December 20, 2007

Critique #4 Final Project

Out of all the projects that I have done in this class; I feel that this one was the most successful in presentation and in concept. Although I should have moved Alan’s stuff out of the way in the installation room, I’m still glad that I presented in that room because that space is a little more professional looking than a normal critique room. I don’t think that by having the curtains blocking people in ruined the presentation, it just interrupted the flow of people moving from one side of the screen to the other. I would like to think that the concept of my project was more important than how I used the space. I’m glad that I got the amount of feedback that I did about how I could use the space in different ways because I have never used an installation room to present anything before. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to use the installation room again because I like how the audience is allowed to be interactive and move around the piece to view different perspectives.
I felt that I was successful with the final project in terms of the product itself and the concept. My original idea was similar to what I finally ended up doing, and I’m glad that I was able to develop my ideas by viewing the work of the artist who incorporated emotion into his work as well as themes of time, and pre-conceived expectations. I liked how the viewers of his work experienced emotional agitation/excitement, which is what I was aiming for in my project by using a hand gently touching a female’s body. I hope that I was as successful in this as I hoped because I was desensitized by the visuals after watching and editing it so much in final cut. I also hope that I got my point across with the music that I chose. To me, each piece sounded radically different from one another, was clear in the stereotypes, and put each piece into the right context that I was aiming for. Apparently some people couldn’t differentiate between the pieces of music, which sucks for them!

Project 4

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December 18, 2007

Manu's Final Project

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December 12, 2007


For project four I wanted to continue on my use of a biblical themes like the one from project three about the Garden of Eden. I always enjoy reading articles on several interpretations of the creation that part from the traditional view. For instance some Christians believe that God created continents in there current place but the bible says that the land formed in one area. Besides showing a different view of creation I also tried to solve certain problems that certain people in the science community point out in creation such as the starlight problem. I am not sure if I conveyed theses answers clearly to the audience but I believe the animations were presented well. The main reason why I made this piece was because I was a very tired of the media being biased towards creationism, and being more favorable towards evolution and I just wanted to share that there are scientific principles in creationism. Towards the end of my animation I used a video provided by NASA which shows the solar system I just wished I could have managed my time better to make one of my own. Another thing I wanted to include in my animation was humor perhaps in my videos of animals section.

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Laura's Final Project: Reversed Roles

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Check out the NEWS!


I was extraordinarily lucky that I had more time and rescources to work on my final project than the rest. Having the opportunity to create and open-ended work, attracted a lot of interest and help attract some of my best friends as actors. When I was first confronted with the task of creating a work with no parameter on the topic, I felt a little overhwhelmed. As did the previous projects, I had contemplated several ideas that I wanted to work on and practice editing. I decided to make an NROTC Documentary to because I honestly get a lot of questions about the program and thought it would be a pertainent follow on to my project II movie. I was amazed at how many people were willing to participate. Filimg with multiple actors was an exceedingly difficult task. Had I decided to include a blooper reel, my video would have been an extra hour longer. I spent the most time editing this video as well. One of the few stipulations for this project was making the format accentuate the theme of the video. I attempted to do this by doing the intial interviews in a very dry setting and filming the skits in a musical/jovial style. On the rough draft of my movie, I found many of my actors had inserted jargon that would be inconducive to an audience unfamiliar with my topic. I refilmed those scenes to frame the skits to be more viewer friendly. I did this in uniform and put myself in a hard light to create scenes that would meet a viewer's expectation of the military. I found these reshoots explained my piece beter and contrasted the silliness of the skits stronger than the previous. In the end, I am very satisifed with the final product and would like to continue this kind of work.

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Project 4

For this project, I worked collaboratively with Jenna. Our clip was based on the fictional "cootie" bug and it's effect on children in America. We used a newscast theme to introduce and close the clip and the cootie bug was shown using stop-motion animation. The music clips used were a generic news theme and a jazz song composed by a friend. For the animation process, we used both a white-board/drawing and paper cutouts. Our antics throughout the clip made the video into an extremist parody of the news. Originally, we had many varied ideas, but we could not decide on the content for those stories. In this project however, we improvised on set with our lines. Also, being in a studio we were able to use a still/projected picture as our backdrop.

Super Mario Room

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For my project I created a stop motion video. The video consisted of super mario characters that I printed and cut out. These characters were then arranged and moved along the walls of my room to create a level for mario to traverse. The background music was taken from the Super Mario World video game (along with all the characters). The sound effects were taken from the original mario game from regular Nintendo.

The idea for this project came from the stop motion video we watched where the artist used charcoal to draw a person walking around the walls of a studio room. I also had this type of idea when I was a little kid and this video brought back memory's of this.

Bax Project 4


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Repost: Project IV Pitching a Music Video

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About My (Jenna's) Final Project

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Project IV: Mirror

A download is available. See the entire entry for instructions.

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Final Project

WoW Music Video

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December 11, 2007

Fear of Responsibility

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December 10, 2007

To Hear Is To See

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Project 4

This project is computer game based. I used desktop recording programs to record several clips via a certain type of game movie making program. I thought of recording the screen using frame by frame to produce higher quality, but simultaneously it creates a low frame rate because it took a lot of memory, so i had to use video to keep the frame rate. I also used an animation program to make characters do funny moves. The video in the credit section was found online, i thought it was interesting. The video editing was not difficult, but it was rather hard to make the music match the video. A small portion of the sound was recorded from the game, the rest was recorded by my friends and I as well as from music found elsewhere. The theme is basically a group of terrorists killed most of the counter-terrorists (CT). They claimed that it was boring without them, and planned to have some fun, so they made several innocent people hostages. The government found the last CTs alive and grouped them together for a special force. Thus the rescue mission began...

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November 28, 2007

Project IV Proposal

My favorite project we have done this semester is the stop motion videos. I really like the idea and form that videos take when using this type of media. So, for my project IV I will definitely incorporate this style. The main idea/theme for my project will be super Mario Brothers (the old scroll screen versions). The twist will be that the levels that Mario is trying to get through are incorporated on the walls of my room. For example, I will probably show Mario beating four different levels, each one a different wall of my room. Hopefully each level will have its own theme. I already know the wall with my bed on it will probably be a water level, the closet a castle and the other two or thee levels will probably be normal.
I will either make Mario, all of the boxes, tubes and other things usually found in Mario levels using construction paper or on the computer using Photoshop. Even if I decide to use Photoshop I still plan to print the images and manually insert them into each frame. Thus stop motion will be used to get Mario from one end of the wall/level to the other.
When I was a little kid I remember have this type of idea while I was sitting my room trying to fall asleep. The idea was rekindled when we were watching the stop motion video where the artist drew charcoal drawings of people walking around the walls of a room.
To give the audience a sense of what is going on, I plan to shoot wide shots of all the walls/levels and then zoom in on the starting place before Mario begins each adventure. Also, I may use some filters to give the video a more game/cartoon like feel. For the sound I will probably simple use the old Mario theme music but maybe add in some of my own sound effects (i.e. when Mario dies or hits a box).
Overall I’m not sure there is any point to this video I just think it would be something fun to try. Maybe after a little bit of work a message will become evident.

Critique of Chaz's Video

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November 26, 2007

Critique on Tanya's Project

I thought Tanya's video was straight forward on showing the theme of "Invent a Perfect World" because her video showed a worm eating everything in sight. Most of the things that were eaten were friendly creatures that just wanted to start a conversation or ask about the day, but the greedy worm just ate everything. Eventually karma came back to bite the worm and turned him into a toad stool. I interpreted this as nothing bad goes unpunished because it'll eventually catch up to you.

This was a narrative work, and I thought its structure was well executed. Following the inch worm from scene to scene was done well. It shows that the inch worm is moving from one area to another. I thought that when the inch worm ate the butterfly and apple it was kind of like a video for little kids that would be on Nickalodean. The whole video could've been something for kids to watch on Nickalodeon if you took out one part of the audio. Editing was well done also. As I stated earlier it could've been a tv show on some television networks, so I thought the editing went great. The shots looked fine too. The only thing that was noticeable about the shots were the light changes. Sometimes the background would be dark, other times it would be brighter. I think most of the class had problems with this though because of how we setup our shots to be taken.

The animation itself stood out a lot. I think she used construction paper and did cut outs with these if I remember right, and it worked great. Her animation looked really clean and I think that was really effective in her project. It stood out to me because most of the other animations were choppy, or the drawings were done too light so you couldn't see it. Hers was easily seen and followed.

Critique for Bax's Project

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proposal for 4th project

Ok. So I sparked this idea driving back from a weekend in northern Minnesota. This trip requires me to pass through an eastern chunk of North Dakota. I grew up with only a river seperating me from this desolate state. Having interacted with its minimalist beauty (big sky, lack of discernable landscape features otherwise common throughout the United States) I have a history of love/hatred with it. Anyway, while driving, this "what if" thing struck me. It went something like: What if North Dakota seceded from the union at an undetermined time, and subsequently declared itself (through a kind of inverted social revolution) the next fascist state, intent on raising militant oppression throughout the land? My conclusion was that this would have nothing to do with the people.

Something about North Dakota, in the way the land interacts so hopelessly with any structure placed upon it, seems heavily oppressive as it is. In this sense, people are eliminated from my imagined new North Dakota. The most fitting way I could think to explore this idea was to write a small narrative involving two "combat journalists" (one of whom will be myself) getting into the fray (which, in this sense, involves a lot of power lines and granaries) and compiling footage from the heat of battle. I will then use this "footage" to compliment an installation that will involve the journals of the team, some photographs of the action, maps of North Dakota with outlines and military intelligence, and perhaps a journalism award I intend to fabricate, to commend the two journalists' life-threatening efforts.

Audio will also be a large part of the installation. I intend to interview a number of people on their thoughts pertaining to the secession and rise of fascism in North Dakota. These will be conducted over the phone, which I hope will give a journalistic/documentary quality to them. These interviews will be playing over the entire set-up. Other audio ideas are also springing up, but so far they are not developed enough to mention. SO, there be my proposal. If things go according to plan, this should be a lot of fun.

Project 4 Proposal

I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted to do for project 4. I didn't have any ideas to start a new project. So I decided to re-create Project 2 - How To Video. My video was on How-To Not Buy Fake Jordans, but this time I think I'm going to go into it more. I'll work at it as if it was a documentary of his shoes though, and tell stories of each shoe. Because each one of his shoes has a story behind it, I'll use my shoes at home as props, and then i'll pull off images off the internet for the shoes that I don't have and also use those as images. I'm not sure if I'm going to go through each and every shoe because that will take a while, so maybe I'll just stick with the more popular one. I'll probably also use videoclips from some of his shoe commercials or his basketball highlights to help me explain the story behind the shoes also. I will probably end up shooting this video in my room again, if not maybe somewhere in my house where the place will be well lit. I'm still debating if I want to touch on the authentic/value/fakes of the shoe or not. If I do I think I can go into it a little bit. Explain what authentic is, what is its value, what are fakes and maybe give short examples. For examples, I'll maybe capture my computer screen with a screen capture program and go through a series of websites. Goto legit websites and show the value of the current shoe then goto a non-legit website and show what it is there. I'm still trying to think of more ideas of how I can better this project and I can use other peoples input on it too.

Project 4?

I have no idea where I want to go with this project yet. After my last experience with stop-motion animation, I can rule that option out entirely. There were some parts I enjoyed about the audio project but I felt extremely lacking without at least some visual attachment. By far, my favorite work this semester was making my project II video.
I came into this class looking for new creative ways to make movies, better ideas on concepts I could convey, and more effective editing and directing techniques to express a feeling. All in all, I know I enjoy video and I’d like an excuse to make another one and explore new processes. One thing I noticed lacking in the previous three projects was music. A potential project could be to make a music video of some sort. I don’t have any music talent, but perhaps I could create a visual side for one of my favorite older songs without a video. I would really like to explore the process of accentuating sound with images since so often we use sound as a secondary sensory aspect.
I would also like to explore other film styles. One idea I had to test this out would be to create a fake reality TV show. I could look online to see how reality TV directors film their shows and use their techniques with a “mocumentary? style and attitude. With this style, I would have a lot of freedom to utilize humor and satire again. If I went with this idea, I could either make a “Big Brother? style film with my roommates. Otherwise I could go back to the military theme and follow a half fictitious life of a ROTC student. I think both of these ideas would be fun to explore but I think I could explore some deeper ideas with the ROTC route.
Sticking with the reality TV theme, I also considered making a satire of the wave of survival shows on television recently. I could counter their videos about surviving trips through the Sahara, Arctic and Amazon with tips for survival on the University of Minnesota Campus. I explored this idea during the “Do it Yourself? project but decided against it because I decided I didn’t want to focus it around “Do it Yourself? theme. This would be a good time to try on that idea and see what I can reveal about this campus, student life, and making it as a young adult in general.
I’m not sure which idea I’ll end up going with. I like aspects of them all but they all seem a little bit shallow in content. Since most of my ideas come when the camera is actually running I might have to just try a few random ideas and see how it turns out; that way, I can get an idea of where the project wants to go and explore my actual feelings on the subjects. After I film and edit my next piece, then I can begin to explore creative ways to present it.


My proposal is to make an animation similar to my how to video; and have the story line similar to my stop motion video. I plan to have the story line based on the Genesis account of creation, and I plan to show the creation of Earth take place from space. I first wanted to do this for my how to video, and for my stop motion, but for the how to video I had to make a film that required instructions. The stop motion did not allow the use of computers in the creation process, and I sort of new that the forth project would be a do it your self video. I wanted to use the same process as I did in my How to Make a Superhero which is to have music, animations, and a good presentation, I hope. I chose to do this simply because I felt that the traditional view of what the creation story shows does not fit in with many people, and I want to show that scientifically the creation story is possible. More specifically there are several tough questions I wish to address that many people believe makes the Genesis account of creation a little hard to believe. For instance many scientists cite the star light problem; which asks the question, “If the Earth is only six thousand years old, then how could the star light from all those stars in space, which are billions of light years away.? Another subject that sheds doubt on the creation account to some is the land masses; the shapes and sizes of the continents suggest that they were connected and it seems that the bible does not suggest this. I also plan to film more of the real world than I did in my how to video; perhaps downtown Minneapolis will be filmed and a Church that will lead the audience to the creation story. I plan on having the background mostly in space and several scenes on earth to show all the animals and the environment. I probably will not have any humor but I would be open to it, but right now I do not see where that may fit in. I plan to have a music playing throughout the entire video, the song will be “I Don’t Belong Here? by Klaus Badelt, I am quite sure it will fit with what I am thinking about.

Project 4 proposal

For this project, I plan on working collaboratively with Jenna to make a video. It will involve music and drawing. Our concept is dealing with the bodily changes from a youth to a teenager. Often times it’s labeled the ‘sex talk’ in the media and it is mostly uncomfortable and funny. In the video we plan on involving ourselves as well as made up characters by using a green screen. The idea is for the piece to be humorous and to keep viewers interested. How often do you see a cartoon giving the ‘sex talk’ instead of parents or elders? There will most likely be background sounds to complement the actions on screen. Also, we will probably use voice-overs for the characters. Green screen will be a new task because we have never incorporated it in previous projects. As of right now, I do not know how the story will form or what the characters will look like. They could take on an animal form.
Each aspect of the project will be worked on at separate times. Sounds recording will be done on one day. Also, we might include stop motion animation to show titles before different scenes to help prep viewers for what is ahead. Then filming and green screen will have its own separate time. For the final edit, we will use final cut pro.
Because of the freedom of this project, there are many ways to show the concept. We could do the random story approach (which will be similar to making a TV show) or have a narrator to lead the viewers along. There could be a narrator’s voice speaking in omniscience or a narrator that is a character within the clip (like a protagonist)

Project IV Idea

My idea for project IV is a narrative about a band bringing a homemade music video to a record label in hopes of hitting it big and changing the world. This idea comes from what I've done in both projects I and III. Project I was a recording of musicians playing a variety of different instruments. Project III also had a small amount of a song being played. I enjoyed matching the stop animation with the instruments in project III and plan on using a similar technique. I also used a program called Magix Music Maker for project III which I also plan on using. The music for the video will probably be a combination of live recordings and music from the program.
To start I would have the band sitting down with some record label agent explaining what their song means and what the band means to them. The band will talk about themselves and make it seem as if they are some deep, meaningful band and how the youth of the world needs to hear their music for inspiration at the present time with all of the problems in the world. The record label guy will then return discussing that this kind of music is what the market needs right now and go into financial aspects of what the music could become. After this they will give them the demo music video to play.
I plan on making the music and its video completely ridiculous and irrelevant to what the bands intentions were. The agent will become disgusted and stop the video short wanting nothing to do with them.
Both the beginning and the end will use stop motion animation. Instead of doing a ten frames per second motion style, I will try and sync the context of the dialog with the body language in the photo. For example if the record exec mutters a question to himself the picture will be of him looking into the air with his hand on his chin. If he is excited he will have an excited look and so on.
The stop motion for the music video will be a combination of the traditional, ten frames per second style and stop motion matched with the beat of the music. In the same way I used to match up with the music in project III.

Final project proposal

For my final project idea i have always been fasicinated by both japanese and korean animation...

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Project IIII Proposal

I have been debating on what I want to do for project IIII, but as of right now I am thinking about exploring animation a little more. In the past I have done an illustrated story for a different class, and was thinking about making this book into an animation. The story I wrote is about a moose who wants to become a reindeer. It’s a small narrative touching subjects regarding defeat, triumph, and friendship. It was meant to be a story written for children. I have many drawings done already, but they are not in a format where stop motion can be applied. The pictures go along with the text of the story, so I was considering using a video camera to tape the pictures and zoom in on the characters. I am not sure if it would just be easier to do stop motion. I would like to narrate the story to go along with the images. The characters are interacting throughout the piece and I thought it would be fun to play the roles of both of those characters by manipulating my voice in audacity.

Based off of the critique for the previous project, many people had said they had troubles matching the images with the audio. I am nervous that, that might be a problem for me in this situation. I was thinking about cutting out the narration if I choose to do stop motion, and using just sounds as I did before. The problem with that is I want to explore a different route than my project III. I am also concerned that because the story is fairly long, my project might drag on a little bit. I am not sure if it would just be easier for me to recreate the story using a flip book/stop motion format. I know I would lose quality in the images but it might be easier for me to put the story in an animated form. However, if I did start over on the drawings, time would be taken away for me to edit and put together the animation, which I regretted in the last project.

I have come up with some other ideas as well for storylines I might want to consider doing an animation for. One idea revolved around the topic for the last project. I was thinking about the perfect world, and came up with the thought, what if men got pregnant instead of women? What would be different in this world? I would do the project in a similar style as project III. I just thought it was a fun idea and would be interesting to carry out in animation form.

Jenna's Thinking Regarding Project IV

Over the semester I have been fairly new with each digital process we use and it has been an intense learning opportunity but I can now say I am getting the hang of things. For this project I would like to create an elaborate animation video and put my real life self in the video. Soon after beginning our project III I was liking both stop motion with digital photography and stop motion with drawings. Because I chose the photography approach I would like to satisfy my interests of creating an animation short by using this "Design Your Own" project to do just that. I am most definitely not a very talented illustrator especially when it comes to creating some sort of character to interact with. When I was in the studio for project III work I watched the beginnings of an animation a girl was creating with some sort of paint or drawing program. I am going to look into that feature on our computers to see if it would be better for me to draw through a computer program as opposed to hand drawing.
When it comes to the actual story line or message for my project I want to create something funny. Jon and I have decided to work collaboratively in creating this final project and one idea we had was to have the cartoon characters give us (as real life people) a sex talk like when you are in middle school. We can have a scene of us just talking at lunch and dreading that we have to do this and then show us getting divided into boys and girls and parting our ways. The video would be best if it cut back and forth between the room full of girls and the room of guys. Then the lecturing that would be heard would include various in depth descriptions of the process and what occurs simultaneously in the brain and within the body. This could be a good idea because everyone can relate to that awkward day when the sex talk lecture approached. I think adding the cartoon characters adn having them be the ones in charge and explaining how sex and the body works adds humor to our video.
The digital processes that will be incorporated and used in making this video include video taping, use of the green screen, lighting with all the real life shots, possibly work with a computer aided drawing tool or program and then however we decide to add sound. I would like to take the sound we develop for our project and be more technical with it as in uploading it in audacity and playing around with the various features. One idea is to have Jon and I be the voices of the cartoon characters but just altering how they sound. It should be a fun project to work on, my biggest concern is timing. Based on how the past projects have progressed over the available time frame we are given I think it will again be a struggle to get everything completed and at the level that I am picturing. Regarding the idea, it is still a work in progress for the story line but I just am certain that I want to do an animation and then put real life images and real people interacting with the animated characters.

Final Project Proposal

The first idea I had for this project dealt with “who makes terrorists?. The problems I come to are how I would show the message I am trying to get across.
I am thinking that I will try stop action again. I have always been interested in it and I would very much like to become better at it. Whenever I watch professional claymations I want to strive to be that good, if only for a short clip. I want to work on the smoothness of movements in the characters. I also want to work more with sound in the claymation.
I am also thinking that I will use clay again, because I think it will be the easiest medium to work with to show “making a terrorist?. I would like to reuse some objects that I have made/used in the past; I believe that conceptually this shows that whoever makes the terrorist doesn’t always make them from scratch but builds upon existing hate or fear. I think that I want to incorporate the media somehow but I am not sure how I would go about doing that.
Some initial thoughts on this project I had are that I will have someone take pictures of me making clay figures with terrorist’s faces on them and then pan up to my face to see who the creator is. I’m not really sure yet on whom I will have be the creator, or if it will be just one person or thing. I am still toying with a few ideas and I am not completely set on stop-action, claymation, or the concept behind it. I am a little worried I might come off to controversial.
I suppose I just need some feedback and some suggestions, I have hit a wall with ideas on this project.

November 25, 2007

Project IV Proposal

For my fourth and final project I wanted to play a little more with the idea of sound - specifically the relation of sound to an image, and what this connection does to our senses. I realize this is probably a very experimented concept, and there are thousands of directions that I can go with this, but I have a few ideas at the moment. These ideas, however, seem different, and I don’t yet know if they would go better together or on their own (only played out more). This is where I’m at right now.

What I do know for sure is that I want to do some kind of sound on image presentation, probably just presented on a typical screen like that in class. I was thinking that it would be cool to use an old cartoon (such as a classic Loony Tunes, or that style of short cartoon) and juxtapose it with sound from another source - something that fits visually, but doesn’t match with the mood of the cartoon. I was thinking I would use songs to do this part of the project, the hard part being finding a good song or set of songs that fulfill what I’m envisioning.

The cartoon is sure to have an already given narrative structure. My job - and what I want to play with here - is to morph that structure into something different. I want to play with this theme I like of creating something new from an already existing source and flipping it on its head. That’s what I hope to achieve in this project.

For the technical aspects of the project I plan on finding cartoon clips (I have a few in mind) and somehow, either by video taping from the computer or by finding a program to rip decent quality video from a computer, put it into an editing program like Final Cut Pro. From there I will play with different choices of songs (I also have a few in mind) and from there, edit the sound and image together to create a new being. If the clip or music is too long, or for some reason needs editing, I will work around that with the editing techniques I’ve learned this semester. I hope this turns out how I’m seeing it now, and I hope it has the effect I think it possesses, but we’ll see…

Project IV Proposal

There were several things I wanted to do with my final project.

First of all, I wanted to do something a bit more "interactive" than anything we'd done in the past. I wanted to do something that wasn't just a static piece, but would change in response to people and how they interacted with it. The shadow screens done by one of the artists shown in class (whose name I've forgotten) gave me the idea that I might be able to use a camera to get video of people near my project, then use that to display something interesting. Since I've noticed people using Photo Booth on iMacs as a mirror, I thought it might be interesting to make a "mirror" using a camera and a computer.

My second source of inspiration for this project goes back to a project I did when I was in high school. For a (digital) photography course, I wrote a computer program to patch together many small photos to make one large photo. (you've probably seen similar photos before.) I've always liked photos like these. I think it's an interesting concept because you can show an image of something that's literally made out of some other type of thing.

For my final project, I would like to combine these two ideas. This implies transforming the "combine photos to make one big photo" technique into "combine videos to make one big video." This is a more difficult problem; I've never seen it done before, but I think it should be possible.

I plan to set up a camera and a computer. Right now, I think I'd prefer to use an iMac and its built-in iSight, but I haven't decided against using my laptop tethered to a camcorder and a screen yet; I'd like to see how it looks on an iMac first before I decide. The computer will contain a large library of very short (absolutely no more than 2 seconds) video clips. After collecting video for a period of time equal to the longest video clip, the computer will decide, for each region of the video, which clip best matches the color and motion in that region. It will then play the best matching video in each region. When each video ends, it will select a new video. To avoid making these transitions jarring, I want to make the clips of different lengths so that all the clips don't change at the same time.

I'd like to do it without the delay, of course, but predicting the future is impossible in general, and very difficult and complicated to do with any acceptable level of accuracy. (Though I do have an idea of how I could do it reasonably well as an extension of this project at some later time.)

For the library of short videos, I plan to shoot a lot of videos around my apartment, around campus, and pretty much anyplace I am over the next few weeks. I don't know how many I'll need, or how many it will possible to use. I'll need a lot of different videos in order to make a good enough match against arbitrary video so that it will work. At the same time, having too many videos will make it too difficult for the computer to figure out which of the videos to use, which could make the entire thing fall apart. I will need to experiment to see what I can do. My feeling is that it should be possible to do something that will look decent, though I don't know how difficult it will be to actually get this to work.

I think it would be a lot of fun to use only a certain type of item in the videos, but because I'm not sure how easy it will be to make a coherent image from videos, I don't want to limit myself right now.

Project Proposal-Final Project

For my final project, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a college soap opera. My first thought about it was that it would seem very out of place, since most of the soap operas I have seen feature exaggerated drama queens, and I thought that would play to the subtle humor behind the project. Plus the college setting works to my advantage since I live in the dorms.
The soap opera format would also lead to an experience of really focusing on camera angles and the relationship between the shooting of the film and the look of the edited product. I want to use more than one camera for the shooting so I can get the same footage from multiple angles and have smoother transitions. However, that also might be difficult getting the cameras to match in the look of their video, but that is something I can negotiate when I get to that point. By having multiple angles, I could simply extract the audio from one of the clips and then smoothly cut back and forth between people in conversation. That will also allow for the often-used effect of switching between speakers while one of them is still talking to create a more believable and smoother conversation. I also hope to make use of another technique in soap opera television, which is zooming in on an object to dissolve into another scene. With techniques like this and other soap opera format commonplaces (dramatic title music, low lighting, previous episode recaps, overuse of makeup on actors and actresses, etc.) I hope to capture the essence of the genre, while adding to the playful camp.
The story of the soap opera I wanted to be partly told in pre-show recaps, since I don’t have enough time, naturally, to create an hour long episode. The story, as of this proposal, will look something like this: The community advisor of the fifth floor dorm is investigating the brutal vandalism of the Global Studies poster board, and will stop at nothing, even threatening to write up everyone in the Global Studies House, to find the culprit. Meanwhile, the other inhabitants of the hall will be fighting viciously over typical dorm room arguments (cell phone usage, roommate issues, relationship problems, etc.), all in a time frame of five to seven minutes. I can perhaps consult the Doctor Date section of the Minnesota Daily to get a juicy relationship conflict. Either way, the ending will, keeping with the soap opera way, be another dramatic cliffhanger, a buildup with no real closure. After all, how else would those shows still be running after decades on television?

Final Project IV: Proposal

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November 24, 2007

Proposal for Final Project

My ideas for this project are heading in the direction of sound, and how that affects our interpretation of visual images. This idea stems from previous films that I have watched and have realized that most of the impact that the film has on me is because the sound and music is so powerful. This is especially true in horror and drama films. I have never been a fan of horror films because I have come to realize that the only scary thing about them is the music and sound. What I’m wanting to do for this final project is challenge people’s thought process by assigning sound pieces with different moods to the same footage found in a particular horror film. My goal is to stimulate thought about what we predict to see visually based on what we hear, and how we interpret certain images based on the sounds that build the context around the image. The execution of this project will consist of either a looped image taken from a horror film with different sound pieces playing during each looping, or have different scenes playing while the same sound piece is looping, or I could do both.

My ideas for this project are heading in the direction of sound, and how that affects our interpretation of visual images. This idea stems from previous films that I have watched and have realized that most of the impact that the film has on me is because the sound and music is so powerful. This is especially true in horror and drama films. I have never been a fan of horror films because I have come to realize that the only scary thing about them is the music and sound. What I’m wanting to do for this final project is challenge people’s thought process by assigning sound pieces with different moods to the same footage found in a particular horror film. My goal is to stimulate thought about what we predict to see visually based on what we hear, and how we interpret certain images based on the sounds that build the context around the image. The execution of this project will consist of either a looped image taken from a horror film with different sound pieces playing during each looping, or have different scenes playing while the same sound piece is looping, or I could do both.

November 18, 2007

Project IIII :: Design Your Own

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