December 11, 2007

Fear of Responsibility

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November 28, 2007

Critique for Manda

Manda’s piece was extremely successful at questioning the idea of how to create a perfect world and making me laugh. At the beginning of the her film, I didn’t understand what the phrase “Hug a Furry Friend for a Better Tomorrow…? meant. I was unclear whether she was making a statement or asking a question. By the end of the film, it was clear that this statement, placed at the beginning, served as a question that set up the rest of the film. Manda’s film questioned the simplistic idea that hugs and smiles can make the world a better place. As a watched the cute animals cut through the toy soldiers and tear the main character apart, I understood the point of the film: being kind and gentle is a naïve way to create a perfect world.

The use of claymation proved to be an effective media format for Manda’s film. She was able to use it to make a big-eyed person and cute little animals. She had no dialogue in her piece, nor did she need any. Her uses of “Ooooooh?s and screams helped convey her “naïve perfect world? better than words could have. The scenery was also very well done. Her cheesy, colorful, background made it seem very innocent. Each animal had a character represented by its design, movement, and fighting style. It was shot fairly smooth and was able to hold a moderately fluid feeling.

The sound ended up being the best part of the whole piece. As I stated, her choice to omit dialogue worked very well for the film. Her timing was perfect and her cutesy “Oooooh?s conveyed the feeling well. The screams at the end were absolutely hilarious. They fit perfect and created a great sense of surprise and contrast at the end of the film.

In the end, I was very interested by Manda’s film. It was effective in discussing the idea of being kind and gentle to create a naïve perfect world. I felt the visual format, sounds, and storyline did a great job of pulling this idea together and discussing our theme.

November 26, 2007

Critique for Sam

So what I got rom your movie was that Eden was a perfect world but the world can never stay perfect. I was unsure if you were going back in time or forward in time. It isn't really relevant but it would make sense either way.
I really liked that you used legos as well as other toys. i thought that were you had the main character was perfect, it kept me moving forward in the story without becoming confused. Even though the main character was front and center it did not get in the way at all for seeing what was going on in the background. I was not really sure why the main character was there or how he got there but again, I don't think that it matters. The line "I wonder" explains it enough.
I really liked the sounds, there were a lot of them and they all seemed to be well timed. A few of the sounds were a little choppy but overall I think you did a great job. I also liked how there wasn't a whole lot of dialouge, I think it worked well for the piece.
The movie was effective in getting the message across. Eden has obvious religious overtones but your movie was not overpowering. It seemed more like a myth or your view on it and that made it new and interesting.

Critique for Sean

Your perfect world made sense at the end. I like that you really had to build up the message you were trying to get across. The movie was really funny and I enjoyed your use of action figures. The power ranger was ridiculous in the best way. I especially enjoyed the "plot twists" and ending. Having that garbage thing come back and run over Leonardo was great and the laugh you gave him was really funny and really appropriate. The movie was a little sloppy, the strings and the tape was super visible and the movements could have been smoother but I think that it works for the movie and I totally understand about time on this project, it takes forever!
I really enjoyed the sound; it worked really well with the movie and gave it that extra push towards ridiculous humor. I think having Leonardo as the main character worked well for the movie as well, it kept things linear and making sense. I thought that the conversations between the characters were really well thought out and worked really well in the movie. The whole thing reminded me of Robot Chicken. I don't think I can say this enough..It was really funny!!
I believe that you were effective in getting your message across. A perfect world would be boring!

Final Project Proposal

The first idea I had for this project dealt with “who makes terrorists?. The problems I come to are how I would show the message I am trying to get across.
I am thinking that I will try stop action again. I have always been interested in it and I would very much like to become better at it. Whenever I watch professional claymations I want to strive to be that good, if only for a short clip. I want to work on the smoothness of movements in the characters. I also want to work more with sound in the claymation.
I am also thinking that I will use clay again, because I think it will be the easiest medium to work with to show “making a terrorist?. I would like to reuse some objects that I have made/used in the past; I believe that conceptually this shows that whoever makes the terrorist doesn’t always make them from scratch but builds upon existing hate or fear. I think that I want to incorporate the media somehow but I am not sure how I would go about doing that.
Some initial thoughts on this project I had are that I will have someone take pictures of me making clay figures with terrorist’s faces on them and then pan up to my face to see who the creator is. I’m not really sure yet on whom I will have be the creator, or if it will be just one person or thing. I am still toying with a few ideas and I am not completely set on stop-action, claymation, or the concept behind it. I am a little worried I might come off to controversial.
I suppose I just need some feedback and some suggestions, I have hit a wall with ideas on this project.

November 23, 2007

Critique for Manda's stop motion

I found the Manda’s stop motion very interesting and imaginative because of the scenery, the characters, the sounds, and the idea. The scenery used was very creative with all the different shades of green, blue, and the plane in the background. The Christmas tree was also imaginative because it added to the feel of a forest environment. The scenery reminded me of little red riding hood, the part were she was walking through the woods. More specifically the little red riding hood movie entitled “Hood Winked? is the version which is the most similar to this piece. I found each character, the people and the animals to be well made. The characters reminded me of a mixture of two cartoons, Gumby, and Rocky and Bull Winkle. Obviously the use of clay and the eyes is what reminds me of Gumby, and the use of the squirrel reminds me of Rocky from Rocky and Bull Winkle. The guy who was hugging the animals did not remind me of anyone but I still found him interesting because how he walked and how he hugged each animal and how they all followed him. The soldiers, in my opinion were a good choice to show aggression because they are soldiers used in situations that require aggression. I found the color blue for soldiers was a little off, maybe I am over analyzing this but perhaps the blue color was used to show how they are separate from nature. I found the sounds to be cool, because of its use between the person and animals when he first saw each one in the beginning. The other sound I liked when one of the soldiers started screaming, it sounded like a movie scream. I also liked the sound when the turtle ate one of the soldiers, how the deer rammed one of the soldiers, and how the squirrel hit the last soldier standing with his tail. They were also very good action scenes. The timing of the sounds was very good is not perfect. I found the idea of this perfect world to be quite good because it involved nature, and wars, similar to what is going on in our society.

November 19, 2007


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November 13, 2007

Lisa Lapinski

Lisa Lapinski holds and M.F.A. and has an upcoming show at the Midway; the title is Lint’s Wedding Song. I decided to go see this particular speaker because I am very interested in sculpture.
However, I was not impressed with Lisa’s work. I could see that she drew a lot of influence from religion and some from sexual or regressive themes. It seemed to me that she saw a piece of “artwork? and got all of her influence from that one piece to make a bunch of her own artwork. And then for some reason she just had to have art deco hands in everything. The religious meaning behind the work was really obvious because of all the symbols she just stuck on her pieces. I think the only work of hers I actually liked were her early drawings.
Lisa talked a little about how a critic said that her work had no deep meaning and how she argued that, but I was not really convinced. Anyone could see what she is interested in by looking at her work but I do not see any profound deep meaning behind the pieces; they just look like experiments.

November 5, 2007

Stop-Motion Proposal

My “perfect world? is one where animals are treated with respect and care. At times this idea seems so radically different from reality because of things like factory farms. If everyone treated animals better then I believe there would be no factory farms and therefore meat consumption would go down, as well as deforestation and pollution.
My initial idea for my video is of a person taking a journey and hugging animals along the way to represent healing and respect towards our fellow creatures. I am unsure if I will play the person and hug real animals or if I should do claymation. If I were to be the person traveling through and hugging animals then I would start with hugging household pets and travel to a friend’s hobby farm to hug their dogs and cats and chickens and goats and llamas. If I were to go the claymation route I would have a nondescript person traveling along and hugging animals starting with small domesticated animals and moving to big and wild animals. I would use myself and objects to make the sound of some of the animals, and walking, etcetera.
I want the style to be lighthearted and kind of cutsie; because my idea of a perfect world is kind of naive and I think that that aspect of it would be best represented by using a “Disney? like style.
I have always been interested in claymation and do not particularly like to be on camera so that is the way I am leaning, but I am still not sure about any specifics at this point. I wonder how I can make it more disgustingly cute than just hugging furry creatures.

October 29, 2007

Veg Man Makes Spomac

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October 12, 2007


Before reading this article I didn't know that there was a name for all of the new "products" like myspace. I also had never heard anyone say anything bad about it either; I think the movement is a good one. The consumer now controls what they want but the designer is not out of a job because of it. If I wanted a new theme on my myspace page I would get a template from a designer. They already have started to adapt. And just because we have the option to do-it-ourselves does not mean we always will do-it-ourselves. There is still an appreciation for someone else doing it for us.

October 5, 2007

Project Research and Proposal

One of the ideas I have been toying with for my video project is a how-to for making a secret recipe of mine. It is called Spomac; from the first time I made this meal it has been a hit. Imagine the best macaroni and cheese you have ever had combined with the best spaghetti you’ve ever had and both of them having a party inside your mouth.
I’ve never seen a how-to cooking show where they tell you how to make fast and easy vegetarian meals that college aged people (vegetarian or not) would like. I probably got the idea for it out of the want for a show on how to do exactly that. It interests me because I am a vegetarian and have been for 10 years and it was hard at first to learn how to cook meatless meals. I think that even 18-25 year olds have issues with learning how to cook anything, let alone vegetarian.
I plan on having the camera directed on my hands, the ingredients, and on the process. I also thought it would be neat if I could have text float in with the instructions that I give, so that the audience can both hear and see the instructions. I was also thinking I could make it kind of corny with really obnoxious transitions or effects, like a children’s show.
The location would be in my parent’s kitchen because it has a few more amenities and space and quiet than my apartment. Although, it would be kind of humorous to have people bothering me while I was trying to make this delectable dish. I would like it to be less serious than most do it yourself cooking shows. I was thinking that I could maybe put in a little humor by way of repetition.
My intended audience would be college age and maybe even the cooking inept because Spomac is so easy to make. Spomac is meatless or vegetarian (which can sometimes scare non-vegetarians away from trying it) and so I would introduce it as easy and delicious but also vegetarian-friendly and healthy.

September 24, 2007

Buttery Goodness

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September 19, 2007

Artist Response

Lowery Stokes Sims spoke about ethnic notions. She began by talking about the movie “Crash? and how it brought to light many of the stereotypes that are accepted as truth by many people. Sims went on to talk about an art class she taught where they discussed the aspect of ethnicity in art; she showed a few examples of art that spoke strongly about race. She also touched on the power of the television in encouraging stereotypes and how we all accept what is said there as the truth.
I really found what Sims had to say about diversity assimilation interesting. On one hand I really think that everyone should conform at least somewhat to the culture that they live in. For example, when someone comes to live in the United States from another country I believe they should learn the language and what is socially acceptable in America. Although, I also think that it is important to retain the richness and diversity of the different cultures in the U.S. and to preserve the different ethnic and religious identities of everyone. I scoff at people I see “pretending? to be someone they are not, dressing or acting outside of their roots. It really is a shame that there is such pressure to assimilate to what is considered “normal?.
I enjoyed listening to Sims, she was lively and engaging; I would recommend that anyone who did not see her this time around to go when she comes to speak again in December.

September 16, 2007


I don't think that I really realized how much i use technology until the power went out; I kept thinking, "Well now what am I supposed to do? Nothing works..."
I use my laptop for school, communication with friends, and fun. I also rely heavily on my cell phone to stay in contact with others. Another piece of technology I think I often take for granted is the microwave, it really is fantastic.
Technology is all around us and I use it everyday; I don't know what I would do with out it.