December 18, 2007

Revision of Perfect World Video

This is a fix up and improved version of my project three video on what my perfect world consists of. From the moment I confirmed my idea for this project I had my final plan in my head. The difficulty was figuring out how to get the idea out of my head and into an actual production. At the due date for Project three I had a video completed but it wasn't up to it's full potential and wasn't completed how I ideally had wanted it to be completed. The critiques I received on it precisely supported my thinking: the video has good intentions and is going in the right direction but it needs to be finished up with what I had planned on doing all along. My struggle was working with Final Cut in general and learning how to do what I wanted to do. It seemed like a simple idea: split the screen in half, then thirds and possibly fourths to display the world of many Jennas being everywhere at one time. The screen splitting action was not that simple. BUT, in my extra time and effort I have managed to learn how to split the screen and have my video do what I wanted to do. As an outsider I would think my video is just average but personally knowing how much time and hard work I went through to get it to look the way it does makes me appreciate the video more. I am happy with finally completing this video to be the idea that originally was just a thought in my head.

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December 12, 2007

Check out the NEWS!

Project 4

For this project, I worked collaboratively with Jenna. Our clip was based on the fictional "cootie" bug and it's effect on children in America. We used a newscast theme to introduce and close the clip and the cootie bug was shown using stop-motion animation. The music clips used were a generic news theme and a jazz song composed by a friend. For the animation process, we used both a white-board/drawing and paper cutouts. Our antics throughout the clip made the video into an extremist parody of the news. Originally, we had many varied ideas, but we could not decide on the content for those stories. In this project however, we improvised on set with our lines. Also, being in a studio we were able to use a still/projected picture as our backdrop.

About My (Jenna's) Final Project

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December 6, 2007

Reposting of Lisa Lapinski

At the beginning of the semester when I was planning which visiting artists to attend I selected Lisa Lapinski because I was intrigued by the referenced quote from an art critic that described Lisa as "providing new thought about what a sculpture might be." I enjoy attending visiting artist presentations because I like hearing precisely what the artist has to say about their work: what inspired them, the process in developing each piece and the message they were attempting to convey. Viewers, such as myself, will always draw up their own inferences so it is interesting to see how that compares with what the artist was meaning. Sculpture is a medium of art I typically enjoy viewing because of how many different types of materials can be used and incorporated into a single piece. I was looking forward to see what Lisa’s “new thought? of sculpture work was like.
My anticipation quickly died upon arrival. Lisa is definitely more of an artist than a public speaker. The presentation was simply her clicking through her work and monotonously stating the title and where it was presented or what show it was a part of. For most of her pieces I wasn’t immediately turned on or drawn into the art so not having any further explanation or background about the piece didn’t bother me as much. On the other hand, if Lisa would have taken time to talk about some of her works I may have changed my outlook on it. The one portion of her presentation that did provide more insight to her views and personality was when she read an email of hers addressed to an art critic. She initially wrote to this art critique in response to the critic’s comments on a piece of art. What makes this more interesting is that the critic wasn’t even talking about her work but the work of a friend. This could lead me to conclude that Lisa has strong opinions and ideas and really stands behind her beliefs.
There was one thing I got out of coming to the presentation (besides a caramel brownie) and that was a viewing of what an individual artist’s show may look like. Being fairly new to exploring art I have never been to a single artist’s show. I have had my share of art museums but seeing images from a few of Lisa’s main shows made me more aware of what the set up may look like. I liked how the art work was arranged around the room but again, would have appreciated more discussion about why the pieces were designed the way they were and if the placement in the room meant anything.

December 3, 2007

Critique for Jenna

Jenna's project focuses on the problem of having too many things to do that all happen at the same time. The beginning starts with a variety of her friends asking her to do something at 12:00. Unfortunately all of her friends have different interests and she ends up agreeing to do everything regardless of the time conflicts. All of these shots were done with normal video and I like the contrast in the different things her friends want her to do. I liked being able to guess what the activity was going to be based on the shot setup.
After agreeing to everything there is a moment of realization and panic because she cannot do all of these things. The solution is to have multiple Jennas. From here the video is stop animation of each Jenna preparing to do each of the activities. I really like the idea of showing all of these things happening. The video ends kind of abruptly, but there is a good opportunity to create a conclusion. The sound here got a little congested. It could be intentional because the areas that the shots were taken in were busy social settings.
It would be interesting to see this project in a more complete form for project IV. There are a lot of unique ideas you could play with. For example, you could divide the screen into four screens once it goes to stop animation. This would simulate multiple things getting done simultaneously. You would have to be careful not to have to much going on in each section as far as audio is concerned. To much noise going on at once would sound cluttered, maybe focus on each section for a 30 seconds or so.

November 28, 2007

Critique for Jenna

Jenna’s ideal world is one in which time is no longer an issue. She has created a world where she is able to create “multiple Jennas?, capable of completing the many tasks on her hands. Her video opens with many scenarios and events being planned – all happening to be at 12:00. As she goes to each example, a reaction shot of Jenna is placed after each one, adding to the panic of having no time. As this is all going on in real time, the images suddenly shift to a stop-motion style, emphasizing the pure manipulation of time. Now, with her different forms, she is able to go running, socialize, and get homework done all at the same time.

I like the use of narrative in this video, however there is no real conclusion. I was a bit thrown off by the sudden black screen, signifying an ending. I liked the transitions between each segment, though, where it just shows Jenna’s feet running. It was consistent, and a nice change in pace from the dialogue and surrounding action.

The sound is definitely at a forefront in this project, however I think that it could have been brought out a lot more. There are noticeable gaps in between each speaking part, which I think could have better come out had there been a constant “room tone? going on behind each scene. That way, the dialogue wouldn’t seem to come out of nowhere. Besides that, though, I thought the dialogue was very effective in setting up each scene and the action that surrounds the video. I just think a little more attention to it would help ease the sometimes-distracting element of the sound coming out of nowhere.

Overall, I thought Jenna’s ideas for a perfect world were really interesting. The thought of having multiple ‘You’s is a cool twist on the perfect world assignment. I thought it was effective in portraying what she was trying to show, however I believe with a little more focus on the stop-motion aspect of the video and more focus on the audio, it would help create a much more coherent piece of work. I enjoyed watching it.

Critique for Mike's Music Video

I really liked how Mike put together his stop motion video. I thought it was very creative how he utilized the white board with drawings of musical instruments and then played those pictures. The sound for the beginning matches well with the music he creates with the instruments and then blended right back into the concluding music which brought the whole piece together nicely. The beginning of the video is really dark and I cannot understand where I am or what is going on. Once the lighting comes in and I see the bedroom I realize where I am at so I think at least some brighter image could have been at the introduction. It is probably walking down a hallway so Mike could show a far away clip of the hallway and then walk down it so at least the viewer is established right from the start.
The stop motion flowed well, Mike took plenty of photos to have the video go rather smooth but it still was effective in giving off the stop motion feel. I think reading Mike’s thoughts before watching the video helped me associate the messy to clean room with the chaos to organized sounds. Had I not read what Mike’s intentions were beforehand I don’t know that I would have made that particular connection regarding music making. All of his white board drawings were quite impressive in how smooth each cut came out.
As for the overall theme of the video being Mike’s perfect world I believe he could have been more clear in how the music creation equals his idea of a perfect world. I would assume he wants to erase messes and clutter in his life and just be able to make music. One suggestion that could be added to help clarify the message is maybe at the very end he could show himself in the midst of a busy life such as standing in the middle of a sidewalk with cars and people hustling by him and he is just serene, holding a guitar or something and playing his music. The sound would be primarily the music he is playing but there would be background noise of the city, people chatter and traffic. All in all I think Mike did a very good job and took a creative approach with how he made this project.

Critique of Chris' Perfect Nature Video

The perfect world of nature portrayed in Chris’ stop motion film certainly did bring new insight to the natural world of the environment in which we live. I liked what Chris did with the sound for his video in that he opened with the image of him attempting to be at peace with nature but the sound associated with the image was the loud, sharp noises we are so familiar with in our day to day lives. It really is difficult to find the serenity Chris looks for through nature in his idea of a perfect world. His intro established a good base for expressing what he currently is surrounded by (made apparent by the sound) with what he would like to be surrounded by (made clear with the visual of him lying on the grass). I think the idea itself is a really good and unique idea and the approach Chris took for showing his perfect world had the right intention.
For being a stop motion film I think there could have been a clearer display of stop motion. I know that he could have had so many shots that the picture blended really smoothly but I think he could have had a greater transition in each of the nature scenes. One example is with the red and pink leaves on the tree. In the portion of the video with these shown there is not very much contrast between the images shown so the beginning of the scene looks very similar to the end of the scene. As an alternative, he could have had shown the leaves on the tree and then watched them fall to the ground or possibly shoot photos as he moves through the tree so the viewer feels like they are walking through nature. The scene with the storm clouds was better in displaying stop motion and was visually pleasing. Chris’ closed eyes and smile in the final shots undoubtedly make known that the sights and sounds just displayed are the ideals he wants to have in his perfect world.

November 27, 2007

My critique of Jenna’s video

I think that Jenna’s video has a good start. From what I have seen and read so far about her stop motion project she is sticking to her original idea. Her idea of presenting a perfect world as a world in which she can split herself into several Jennas to be able to perform several tasks at once is very funny. She is approaching the subject from a different angle than others in the class did. But I do see a parallel between her project and Grant’s video. Both would like to do many things at once. Grant came up with the idea of stopping time and Jenna used the idea of multiplying a person so that she can do more things in a smaller amount of time. It is interesting how both explore the same concept of a perfect world, only Grant explores it with time and Jenna uses space.
As far as I can tell at this point, Jenna is exploring space well since her shots are all displayed in different rooms, which adds to the idea of wishing to be everywhere. She also uses a combination of video and stop-animation in her project, which I think is a great idea. With those two styles she will be able to explore different ideas of time. She could use the stop motion effect to better illustrate the fast pace of time and the video for the normal time sequences.
I would like to see the completed version since she has started with an entertaining idea. I would imagine that showing multiple views on one screen, showing the various Jennas at once might help to get her message across. Another point that I would like to mention concerns the audio. Until now, people’s voices in the video seem to be too choppy and they sometimes cut out all of the sudden. It would be nice to see some more attention paid to the audio so that it is less confusing.
In conclusion, Jenna’s video is a clever take on the assignment and shows potential. I think that if the video were finished, it would be quite amusing.

November 26, 2007

Jenna's Stop Motion...real deal

Download file

Stop Motion End Result and Jenna's Thoughts

For my Stop Motion video I continued with my initial idea of trying to be everywhere at the same time. When I first came up with the idea I had it figured out in my head and then after I began to work on it that plan made a complete 360. I have regular video in the beginning to set the stage for filling up my schedule with everything being coordinated at the exact same time. Then I gather "Jennas". This is one portion of my video that is different from what I intended but I think it still fits for what I wanted to do in that the only way to accomplish everything is to have more than one of me available to go in multiple directions. This project was certainly the most time consuming and frustrating of the projects we have done in class. I had difficulties recruiting people to be in my video and then to act normal in front of the camera. I chose to video tape everything and then go frame by frame to turn half of the video into choppy "photo-like" images. I decided to do this because I felt it was necessary to incorporate other individuals in the stop motion segment of my video but I could not get anyone to actually sit with me and move inch by inch for each photo. For my sound I used natural background noise, I went into a classroom while people were working to get a study atmospheric sound, I used sound from sitting in on a meeting and then for the shopping segment I used noise from a dining room at lunch when people are all sitting around and chatting. I wanted each scene to have natural sounds that somewhat related to the visual so the shopping segment has socializing sounds whereas the studying and the meeting are quiet whispers and papers turning.
Ideally I could continue to work on this project as I believe with all art, there is never really a "completion point" because there can always be something new added, altered or converted.

Jenna's Thinking Regarding Project IV

Over the semester I have been fairly new with each digital process we use and it has been an intense learning opportunity but I can now say I am getting the hang of things. For this project I would like to create an elaborate animation video and put my real life self in the video. Soon after beginning our project III I was liking both stop motion with digital photography and stop motion with drawings. Because I chose the photography approach I would like to satisfy my interests of creating an animation short by using this "Design Your Own" project to do just that. I am most definitely not a very talented illustrator especially when it comes to creating some sort of character to interact with. When I was in the studio for project III work I watched the beginnings of an animation a girl was creating with some sort of paint or drawing program. I am going to look into that feature on our computers to see if it would be better for me to draw through a computer program as opposed to hand drawing.
When it comes to the actual story line or message for my project I want to create something funny. Jon and I have decided to work collaboratively in creating this final project and one idea we had was to have the cartoon characters give us (as real life people) a sex talk like when you are in middle school. We can have a scene of us just talking at lunch and dreading that we have to do this and then show us getting divided into boys and girls and parting our ways. The video would be best if it cut back and forth between the room full of girls and the room of guys. Then the lecturing that would be heard would include various in depth descriptions of the process and what occurs simultaneously in the brain and within the body. This could be a good idea because everyone can relate to that awkward day when the sex talk lecture approached. I think adding the cartoon characters adn having them be the ones in charge and explaining how sex and the body works adds humor to our video.
The digital processes that will be incorporated and used in making this video include video taping, use of the green screen, lighting with all the real life shots, possibly work with a computer aided drawing tool or program and then however we decide to add sound. I would like to take the sound we develop for our project and be more technical with it as in uploading it in audacity and playing around with the various features. One idea is to have Jon and I be the voices of the cartoon characters but just altering how they sound. It should be a fun project to work on, my biggest concern is timing. Based on how the past projects have progressed over the available time frame we are given I think it will again be a struggle to get everything completed and at the level that I am picturing. Regarding the idea, it is still a work in progress for the story line but I just am certain that I want to do an animation and then put real life images and real people interacting with the animated characters.

Critique for Emanuela

Emanuela took an interesting approach to this stop motion project. I found it unique how she incorporated both drawing and clay figures for the visual aids. Even though the characters are moving around in front of a stable background consisting of a building I liked how she must have created more than one background building pictures. I detected this as the characters are moving there is are slight adjustments with the background drawing and this little motion adds to the movement and chaos Emanuela was hoping to portray in the first portion of the movie. After watching the complete video I am glad I read Emanuela’s intentions beforehand because the first scene of being in the city did not fully convey the chaotic fast paced world in which she stated she was walking.
The sound served as the primary factor in expressing a busy lifestyle but I think that if the character moved through the scene faster it would have really added to the idea of chaos and constant movement. Overall, each scene had appropriately suited sound and really added to the ideas being expressed. Emanuela did a nice job in finding the right noise sources to not only fit the visual but to incorporate the thoughts she intended for each scene. It was creative of her to play with the sounds of the busy world and edit them in audacity. I think the idea she had of slurring noises together to the point of misunderstanding really matches the American “go-go-go? world in which we function. The sounds with the middle scene nicely blended to transforming us as viewers into a dreamlike, fantasy world. I think that after the initial transformation to the “perfect world? the sounds should have became more clear because in the perfect world it is no longer the hustle, bustle and there is clarity to one’s life outside of the action and disorder.
What I also liked about Emanuela’s video is that it was black and white in the real world commotion but then in the conversion to the dream world colors came into the scene. Color adds life and a sense of cheerfulness to what is going on in the scene. In conclusion, it really shows that Emanuela put time and thought into this project and she did a nice job!

November 21, 2007

Jenna's Stop Motion Critique

For my stop motion video I thought a lot about what issues arise on a daily basis that I wish were different, more perfect to my standards. The most reoccurring thought is that I always want to be in multiple locations at the same time. All throughout college I have been very involved with numerous activities and organizations aside from the 20 credit semesters I continuously find myself registering for. Because of my insane schedule and determination to stay committed with each of my affiliations I constantly struggle with conflicting events and obligations. My perfect world would be to stay FULLY committed to everything, including my homework and still have an exciting social life.
My video starts with regular film of different people asking me to be places all at the same time. I want to do it all so I multiply myself so I CAN do it all. The rest is stop motion with clips of me doing all different activities. It was hard to make it clear to the observer that I was doing all of these activities at the same time. I have a clock showing at one point and then figured since the beginning of the video introduces four people all wanting me to do something at 12 and then what follows are scenes from each requested activity the observer can put the two together and understand that I DID do each activity even though they were all at the same time. This project has certainly been the most time consuming of all of our work but also a constant learning process. Like with all art this video could continue to be worked on and improved. Adding text was one thought I had but decided against doing it. At first I thought it coud be used to clarify that I am doing everything at once but after watching my video I think text would be superficial and just a distraction to the scences. Split sc
The sound I chose to go in my video is different for each scene and it is natural sounds related to the images being displayed so for example, the study sequence has sound from pages of a book turning, computer typing and students in "group discussion". While working on this project I certainly wish I could do multiple things at once because I would have liked to have time to work in the lab while attending my regularly scheduled classes and meetings.

November 5, 2007

Doing it ALL in my Perfect World

When I think of my “ideal? world or what would need to happen in order for me to have a perfect world I think about all the things I enjoy doing. Then I think about why I don’t have these enjoyments ALL the time because in a perfect world I should be able to control what goes on and when because ideally, that would be perfect. I love meeting people. I think what can make something perfect is seeing all the differences that exist and being a part of those differences. That is what I consistently find myself doing on a regular basis, interacting with new people. For my project on creating my perfect world I want to be able to socialize and bond with multiple groups or cliques of people. Basically defy the phrase “You cannot be everywhere and do everything all at once.? I will be everywhere and do everything.
I am going to use digital photography and create a series of images that will run together into a stop-motion film. Through the use of the photography I am going to have more than one of me established right at the beginning and then spread out with different people doing different things so going shopping with one group of girls, hanging out with guys watching a soccer match, going to the science museum with some of my science peers, cooking with my mom and more possibly more settings that are each unique in themselves. I have yet to decide on the sound aspect for this project. I know I want it to be different for each group that is shown and since the sound all needs to be natural and not music I think I may attempt to generate sounds from materials associated with what the group is doing. So for the guys watching soccer the sound could be a series of cheers, groans, feet running and hits on the ball. Then the sound would be drastically different when the film goes to another setting. This is all to contribute to my idea of being everywhere and doing everything and how because of the fact that each activity is so unique it realistically is impossible to do at once.
I will probably be using one of the digital cameras for taking pictures and then for the sound I might record that separately and check out a sound recorder to get really quality sound clips. This should be fun to put together!

October 29, 2007

My Thoughts on my Annoying How To Video Project

When I initially started to think about ideas for my How To video I was trying to think of a topic that I could add humor into or that was just a funny topic in itself. With my video entitled "How To Annoy People" it provides tips and ideas for how to be that one person no one wants to be around. One goal I hope to meet with the video is for the viewer to be able to connect to one or two of the situations shown; whether they have been around someone acting that way or they just think to themselves, "That would be soooo annoying". My other goal is what I was hoping to achieve when I came up with the idea and that is to be funny.
In my process for filming I went through some difficulties. I not only filmed multiple times when I had the camera but I had to check it out two additional time frames to get quality clips to work with. The struggle with my topic is it requires various atmospheres to be located in order to portray how a person would be annoying there but a lot of these atmospheres were either not possible, had bad lighting or had two many strangers around that I wouldn't be able to get the right reaction. That was the other challenge I had in my video process-acting. When you put a camera in a person's face you get so many reactions much of which are not normal or too planned. I had some good annoying ideas for in an elevator but either would have too much laughing, the doors would continuously close on us or the lighting would be really difficult to view on the screen. I had a lot more success when I could play out a situation that only required myself to be filmed. After gathering enough clips to work with I somewhat categorized them and then began my editing. The first thing I did was go through and add text in front of almost every situation so that the viewers could read what the annoying tip was and then observe how it was played out. I varied the type of text I used just to go with how each idea varied. THen I downloaded sound clips that somewhat went along with what I was doing. I am pleased with the music that I found because there are some really good pieces that fit the annoying theme and add more humor to the entire video. I thinkif I had more time I would like to play around with more video transitions. I did some fading with the audio and a little with fading in and out for the video but I think it would be more interesting to do like a speckling fade or just change up how the clips fade in and out to make it more interesting to watch.

October 24, 2007

The Influx with Nikki S. Lee

When we were shown a piece by Nikki S. Lee in class that was the first time I was putting her name with her artwork. The piece intrigued me and got me anxious to come hear her talk. Nikki's artwork consists of a wide selection of photographs. To an outsider they look like snapshot pictures taken from a wide variety of social groups and diverse individuals that make up communities around the United States. Where the uniqueness of this artwork comes into play is that the artist herself has become a part of each of these social groups.
This artwork is definitely something that people need to have background information on or they wil not fully understand the creativity behind it. Once the viewer is aware that Nikki is a part of each picture many more questions arise. I think she is creative in her approach and her style shows how committed she is to her work. She doesn't just jump next to a random person and snap a photo; Nikki submerges herself into a culture, she learns their dress, their communication, their attitudes and their actions and then transforms.
Thinking about the process Nikki goes through to create her artwork I think I personally would love to do the same. I love interacting with new people and learning about their background so this sort of photography project would be perfect for my character and personality.
I think one thing that would be interesting to see is a sort of scrapbook done by Nikki. If she were to infiltrate a family of some social class or culture group and become a part of them and then create a scrapbook of her "family life". She may have a piece similar to this but I think it would be fun to see a story created out of her photos.
Overall I enjoyed hearing from Nikki and certainly found it to be a beneficial talk because now I can understand and really appreciate her photographic artwork.

October 13, 2007

Independent Self These Days

Like other students the term prosumerism was new to me and I found this reading to reflect upon a frequently brought up issue: the overall advancement of our society. We previously discussed how prevalent technology has come and this article showed how people now are designing beyond technology. If a product doesn't match up to one's needs then it just gets worked upon to complete whatever task or objective necessary. I thought the artists main idea of design being something that anyone and everyone should do was a good point. Years ago design did not have the appeal it has today. In the past people were rigid with their methods, actions and I think we have become more adaptive as is discussed in the article and the term prosumerism. Along with prosumerism comes the "templated mind". I believe this to be very true about people today. We all seek out a basis for what we need and then customize or adjust it to be fitting specific to what we want. The article goes into details about technology and music sharing and blogging. It is interesting to think how the internet has become our source for EVERYTHING. CD's are rarely purchased because everyone gets music online and communication is unbelievably widespread due to thew ability to travel, journal and talk all over the internet. The article stresses how so many people these days are looking to "do it yourself" but then questions where the receiving end is. While people are working and rebuilding for their own good there still is an end source benefitting from individuals doing their own thing. I hadn't previously thought about it but all the times I am working to improve things for myself I am also working for someone else. I was a little confused as to how this applies with the piece of art. I understand it is a model of building a functional coffin but the reading then questions if you are preparing the coffin for your career. What I made out of that was people are opting to design things for themselves and as a result their focus is turned to living the best way for themselves and their career is not what is keeping them going but rather this other hobby of seeking out the necessary and customizing it for personal use.

October 8, 2007

Video on How NOT to do it

With our limitations practically inexistent coming up with an idea for my second project has taken a lot of thought and consideration. I want to be creative with this video and was trying to think of something that was not only unique but that I could play around with and add humor to. From when we were practicing and getting comfortable with our video cameras my group went and interacted with everyday people just out and about. I thought about how people can be awkward and do unexpected things especially with a camera around. Thinking deeper I thought of doing my how to video project on how NOT to approach a stranger. Right away I thought of a scene of being on an airplane and how there is always some interesting character sitting in the seat next to you. Instead of thinking how to make friends with this person I thought it would be funny to have my video more from their perspective and be how NOT to make friends with the person in the seat next to you. Basically any and every pet peeve that other people have that is rude, annoying, obnoxious or weird. That is what I am going to attempt to capture with this next video project. I don't know yet if I want the exact same setting with multiple people or me every time but in various situations and environments. I will brainstorm more but I think that this idea will be fun for me to do because I am the type of person that is always randomly starting up conversations with people I don't know so I will enjoy doing that same thing in front of a video camera.
A few initial thoughts I had for what to film include sitting next to a random on the airplane, waiting behind someone in line to go to the bathroom, standing in a lobby or waiting room and being in a grocery store and looking at similar products. What makes these sort of situations more awkward is like the TYPE of waiting room you are in or being at Target looking at digestion malfunction medications or two guys in Victoria Secret and they both know they are embarrassed to be there. I want to try and catch these moments. I don't know then if I will be in all of the situations that are the "non approaches" to take or if I just want to sneak around and capture random people interacting and find moments where one person does the wrong, unappealing action.

October 7, 2007

About that FINAL sound of mine...

To begin with, listening to my final sound project through the overhead speaker system definitely had its differences. As for the result, I think I should have planned to come in beforehand so that I could hear what the final project sounded like and then tweak a few of the balances so that hearing my project overhead would sound the way I intended it to sound. The unique part of my project that I really wanted to have stand out was all of the background sounds that come out just from listening from the floor of a dance studio. Ultimately I was going for a sound experience that was predominately feet tapping, pounding, jumping sliding, etc. and then instructors, music and dancers interacting as the fill in background noise. The overhead speakers were not as effective as I would have hoped.
The other main critique or change I would like to make with my final sound project would be to have each piece go on longer. Initially when I was doing my editing I had long sections and listening to it I felt like things needed to cut more and raelly transition from one to the next. I ended up cutting them too much and the result was a real choppy experience. I liked putting the footsteps in teh background so the audience could feel the movement from one studio room to the next but they would have to be running pretty quickly for how close each of the dance varities were. It was certainly an enjoyable project for me to do so the work I put into it I am satisfied with and now I know for the future how sounds establish an experience and it takes more than a second or two to really get that full experience established. From this understanding I would pull out the length of any pieces I put together later on.

September 29, 2007

The Experience of a Dance Studio

Download file

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September 12, 2007

Woot woot for Technology

When I think of my daily use of technology what first comes to mind is cell phones, specifically my use of a cell phone. I remember one day when I accidentally left it at home before walking to class and the entire day I felt lost, empty handed and unoccupied. It was weird to think that I relied so much on this single item but it proven true when I went a day without using it. Our nation has grown to depend on up to date technology wherever they are and when someone takes out a disposable camera, a portable CD player or an older version of a cell phone they get a funny look from others. I certainly appreciate technology and the speed of advancement companies have taken on for releasing newer and newer ideas. The neat thing nowadays with technology is how much is being combined. It started with people recording music on their cell phones, then playing movies off of laptops and now there is the iPhone that has basically all you need minus a nintendo wii hookup.