basis, interacting with new people. For my project on creating my perfect world I want to be able to socialize and bond with multiple groups or cliques of people. Basically defy the phrase “You cannot be everywhere and do everything all at once.? I will be everywhere and do everything.
I am going to use digital photography and create a series of images that will run together into a stop-motion film. Through the use of the photography I am going to have more than one of me established right at the beginning and then spread out with different people doing different things so going shopping with one group of girls, hanging out with guys watching a soccer match, going to the science museum with some of my science peers, cooking with my mom and more possibly more settings that are each unique in themselves. I have yet to decide on the sound aspect for this project. I know I want it to be different for each group that is shown and since the sound all needs to be natural and not music I think I may attempt to generate sounds from materials associated with what the group is doing. So for the guys watching soccer the sound could be a series of cheers, groans, feet running and hits on the ball. Then the sound would be drastically different when the film goes to another setting. This is all to contribute to my idea of being everywhere and doing everything and how because of the fact that each activity is so unique it realistically is impossible to do at once.
I will probably be using one of the digital cameras for taking pictures and then for the sound I might record that separately and check out a sound recorder to get really quality sound clips. This should be fun to put together!

Project III Proposal

The one thing I fear in my life is that ten years from now I’ll be stuck going to a job I hate from 9-5 5 days a week. Nothing scares me more then the prospect of sitting in a cubical staring at a computer all day. So, I guess my idea of a perfect world would be anything that is in opposition of that. For this project I plan to show what a perfect world would be to me by illustrating what is imperfect about many people’s jobs.

The main outline of my project will follow something along the lines of the movie Office Space. It starts with getting up in the morning driving to work in heavy traffic. Then the main character Peter stares at a computer screen for a significant period of time. Several bosses then come and yell at him for a mistake he knows he made. Later on he has a revelation that he doesn’t want to work at his job anymore so he stops showing up. Through this he gets a promotion because some consultants feel he isn’t being challenged enough. This however, isn’t what Peter wanted and he finds out that two of his friends are being fired. They then come up with a scheme to steal money from the company before they are fired. Through the entire movie, countless almost philosophical situations about the modern corporate workplace are brought up and discussed. This will hopefully provide me with a jumping off point to further discuss and examine this situation.

For the technique portion of the project, I intend to use stop motion camera work to take us through a typical day in the life of a cubical worker. However, hopefully, I can make it a little more abstract then just a remake of a movie or television show.

Stop-Motion Proposal

My “perfect world? is one where animals are treated with respect and care. At times this idea seems so radically different from reality because of things like factory farms. If everyone treated animals better then I believe there would be no factory farms and therefore meat consumption would go down, as well as deforestation and pollution.
My initial idea for my video is of a person taking a journey and hugging animals along the way to represent healing and respect towards our fellow creatures. I am unsure if I will play the person and hug real animals or if I should do claymation. If I were to be the person traveling through and hugging animals then I would start with hugging household pets and travel to a friend’s hobby farm to hug their dogs and cats and chickens and goats and llamas. If I were to go the claymation route I would have a nondescript person traveling along and hugging animals starting with small domesticated animals and moving to big and wild animals. I would use myself and objects to make the sound of some of the animals, and walking, etcetera.
I want the style to be lighthearted and kind of cutsie; because my idea of a perfect world is kind of naive and I think that that aspect of it would be best represented by using a “Disney? like style.
I have always been interested in claymation and do not particularly like to be on camera so that is the way I am leaning, but I am still not sure about any specifics at this point. I wonder how I can make it more disgustingly cute than just hugging furry creatures.

project 3 proposal

Project Proposal
A perfect world means many different things to almost everyone. Although I have not worked out all of the details of my project, I can begin to tell what direction I am planning on going with this project. I will be working in a way that is similar to how South Park was made. Of course the ideas will not really coincide with the show, it will be completely original. I will create my own fictional characters to use in the filming. As far as I'm concerned, the things that would make up a perfect world are; no crime, no disease, no hunger, no taxes, and no douche bags to mess up all of the good things that modern society has to offer. Imagine if all the uptight and insecure people that find it necessary to cause problems or start shit all of a sudden vanished or something of that nature, leaving only those who wish to enjoy life and make the most of it. Now imagine unrestricted world travel, free trade everywhere, no taxation, a food surplus to end world hunger, and no illness. Now that sounds like someplace I'd like to live for a while, but since it can't happen, we can watch a little bit of what it might be like... I was thinking that the setting of this perfect world might as well be someplace with pleasant weather, so I'd have to say a beach community where it is sunny every day and warm all the time. Outdoor activities can go on year round and there is no excuse to just sit in the house for 5 months straight, and in this world, nobody will try and mug you if you go out of your house. Just think of not having to worry about going out in the middle of the night, or walking home from a friends house or the bar when its dark out, in this world, its always safe. And since this is a perfect world, nobody will have a stick up their ass shouting orders at you telling you what to do and what to think. I know that this idea doesn’t necessarily sound the most entertaining or interesting, but I will do my best to make it that way. Given these things, I really hope to make this a good experience, so I guess we will have to wait and see how it turns out.

Project III

To me a perfect world would be one without animosity, but total peace. Being a non-white immigrant, I have experienced racism firsthand. In this day and age, though most people are careful to be politically correct and just, there still exists an inherent racism. I am not one to criticize the white community because they are not the only ones who have shown racist tendencies. I believe it is up to each and every person in a community to accept the fact that life is a mix of culture. From this day on, we will only become more diverse so we might as well accept each other’s differences.

My focus in this project is to show a perfect world by using either drawn characters or photograph cutouts for visuals. I had an idea where I would make colored figures of people and then make them interact with each other. I will probably sample sounds and/or record them myself. I will probably integrate different languages.

I want to show confusion and chaos in my animation. For example, I want to show different people criticizing each other and committing acts of violence upon each other. Locations will probably change as different groups of people are shown. It will be almost like a historic piece documenting different conflicts from the past leading up to present day. Finally, I want there to be an explosive ending where the serious tone of the piece immediately changes to one of happiness where all the characters are shown getting along as one.

Project III Proposal: A Perfect World

Instead of talking about my perfect world for my project III assignment, I’d like to point out what many people would want in their ideal worlds. So many people today, especially in American society, rely on fast food and TV dinners for their everyday meals. Yet, they wonder why they are overweight. I don’t think enough people realize what good eating habits are. People binge eat and then try and work out to compensate for it, but that doesn’t always work. Some people don’t work out at all and deny that their eating habits are unhealthy. For my stop motion animation project I’d like to focus on a theme of unhealthy eating. If people could have it their way they would eat whatever they want and not gain any weight. People wouldn’t have to worry about working out because their metabolisms would do all the work for them. I also might like to incorporate how people try to diet by fasting and not working out.

I think I’d like the animation to only have one character. I don’t know if I should have the main character be a human or an animal. If I use an animal I wouldn’t be directly commenting on American society, but I could still play the idea up a lot. Maybe I would have the character wearing an American pop culture symbol on his/her shirt. What would work better?

I’d like to start the scene out by having the character eat a normal American meal and then there will be a noticeable weight gain. The character then feels pressure to work out and goes to the gym. It tries to work out but it doesn’t seem to work. Then the thing goes home and decides to go on a diet. It doesn’t eat anything it all (commenting on societies poor dieting habits). The character goes to bed hungry and has a dream. The dream setting allows the character to eat anything he/she wants without gaining weight. The character goes over board and eats everything in sight. When the character wakes up it is sadly disappointed to be brought back to reality.

The style I would like to use for this project is a flip book drawing. I am not sure how the pictures are brought to the computer, but so far I plan to take pictures of the drawings and import them onto the computer and then sequence them together. I do not want to use any dialog in this animation, but instead just sounds, sounds that you would hear when one is alone (i.e. eating sounds, grumbling stomach, disappointed noises).

I think this animation will noticeably comment on how American society today treats health and dieting. Many people see working out as burden and wish they didn’t have to do it. Others seem to avoid all foods that could harm their image. Perhaps this animation will allow viewers to find a happy medium in their diets.

Assignment III :: Invent a Perfect World

A perfect world seems more and more impossible to achieve as you get older. You start to see everything in a more mature way, which normally gets rid of a lot of your imagination. Without a creative imagination a perfect world is impossible to acquire. As a child almost everything seems like a perfect world on the TV. Cartoons seem like real life and Disney World is a utopia. If everyone could just tap into their child roots again I think we could live in a perfect world.

To show what a perfect world looks like I will use stop-motion animation. I plan to use drawings to show this imaginary land that all kids live in. I want the video to be like a very unreal dream with fantasy characters. As a child I used to watch a lot of cartoons and try to draw what I see on the TV. I’m going to incorporate my interests into this movie by adding my favorite cartoon characters and Disney characters. The setting of my video will be a dream a boy is having. It’s going to show the animation in a dream bubble and in the end he will wake up back to the real world.

Creating sounds from scratch is one of my biggest concerns for this project. I believe that if you pick the right music or find the right computer generated sound it can be very helpful in a video. I will probably have a lot of difficulty trying to make sounds that will make the images seem cartoon like.

Another one of my concerns is how well my drawings will look and how I’m going to draw the images enough times to make them seem like they’re moving. It seems like it’s going to be a very difficult task to make the images seem like they’re moving with the little technology will be using to create our projects.

Overall, I think this will be a great experience and I’m excited to learn how to make these drawing come to life.

November 4, 2007

Perfect World

My proposal for project three is going to be about the Garden of Eden or the world in post end times. In my view the Garden of Eden would be a perfect world because at that time there was perfect weather, perfect animals, perfect humans, everything was perfect. Eden is considered the definition of perfection to some because it was before anything wrong came into existence. In post end times Christians believe that Jesus is coming and he will usher in heaven on Earth. Everything will be fixed when Jesus comes back; immortality will be restored, animals will revert to their previous state, and people will be happy. For my first idea I was thinking of setting the scene of a present day city and reversing time until I get to the point when the Garden of Eden was created. The city will have several buildings and several people. Perhaps I will have some dialogue between two people that will connect present day to ancient times. The garden will have trees, plants, animals, and maybe people. For my “time reversal? I plan on deconstructing the city, have things move faster and faster in the opposite direction and when I have made it to the Garden of Eden I plan on running it forward in real time like “Cold Play?. If I were to use my other idea I would have a war scene and a bright light appearing suddenly depicting Christ’s return. I would have to more reading to find out exact scene of the “new world? but it will probably be close to what the bible says. My technique for recording will be to simply use a digital camera (still mode) or a web camera set at video mode (taking pictures every second). The camera may be set on a tripod facing the city having it perform its normal functions (cars moving in the streets, and people walking). I will probably use Legos for the buildings and people. The Garden of Eden will probably be a diorama while the animals will probably be figurines. For my dialogue I will probably have two people wondering what a better world will look like for my first idea. The dialogue for my second idea may be panic from people, and/or a political leader giving a radio address similar to the stop motion video “Revolution?. I would like to have music and perhaps I will use several instruments if it is allowed and that is pretty much what my video will be about.

Project III Proposal: A Perfect World

What is a perfect world? It’s a question people have been asking for centuries, yet many have accepted as an impossible dream. But what if it’s around us already and we’re just missing it? This is what my project is going to attempt to tackle.

Through real life, stop-motion photography, I’m going to create this perfect world by simply showing what’s always around us - nature. In our ever-increasing, fast-paced society, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything else and fully miss the beauty in our own back yards. I know it’s quite Norman Rockwell, Walt Whitman, and pretty cheesy, but I think it’s a genuine truth in our time. Therefore, my “perfect? world would be our same world, only with us having a heightened sense of what’s around us, to fully enjoy our time on this earth. I feel that taking these things for granted has caused a lot of the problem’s we see today, and if we all just took the time to see the serenity in nature, it would reflect in our behaviors and ourselves. At least in my world it would…

Some locations I was thinking of, and subjects to film, include: crunching leaves in an everyday walk, the movement of water (probably shot down at the Mississippi), the movement of the sky and trees, and probably relaxing in the grass. I will more than likely have a human subject in there somewhere, maybe walking through and observing these different aspects of nature and taking it all in, or at least relaxing in the grass at the end.

I’m playing with the idea of a circular narrative to convey my project, perhaps starting out with a subject “relaxing? in our present day world - with the busy noises of traffic, people, cell phones surrounding him - and flowing through my perfect nature world, ultimately ending with similar composition of our subject finally being able to relax, surrounded by nature.

Now to the sound aspects of the project. I’m kind of torn on how I want to present this, struggling where I want to even use sound. I’m playing with the idea of presenting this calm world with almost no sound added to it, or at least have a legitimate use of sound throughout, but completely cutting all sound at the point of pure peace. I thought that would be kind of cool. Otherwise, I was thinking of using a collage of sounds similar to those of the images shown (i.e. rustling leaves, the crunching of leaves, water, and maybe some bells like the ones heard around West Bank - I like those…). I’ll probably capture said sounds with those microphones we used for the Sound Primer, and mix my sound collage together either using Audacity or Garage Band.

I’m hoping this turns out the way I’m seeing/hearing it, and not like some Soundscape CD found at Target. I’d like to think that I can separate the two, but I suppose time will tell.

Project 3 Proposal

For project three we have been asked to come up with our idea of a perfect world. We have been asked to do a stop motion primer for this topic, which I think shall prove to be challenging at least for myself. I have seen a lot of stop motion work but not known how it was done. I am a huge fan of cartoons and clayamation which in essence is stop motion. I’m not sure which medium I’m going to work in, originally I was thinking of using legos, since that would be hilarious, but since my last two pieces were funny I would like to try a more serious piece. So I’m thinking I will try drawings, although my worry is I can’t really draw so it might look really crappy. As far as the homemade sound I’m kind of disappointed because I think good music, if used in moderation, can pull a piece together well. So I will just have to come up with my own. My idea for the utopia is the “scrapping? of today’s society for a whole new world… As I previously stated I want this to be a darker piece since the last two had more of a comical feel to them. I’m not quite sure exactly what will be my main focus but I do know that I want two have 2 main characters to create a bit of a ying-yang feel; a balance between good and evil. I am a huge fan of technology but I do not like the way society has been corrupted by ignorance and lack of common sense. It drives me insane that so many people throughout the world are so selfish and heart less. My biggest pet peeve is people who think they deserve handouts. Technology has made people lazy and greedy; I want my utopia to force people to “earn? their life.
How I will accomplish will be interesting to say the least ill have to come up with an idea for this force. I would like it to be a physical entity and not some idea, something you can see. So the setting of my video will be set in the future from our time. As for the sound I will do my own voice along with my friends, perhaps I will write some music for the piece or just simply “construct? some using other sounds. As for my location for filming will be paper.

Project III Proposal: Inventing a "perfect" world

If we really were given free license to change the world in order to make it into what we think a "perfect" world ought to be, I wonder what the consequences would actually be? I can't help but think that things would never work out quite so perfectly as we might have hoped, and we'd find ourselves wanting to go back and revise our changes to undo the mess we had made.

If I were able to change anything about reality to make things more pleasant for me, I think the first thing I'd want to do is give myself more time. My biggest problem is that there are a lot of things that I really want to do, but I can't possibly have time to do all of them. I think it would be great if I could slow down and "stop" time so that I had time to do all these things. I could leisurely get caught up on my schoolwork, other work, play games, read, and investigate all sorts of topics that interest me.

Of course, if I really was suddenly granted an unlimited supply of time, like I wish I could be, things might not work out quite the way I think they would. I might find that when time doesn't pass, I get very bored very quickly. It's this progression from the realization that time has stopped, to actually enjoying the sudden excess of time that I have, to getting really really bored that I want to show.

On the technical side of things, I plan to do this using almost entirely photography. I'll probably also want to include some ordinary video for the periods when time is working normally. Since I rarely leave my apartment if I don't have a reason to, and I wouldn't have a reason to if time stopped, I'll do everything from my apartment.

I'll get through the useful stuff fairly quickly. I'll finish all my homework. I'll do dishes. I'll vacuum. I'll play a video game or two. I'll read all the books in my apartment. I'll write a novel. I'll read through Wikipedia. All this time, the clock will stand still. Eventually, I'll run out of things to do and be very bored and wish that time would move again. And, as it resumes its normal uninterruptible march forward, I'll suddenly think of something I would love to do, if only I had time...