December 12, 2007

Bax Project 4


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November 28, 2007

Critique Chaz's Project

I wasn't able to find Chaz's project on the blog to re-watch it, but from what I can remember his video had a splitscreen of two of him. A college student and an office worker. It shows how different the college student has from the officer worker from beginning to end. I guess the message I got from this video was that college students do have it a lot easier than full time workers because even though we do have a lot of work as college students we're able to schedule our time whereas most working people don't have a choice for their schedules.

I thought that this project was well edited and shot. The split screen was a good choice for how he decided to make his video. The stop-motion part of takes us through his day in a fast slow-motion type of way. I thought we were able to think about this a lot while watching it.

Because I was unable to find Chaz's project on the blog, I can't remember the sound of it.

What I did think was effective about Chaz's work was his use of splitscreen. That stood out the most to me because it was what helped get his whole theme across. Comparing the student and the worker was what helped the video the most.

Critique Jenn's Project 3

I'm not sure if I understand Jenn's project fully in the theme of "Invent a Perfect World." I think she's using some kind of revolutionary form to it, and how one group is suppressing another in this case the waffles over the curds. After constant fighting the country burns in flames and there are two survivors. The two survivors begins to do drugs which is a start of a new movement. So I interpret her "Perfect World" theme as after hard times or war times there is a new start.

There was one main setting in her video which was on the table, or in the video t he village of the curds. It does reflect ideas of time and space because she has curds and waffles moving so we get that much about that. Because of how the story played out, I do think that it helped convey the goal she was trying to get across. Waffles asking curds for identifications, then killing them to find out. I thought it was edited well and shot well. One thing I did find funny was that it seemed like the flames died and she had to relight and burn her table a few more times.

The sound itself worked great. She was able to pull off multiple voices and narrate the whole video also. It helped convey the ideas of the work that she was getting across and helped us understand it a lot more.

What stood out to me the most was the sound. The video itself was good, but I thought the sound made it much better. The narrating and voice overs on curds and waffles were great because it helped the audience understand what was really going on in her video.

Critique of Bax

Bax's project was about superheros defeating the last bad guy on earth. He used action figures to present this. I think this idea works well for the project guidelines of a perfect world. Overall the animations created by the stop motion effect could have been smoother, however, they were easy enough to follow. I liked how the characters entered and exited their vehicles. If he were to rework this project, I would probably suggest the use of sound (maybe the DL version didn't have it?). The subtitles used for communication were a little hard to read (color choice) and I felt distracted from what was happening. Maybe next time use different voices for each character.

Overall, I liked the idea the project was portraying, a perfect world where there are no longer any bad guys and there are superhero there to protect us. With a few simple changes this project could be really really good.

November 26, 2007

Critique on Tanya's Project

I thought Tanya's video was straight forward on showing the theme of "Invent a Perfect World" because her video showed a worm eating everything in sight. Most of the things that were eaten were friendly creatures that just wanted to start a conversation or ask about the day, but the greedy worm just ate everything. Eventually karma came back to bite the worm and turned him into a toad stool. I interpreted this as nothing bad goes unpunished because it'll eventually catch up to you.

This was a narrative work, and I thought its structure was well executed. Following the inch worm from scene to scene was done well. It shows that the inch worm is moving from one area to another. I thought that when the inch worm ate the butterfly and apple it was kind of like a video for little kids that would be on Nickalodean. The whole video could've been something for kids to watch on Nickalodeon if you took out one part of the audio. Editing was well done also. As I stated earlier it could've been a tv show on some television networks, so I thought the editing went great. The shots looked fine too. The only thing that was noticeable about the shots were the light changes. Sometimes the background would be dark, other times it would be brighter. I think most of the class had problems with this though because of how we setup our shots to be taken.

The animation itself stood out a lot. I think she used construction paper and did cut outs with these if I remember right, and it worked great. Her animation looked really clean and I think that was really effective in her project. It stood out to me because most of the other animations were choppy, or the drawings were done too light so you couldn't see it. Hers was easily seen and followed.

Critique for Bax's Project

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Project 4 Proposal

I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted to do for project 4. I didn't have any ideas to start a new project. So I decided to re-create Project 2 - How To Video. My video was on How-To Not Buy Fake Jordans, but this time I think I'm going to go into it more. I'll work at it as if it was a documentary of his shoes though, and tell stories of each shoe. Because each one of his shoes has a story behind it, I'll use my shoes at home as props, and then i'll pull off images off the internet for the shoes that I don't have and also use those as images. I'm not sure if I'm going to go through each and every shoe because that will take a while, so maybe I'll just stick with the more popular one. I'll probably also use videoclips from some of his shoe commercials or his basketball highlights to help me explain the story behind the shoes also. I will probably end up shooting this video in my room again, if not maybe somewhere in my house where the place will be well lit. I'm still debating if I want to touch on the authentic/value/fakes of the shoe or not. If I do I think I can go into it a little bit. Explain what authentic is, what is its value, what are fakes and maybe give short examples. For examples, I'll maybe capture my computer screen with a screen capture program and go through a series of websites. Goto legit websites and show the value of the current shoe then goto a non-legit website and show what it is there. I'm still trying to think of more ideas of how I can better this project and I can use other peoples input on it too.

November 24, 2007

Critique for Bax's project

Bax’s animation starts out with King Arthur and the one evil villain left in the world. Eventually, a crew of super hero/good guys from various niches of the super hero spectrum enters the scene to take on the one bad guy in order for the world to be a peaceful place once again. It is interesting to see that whenever somebody uses an action figure as a prop, the original name and specific super powers are kept. This adds humor to the piece because viewers understand the “inside jokes? that pertain to each character when reading the dialog. The narrative follows conventional methods, so this animation was easy to follow. First there is a confrontation between two characters and the good guy is eventually distinguished from the villain, second the good guy runs into a dilemma, third, the plot unfolds into an intense, action packed fiasco where the good-guy prevails, and all is good in the world. This fits the theme; “Invent a perfect world? quite well because in the end, there is peace and everyone can live harmoniously due to the courageous acts of the “good guys.? The structure was done in a timely fashion, however I wish that there were dialogue instead of text. Because this is an action animation where there is a lot going on, and many characters, it seems appropriate to use dialogue so the viewer doesn’t have to concentrate on reading and watching at the same time. It also would have been helpful if there were an introduction for each character so it would have been easier to place a name with each character. Other than the text being in place instead of voices, I really liked the tone of the animation, it was very innocent as if the dialogue was being made up by three or four young boys all adding in their own commentary and all wanting the same goal of being the super hero who saves the world.

November 21, 2007

The Evil Last Boss Guy - Project 3


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November 5, 2007

Perfect World

For my perfect world I want to do something with super heroes. I’m actually not sure yet of how I want my scenes to look like but, an idea I have right now is to hold a super hero gathering where each super hero introduces themselves to each other. Probably show off their powers, brag about their success at saving the worlds and then maybe go into what the world would be like if they weren’t around. The message I’ll be trying to get off is that because these super heroes exist the world is always being saved. Although the perfect world I’m creating isn’t a utopia, it shows that there are good and evil in the world, and good always prevails.
Using some form of stop motion for this project, I’m thinking of working with action figure toys. Since my nephew has tons of action figures I’ll be borrowing a lot of them to star as super heroes in my perfect world. I never had many action figures as a child, and I wasn’t really into them as much either so when playing out my scenes for the project it might be a challenge. For the sound, I’m thinking of making my own sound effects and voices. I also want to try to get my two nephews involved with my projects. I’m hoping they can help a lot with the voices because it would be pretty boring having me voice over the toys by myself.
I’m hoping to gain more ideas while working on this project. At the moment I’m not really sure if I want to stick with the idea of super hero gathering or if I want to play with other scenes.

October 29, 2007

How-To Not Buy Fake Jordans


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October 10, 2007

Designing Our Own Graves

This article is quite true about how people are beginning to DIY. A lot of people are starting to use things around them or go out and buy supplies to make their own things. It requires time, but it also saves money and lets you customize your item to your liking. The part about Music and Reviews is what I find really true. I usually do search for reviews online for a CD or a Movie before I go out to watch/rent a movie or buy a CD. This does change how people are going to sell their CDs/Movies/Books based on trailers or cover designs, but with time comes changes.

October 1, 2007

Adventure through my room..

Download file

Sounds of what happens when I'm cleaning my room.

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September 12, 2007

Technology in our daily life

Technology is always around us. Most of us use computers to communicate through e-mail, instant messaging, facebook, myspace all that good stuff. It allows us to keep in touch with our friends that we can't see as often. The use of technology is also used as entertainment by most people today. We have portable devices like iPods, mp3 players, cell phones, PSPs and other handheld equipment that we use on a daily basis. Technology is everywhere and plays a great role in our lives.