December 18, 2007

Repost of Visiting Artist Response:

Repost of Visiting Artist Response:

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December 12, 2007

Final Project

WoW Music Video

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November 27, 2007

Critique for Donny

Critique for Donny

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Critique for Jon

Critique for Jon...

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November 26, 2007

Critique for Alan

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Final project proposal

For my final project idea i have always been fasicinated by both japanese and korean animation...

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Critique for Amanda's Project

The drawing was done extremely well. All the visuals were seamless as if it were done all on the computer. The sounds too were clear and they set an eerie tone throughout the story. I like that the story was original and was almost like a kid’s story, but at the same time it dealt with loss and the death. The Russian was hard to follow and although there were subtitles, it was difficult to make out what was being said. After reading the preview though, it seemed that you were not able to fix that due to technical problems. If I had not read the preview, I would not have understood the story. It was new to me and somewhat hard to follow. However it made sense after I did some reading. I believe the target audience would be adults because of the fact that most kids would not be able to comprehend life after an apocalypse. I do not know though how the movie conveyed an idea of utopia, but that’s probably because I would not call it my utopia. I cannot relate to it like the creator can. I think that the transitions should have been better. For example, when the scene centers about the girl, I had no idea she was in the egg. I though it was some random scene.

November 21, 2007

My Utopia

My Utopia

A perfect world after the apocalypse...

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November 4, 2007

Project 3 Proposal

For project three we have been asked to come up with our idea of a perfect world. We have been asked to do a stop motion primer for this topic, which I think shall prove to be challenging at least for myself. I have seen a lot of stop motion work but not known how it was done. I am a huge fan of cartoons and clayamation which in essence is stop motion. I’m not sure which medium I’m going to work in, originally I was thinking of using legos, since that would be hilarious, but since my last two pieces were funny I would like to try a more serious piece. So I’m thinking I will try drawings, although my worry is I can’t really draw so it might look really crappy. As far as the homemade sound I’m kind of disappointed because I think good music, if used in moderation, can pull a piece together well. So I will just have to come up with my own. My idea for the utopia is the “scrapping? of today’s society for a whole new world… As I previously stated I want this to be a darker piece since the last two had more of a comical feel to them. I’m not quite sure exactly what will be my main focus but I do know that I want two have 2 main characters to create a bit of a ying-yang feel; a balance between good and evil. I am a huge fan of technology but I do not like the way society has been corrupted by ignorance and lack of common sense. It drives me insane that so many people throughout the world are so selfish and heart less. My biggest pet peeve is people who think they deserve handouts. Technology has made people lazy and greedy; I want my utopia to force people to “earn? their life.
How I will accomplish will be interesting to say the least ill have to come up with an idea for this force. I would like it to be a physical entity and not some idea, something you can see. So the setting of my video will be set in the future from our time. As for the sound I will do my own voice along with my friends, perhaps I will write some music for the piece or just simply “construct? some using other sounds. As for my location for filming will be paper.

October 28, 2007

Project 2

Download how to make a superhero

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October 7, 2007

Project 2 Proposal

For our "how to video project" my conceptual idea was to take an in depth look at the human need to believe in a higher power, or “god?. Since our creation on earth human beings have been searching for "god". There are many historical backgrounds that beg that question to be answered, but in truth without said divine being appearing to answer all our questions, how can we? I wanted to do a how to video on “how to find god?, since there are so many different religions I wanted to take a look at the way people have tried to find god, both in a historical sense and how people in the present are still searching. My target audience is for an older audience that will hopefully be able to grasp my attempt at humor on this most serious of subjects, something that wars have been fought over for centuries. My challenge is to make a narrative that focuses to follows one human’s journey to find god. In order to capture the journey you cannot ignore pop cultures reflection of how the current populations, regardless of nationality, feel about the thought of a greater being directing out lives. For example: you cannot watch TV on any channel, even cartoons, without coming across something on the subject of powers that be. I realize that this is indeed a touchy subject but I would like to take a relaxed comical approach to this concept for that exact reason.

I would like to travel to different locations around Minnesota and attempt to capture different places of religion, as well as public places like malls, and school. The reason I want to go to these locations is so I can get different perspective of people from all walks of life. I also am hoping to capture the differences between the older generations and the current. Because it is becoming more and more evident that certain religions are “dying out? where as others are becoming more prominent. I want to attempt to bridge some of these time gaps.

The techniques I’m interested in implementing into my piece were a bit of a continuation of my sound piece in that, I would like to make a bit of a collage of my own footage with pop culture (TV and movie medium) footage to bring this quest for a greater power to life! My basic technique will be shooting footage around at said locations and then create a narration of the clips either via audio or video. I’m not quite sure how I will go about creating the journey via the clips but my main focus will a humorous approach.

September 26, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Download file

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September 12, 2007

Living in Technology

In my daily life, its impossible to not encounter technology. When I wake up I head straight for the computer and start it up so that by the time I get ready for class in the morning, I can check my email and the weather. Whatever happened to just looking outside? Classes and life at the U of MN also rely heavily upon the use of computers and internet as a means of learning, teaching and correspondence. The use of cellular phones is almost manditory, I go as far as to use mine as my daily planner, and watch. I am also a person who uses computers as well as gaming systems for recreational purposes I spend at least 10 hours on the computer a day. I also work as a secretary so i sit in front of the computer during those ours too. What a wonderful world of connectivity and conviences.