December 19, 2007

Repost: Artist response: Lowrey Sims

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December 12, 2007

Repost: Project IV Pitching a Music Video

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December 3, 2007

Critique for Jenna

Jenna's project focuses on the problem of having too many things to do that all happen at the same time. The beginning starts with a variety of her friends asking her to do something at 12:00. Unfortunately all of her friends have different interests and she ends up agreeing to do everything regardless of the time conflicts. All of these shots were done with normal video and I like the contrast in the different things her friends want her to do. I liked being able to guess what the activity was going to be based on the shot setup.
After agreeing to everything there is a moment of realization and panic because she cannot do all of these things. The solution is to have multiple Jennas. From here the video is stop animation of each Jenna preparing to do each of the activities. I really like the idea of showing all of these things happening. The video ends kind of abruptly, but there is a good opportunity to create a conclusion. The sound here got a little congested. It could be intentional because the areas that the shots were taken in were busy social settings.
It would be interesting to see this project in a more complete form for project IV. There are a lot of unique ideas you could play with. For example, you could divide the screen into four screens once it goes to stop animation. This would simulate multiple things getting done simultaneously. You would have to be careful not to have to much going on in each section as far as audio is concerned. To much noise going on at once would sound cluttered, maybe focus on each section for a 30 seconds or so.

November 28, 2007

Critique for Emanuela

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Critique for Mike's Music Video

I really liked how Mike put together his stop motion video. I thought it was very creative how he utilized the white board with drawings of musical instruments and then played those pictures. The sound for the beginning matches well with the music he creates with the instruments and then blended right back into the concluding music which brought the whole piece together nicely. The beginning of the video is really dark and I cannot understand where I am or what is going on. Once the lighting comes in and I see the bedroom I realize where I am at so I think at least some brighter image could have been at the introduction. It is probably walking down a hallway so Mike could show a far away clip of the hallway and then walk down it so at least the viewer is established right from the start.
The stop motion flowed well, Mike took plenty of photos to have the video go rather smooth but it still was effective in giving off the stop motion feel. I think reading Mike’s thoughts before watching the video helped me associate the messy to clean room with the chaos to organized sounds. Had I not read what Mike’s intentions were beforehand I don’t know that I would have made that particular connection regarding music making. All of his white board drawings were quite impressive in how smooth each cut came out.
As for the overall theme of the video being Mike’s perfect world I believe he could have been more clear in how the music creation equals his idea of a perfect world. I would assume he wants to erase messes and clutter in his life and just be able to make music. One suggestion that could be added to help clarify the message is maybe at the very end he could show himself in the midst of a busy life such as standing in the middle of a sidewalk with cars and people hustling by him and he is just serene, holding a guitar or something and playing his music. The sound would be primarily the music he is playing but there would be background noise of the city, people chatter and traffic. All in all I think Mike did a very good job and took a creative approach with how he made this project.

November 27, 2007

Critique for Emanuela

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Critique for Chris

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November 26, 2007

A critique of Mike's video

I enjoyed that Mike’s video concentrates mainly on music. As the video starts, we see a person walking into a chaotic room. For the first scene, Mike used a rhythmic, loud drumbeat. This reminded me of a parade, which gives the video a theatrical and circus-like quality. The theatrical effect is then reinforced by the lights, which lead the viewer to a blank board. From here the viewer enters an imaginary world that opens up with several images such as disorderly placed letters and designs and then shows us drawings of instruments that are played by a real hand. First, the hand tests every instrument and then the hand plays them all together producing a unique melody. Mike concludes his piece by leaving the imaginary world and reentering into the room that was shown at the beginning of the video, which gives the impression that the viewer is pulled back to reality. This time, reality looks clean and the loud music is replaced by the new melody created in the fiction world.
From this narrative part of the video I understand that Mike’s intention was to show a perfect world as a creative world where creating music has a liberating effect from the messy world that surrounds us every day.
With respect to the visual part of the video, I think his use of space is effective in that he leads the viewer from one space to another, implying different worlds. The choppiness of the images created by the stop motion adds a humorous quality to the video, which goes well with the parade-like opening and ending. Some of the best shots that stand out in his piece are the shots of the real hand playing the instruments. That those images stick out helps the viewer to really understand where Mike has put the focal point in his piece, which is his understanding of a perfect world.
The only negative critique that I have is that I did not really understand what the first images that were drawn on the board represented. I think that it would have made more sense if there were already chaotic images on the board to start with that the hand could then wipe out. This solution might more clearly illustrate the cleansing and purifying effect of the imaginary world. Furthermore, this would work well with the beginning and end of the movie in which he starts with a messy room and ends with a clean room.
In conclusion, the video effectively gets its message across and shows a very creative solution to the assignment where context and form work well together in showing Mikes unique, musical world as a liberation from chaotic and messy surroundings.

Project IV Idea

My idea for project IV is a narrative about a band bringing a homemade music video to a record label in hopes of hitting it big and changing the world. This idea comes from what I've done in both projects I and III. Project I was a recording of musicians playing a variety of different instruments. Project III also had a small amount of a song being played. I enjoyed matching the stop animation with the instruments in project III and plan on using a similar technique. I also used a program called Magix Music Maker for project III which I also plan on using. The music for the video will probably be a combination of live recordings and music from the program.
To start I would have the band sitting down with some record label agent explaining what their song means and what the band means to them. The band will talk about themselves and make it seem as if they are some deep, meaningful band and how the youth of the world needs to hear their music for inspiration at the present time with all of the problems in the world. The record label guy will then return discussing that this kind of music is what the market needs right now and go into financial aspects of what the music could become. After this they will give them the demo music video to play.
I plan on making the music and its video completely ridiculous and irrelevant to what the bands intentions were. The agent will become disgusted and stop the video short wanting nothing to do with them.
Both the beginning and the end will use stop motion animation. Instead of doing a ten frames per second motion style, I will try and sync the context of the dialog with the body language in the photo. For example if the record exec mutters a question to himself the picture will be of him looking into the air with his hand on his chin. If he is excited he will have an excited look and so on.
The stop motion for the music video will be a combination of the traditional, ten frames per second style and stop motion matched with the beat of the music. In the same way I used to match up with the music in project III.

November 25, 2007

Critique for Mike

Mike’s project is all about music and is strongly influenced by his use of sound. It starts with a person walking into a cluttered room. Among this messy image is a droning beat of a drum, the never-changing continuity of our everyday lives. From this messy ‘real’ world, we enter into a created music world, made by drawings with markers on a dry-erase board. Here, instruments are created, and one-by-one they provide another piece to the freeing musical solution of our messy lives. When each new instrument is created (and then tested), they all return together in the end to create a structured piece of music. As this new song plays out, we exit the same way we came in, only this time the material world we were once surrounded by is now clean. In essence, we are set free.

This idea of music as a freed peace of mind from our busy lives is a great play on our given theme of a ‘Perfect World’. With the use of the choppy effect Stop-Motion adds to a work, it brings a whole new dimension to the structured element in question. Both the image and the sound are fractured, unable to be seamless because of the underlying essence of our theme: Our world has caught us in a deadly routine and it takes something as powerful as music free to us from all of that. In this sense, the provided circular narrative works very well for the concept. We start and finish with the same images; only it is the middle section that causes the change that polarizes the beginning from the end. Whereas in the beginning time seems to drag (the long stroll to our destination, the droning effect of the drums, etc.), the ending has a very fluid sense of time (despite the stop-motion choppiness).

Going off of this theme of structure, the audio picks up where the images alone can’t reach. As mentioned before, the beginning is all about the droning tempo of the drum. When we reach the middle, however, something pretty amazing takes place: as each instrument is tested, the structure of the 4/4 tempo disappears, providing a freed world without tempos. The significant aspect of this, though, is that each instrument (once free) comes back together to form a unified piece of music, suggesting that not all structure is bad. In these respects, I would say this work is very effective. Every element put into the video adds to the idea of depicting a world saved by music. And in these regards, this project as a whole is quite effective.

November 21, 2007

Escape from the Mess

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I decided to approach this project in a more abstract way than I normally do. The beginning was kind of supposed to be a metaphor of a cluttered mind as the messy room and loud music. Then through getting to be creative, making music, the clutter vanished and the music continued instead of the beating drum.
Erasing the random letters and design was also a metaphor for clearing ones mind and to have a less hectic outlook on life.

November 12, 2007

Artist Visit: Lisa Lapinski plus Designing our own graves Redo

Seeing and hearing about Lapinski's work from her visiting was a unique experience. It was unique in the way so many people showed up to here her talk in a very informal and unprepared way. This was refreshing to start but ended up annoying me. She had multiple pieces of work none of which I remember the name of. The first was a display including various historic and religious symbols including a swastika, star of David, and the cross. They were positioned on various designs of fences surrounding a historic podium. A lot of her work included the star of David, which I dont recall her explaining. She often used an arm emerging from nothing and wall paper, also things that she did not provide an explanation for. I was disappointed in the lack of explanation on these reoccurring items.

Also, I noticed that my response for the Designing graves was not up. Contrary to the article I think the easy access to amateur work and flood of media is a great thing. It helps the world discover great artist that may have gone on undetected. I cant remember what else I wrote about it but overall disagreed with his negative outlook.

October 29, 2007

Project 2: How to get your roommate to hate you.

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October 8, 2007

Project II proposal

Have you ever had a roommate that was friendly? How annoying is that? This "Do it yourself" will show its audience how to irritate the people you live with until they despise you. It will go over the benefits of living with people that don't like you. Then it will show how to accomplish that in a cost effective manner.
When filming this I will try to use real life roommates and do things that actually annoy them.

Project 1 analysis

I thought project 1 was a good intro into using the computer to create an art form. I enjoyed doing the project because it gave me a chance to do something new. Manipulating sound was new to me and the instruments I played were all new. After hearing it in class, I think I would have shortened up the intro which was me walking into my appt. The entire process took about 4 minutes, I shortened it to about 45 seconds, but that was still too long.

October 1, 2007

Crash Course Instrumental

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September 12, 2007

Technology use in my life.

There are two high tech devices that control my life. My cell phone alarm wakes me up each morning and then sits in my left pant pocket for about 16 hours a day. I've gone days without it or with no battery and I feel lost... I never know what time it is, I feel like people are trying to contact me, I cant decide what to have for breakfast. My computer is also essential for keeping my life on track. It is my ultimate source of information and media.