December 12, 2007

Super Mario Room

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For my project I created a stop motion video. The video consisted of super mario characters that I printed and cut out. These characters were then arranged and moved along the walls of my room to create a level for mario to traverse. The background music was taken from the Super Mario World video game (along with all the characters). The sound effects were taken from the original mario game from regular Nintendo.

The idea for this project came from the stop motion video we watched where the artist used charcoal to draw a person walking around the walls of a studio room. I also had this type of idea when I was a little kid and this video brought back memory's of this.

November 28, 2007

Critique for Jenn

Jenn's project was about the social, cultural, and racial divisions in the world. Through the use of different chicken nuggets, she portrayed the fictional colonization of a country. The inhabitants of the country where then cast into two different groups according to "what was on the inside." Special rights and privileges where given to one group over the other. Eventually, the groups rebelled against their colonial masters and gained their freedom only to find they still where cast into two different groups. Fighting ensued and eventually only one nugget from each side was left.

I believe this project meets the guidelines for a perfect world. It shows what can happen in a not so perfect world and how this type of thing could be avoided. I also thought the voices used in the film where excellent for the point they where trying to make. Lastly, the overall quality and seamlessness of the motion was good.

Critique Chaz's Project

I wasn't able to find Chaz's project on the blog to re-watch it, but from what I can remember his video had a splitscreen of two of him. A college student and an office worker. It shows how different the college student has from the officer worker from beginning to end. I guess the message I got from this video was that college students do have it a lot easier than full time workers because even though we do have a lot of work as college students we're able to schedule our time whereas most working people don't have a choice for their schedules.

I thought that this project was well edited and shot. The split screen was a good choice for how he decided to make his video. The stop-motion part of takes us through his day in a fast slow-motion type of way. I thought we were able to think about this a lot while watching it.

Because I was unable to find Chaz's project on the blog, I can't remember the sound of it.

What I did think was effective about Chaz's work was his use of splitscreen. That stood out the most to me because it was what helped get his whole theme across. Comparing the student and the worker was what helped the video the most.

Project IV Proposal

My favorite project we have done this semester is the stop motion videos. I really like the idea and form that videos take when using this type of media. So, for my project IV I will definitely incorporate this style. The main idea/theme for my project will be super Mario Brothers (the old scroll screen versions). The twist will be that the levels that Mario is trying to get through are incorporated on the walls of my room. For example, I will probably show Mario beating four different levels, each one a different wall of my room. Hopefully each level will have its own theme. I already know the wall with my bed on it will probably be a water level, the closet a castle and the other two or thee levels will probably be normal.
I will either make Mario, all of the boxes, tubes and other things usually found in Mario levels using construction paper or on the computer using Photoshop. Even if I decide to use Photoshop I still plan to print the images and manually insert them into each frame. Thus stop motion will be used to get Mario from one end of the wall/level to the other.
When I was a little kid I remember have this type of idea while I was sitting my room trying to fall asleep. The idea was rekindled when we were watching the stop motion video where the artist drew charcoal drawings of people walking around the walls of a room.
To give the audience a sense of what is going on, I plan to shoot wide shots of all the walls/levels and then zoom in on the starting place before Mario begins each adventure. Also, I may use some filters to give the video a more game/cartoon like feel. For the sound I will probably simple use the old Mario theme music but maybe add in some of my own sound effects (i.e. when Mario dies or hits a box).
Overall I’m not sure there is any point to this video I just think it would be something fun to try. Maybe after a little bit of work a message will become evident.

Critique of Bax

Bax's project was about superheros defeating the last bad guy on earth. He used action figures to present this. I think this idea works well for the project guidelines of a perfect world. Overall the animations created by the stop motion effect could have been smoother, however, they were easy enough to follow. I liked how the characters entered and exited their vehicles. If he were to rework this project, I would probably suggest the use of sound (maybe the DL version didn't have it?). The subtitles used for communication were a little hard to read (color choice) and I felt distracted from what was happening. Maybe next time use different voices for each character.

Overall, I liked the idea the project was portraying, a perfect world where there are no longer any bad guys and there are superhero there to protect us. With a few simple changes this project could be really really good.

Critique of Tanya

I really liked Tanya's use of construction paper for this assignment. At first it created a children's program type feel. However, after several seconds it became clear this was intended for a more mature audience. I think this approach worked well for the constraints of this assignment, along with the overall message of the video (what goes around comes around). So in the end a moral was given (just like in a children's program).

Overall I also really liked her use of sound. It was well edited and fit the context of the video well. I also though the overall project was edited well especially some of the transitions. The only thing I maybe would have changed is the editing when the worm is eating the other characters, maybe add in a few more frames so the worm isnt eating the character in three bites.

Critique of Chaz's Video

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November 24, 2007

Critique for Chaz's project

I really enjoyed Chaz’s project because of the use of the split screen. I think that this added feature really added a lot to the paradox that he was trying to convey. I also liked that he used a compare method to show his utopian world. He was the only one in the class who used this method. I appreciated that he used himself as the protagonist in his animation. The narrative followed a linear pattern, which started as himself as a college student going through a typical day on campus and himself as a professional going to a typical day of work from 9:00am to 5:00pm. I enjoyed seeing the comparison and it made me realize that even though college can be stressful, we as college students have it pretty good. There is minimal responsibility and the best part about being in college is that we don’t have a boss! Most college students work really hard in their classes and choose to major in a subject where the jobs are lucrative, stable, and well paying, which to a young person in college seems very attractive and perhaps is a utopian dream, which is the paradox in Chaz’s idea of a utopian world. Most lucrative and stable jobs are extremely boring and spontaneity is not a choice for most of those who are supporting families. Chaz realizes this, and will probably always be conscious of this because he knows that the 9-5 job will eventually end up happening to him because he is career choice thus far is engineering.
I think that the project was very effective, although it probably could have been longer just show more of the “boring day at work? that the worker was experiencing as opposed to the “care-free? days that the college student experiences. I understand that it was probably difficult to judge how long it would be because of the stop-motion technique. I had a hard time judging how long a scene would be as well in doing my animation. I like the use of no narrative or voice over or any dialogue. I was very content to just watch how the two scenarios played out in the animation. I think that it was a good choice to not add voices because it wasn’t necessary to do so.

November 20, 2007

Project 3: Perfect World

This video conicals the day in a life of a typical college student and a 9 to 5er. I'm not sure that I made the message completely clear. The goal was to compare the two mornings (wake up time, breakfast, mode of travel, ect.) and through that show how good we as college students have it now. I think the split screen helped make this more clear. To make the sound I simply used the digital audio recorder to tape some of the more interesting actions in the film and overlayed them depending on the situation on the screen.

November 12, 2007

Artist Response:Lisa Lapinski

Lisa Lapinski is a sculpture and photographer from Los Angeles. A portion of her work is currently being displayed here in Minneapolis. The presentation started out with her showing pictures of some of her work and then talking about them. However, she did not talk about what they meant to her because as she put it "they lack meaning." This was an interesting thing for her to reveal because some of the pieces she showed had the Star of David and swastikas in them. She also read an email that she wrote to a critic who criticized one of her friends work for not having meaning. This was probably my favorite part of the presentation because she actual took the time to organize her thoughts and spell out what she was trying to say. A lot of the rest of the presentation lacked flow and meaning, she was somewhat hard to understand.

November 5, 2007

Project III Proposal

The one thing I fear in my life is that ten years from now I’ll be stuck going to a job I hate from 9-5 5 days a week. Nothing scares me more then the prospect of sitting in a cubical staring at a computer all day. So, I guess my idea of a perfect world would be anything that is in opposition of that. For this project I plan to show what a perfect world would be to me by illustrating what is imperfect about many people’s jobs.

The main outline of my project will follow something along the lines of the movie Office Space. It starts with getting up in the morning driving to work in heavy traffic. Then the main character Peter stares at a computer screen for a significant period of time. Several bosses then come and yell at him for a mistake he knows he made. Later on he has a revelation that he doesn’t want to work at his job anymore so he stops showing up. Through this he gets a promotion because some consultants feel he isn’t being challenged enough. This however, isn’t what Peter wanted and he finds out that two of his friends are being fired. They then come up with a scheme to steal money from the company before they are fired. Through the entire movie, countless almost philosophical situations about the modern corporate workplace are brought up and discussed. This will hopefully provide me with a jumping off point to further discuss and examine this situation.

For the technique portion of the project, I intend to use stop motion camera work to take us through a typical day in the life of a cubical worker. However, hopefully, I can make it a little more abstract then just a remake of a movie or television show.

October 31, 2007

Project II How to Write a Paper

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This video gives 25 steps on the best way to write a paper (It may take you more then that following this guide).

October 10, 2007

Designing Our Own Graves

I thought this article was very interesting especially the part about peer reviews taking the place of book covers and album art. I often find myself looking at peer reviews when deciding on a book or CD to buy/download. I couldn't even imagine going to Barnes and Noble or Best Buy and simply buying something without checking out reviews first. This could be a major problem down the road for stores like this.

October 8, 2007

Project 1 Reflection

If I could change anything about Project 1, I would change the location of my piece. The area that I focused on made it very difficult to capture good sound. All of the buses and the overall noise level of the street made thing much more difficult then they should have been. It was next to impossible to focus on the sound I wanted to and filter out the other noises.

Project II: Procrastinating

For my “do it yourself? project, I will investigate how to successfully avoid working at work by procrastinating. My motivation and inspiration for this video came from such television programs as “The Office? and “Arrested Development? and films like “Office Space.? I will further build on the idea by showing some of the best website for wasting time.

The internet has made procrastinating easier then ever. Now the same computers that employers rely on to help their employees work are also the best devices for would be procrastinators. Websites, streaming videos, and video games have made the workplace a haven for procrastinators. My video will explain how to get the most out of these websites, videos, and games, and also explain how to procrastinate the way employees and students did before these technologies or for those who do not have access to a computer while they work.

This video’s target audience will be anyone who has a job and works in an office, or goes to school and studies. Hopefully the irony and absurdity of a video on how to procrastinate will be evident enough through watching the video.

As far as video techniques go I will try to develop several techniques to make the video more interesting then simply and straight point and shoot film. I will show clips from several movies and television shows and directly show what is happening on a computer screen for the video. Also, besides the office, I will try to show some of the best locations for avoiding work such as coffee shops, break rooms, and the outdoors. Hopefully this video will be humorous and a ironic commentary on the modern work place and how computers have made it even easier to be inefficient and procrastinate.

October 1, 2007

Nicollet Mall Audio Project

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This work is a collection of sounds from Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis during a Thursday Farmers market.,

September 12, 2007

How I use Technology

Technology runs all of our lives. I don't think I could get through my day without uses technology. From cell phones and computers to the little chip in my bus pass, it would be almost impossible to go a day without using technology. The three pieces of technology I use most are my computer, my cell phone, and my Ipod. These, however, are not very interesting uses of technology; everyone uses these everyday. The fact that these pieces of technology have become so commonplace that everyone uses them everyday is rather interesting. Ten years ago hardly anyone owned a cell phone, most people probably didn't use their computers everyday, and no one had ever heard of an Ipod.