December 12, 2007


For project four I wanted to continue on my use of a biblical themes like the one from project three about the Garden of Eden. I always enjoy reading articles on several interpretations of the creation that part from the traditional view. For instance some Christians believe that God created continents in there current place but the bible says that the land formed in one area. Besides showing a different view of creation I also tried to solve certain problems that certain people in the science community point out in creation such as the starlight problem. I am not sure if I conveyed theses answers clearly to the audience but I believe the animations were presented well. The main reason why I made this piece was because I was a very tired of the media being biased towards creationism, and being more favorable towards evolution and I just wanted to share that there are scientific principles in creationism. Towards the end of my animation I used a video provided by NASA which shows the solar system I just wished I could have managed my time better to make one of my own. Another thing I wanted to include in my animation was humor perhaps in my videos of animals section.

Download Creation

November 28, 2007

Critique for Sam

Sam’s piece shows the history of the world to illustrate an idea of a perfect world. From an abstract standpoint, I can see how an Adam and Eve type story teaches history of our “perfect world? but I don’t exactly understand how it bonds with the theme. Reading his project proposal shed some light on the idea but still left me with more of a feeling of curiosity for the world than a sense of “perfection.?

The structure of the film was well planned, narrated, and shot. It was done in a very linear fashion. By far, the best part of the film was the way Sam seamlessly put the audience in a viewer’s perspective. His use of legos to create a changing environment was smooth and captivating. It was intriguing to watch the scenery change and develop into a historical landscape. The placement of significant events accentuated this perspective. Through his use of symbols and geographic changes, Sam was able to show us where we were and when it was instead of just telling us. This made for a stronger cinematic feeling with more depth of realism. This sensation was backed with his smooth photography and frame transitions.

His choice to use little dialogue added too his use of audience placement. The sound effects he had, were well done and contributed well to the piece. By using environmental sounds and random effects, he forced us to interpret what was happening instead of just telling us. This strategy made a strong contribution to his piece and ended up being a fine point of his work.

Overall, I found Sam’s piece to be effective in demonstrating the possibilities of creation. He did a good job of placing us in an atmosphere of wonder. I don’t see exactly how it shows a perfect world but I can make an abstract connection to get a deeper understanding of the world we’re in.

November 26, 2007

Critique for Sam

So what I got rom your movie was that Eden was a perfect world but the world can never stay perfect. I was unsure if you were going back in time or forward in time. It isn't really relevant but it would make sense either way.
I really liked that you used legos as well as other toys. i thought that were you had the main character was perfect, it kept me moving forward in the story without becoming confused. Even though the main character was front and center it did not get in the way at all for seeing what was going on in the background. I was not really sure why the main character was there or how he got there but again, I don't think that it matters. The line "I wonder" explains it enough.
I really liked the sounds, there were a lot of them and they all seemed to be well timed. A few of the sounds were a little choppy but overall I think you did a great job. I also liked how there wasn't a whole lot of dialouge, I think it worked well for the piece.
The movie was effective in getting the message across. Eden has obvious religious overtones but your movie was not overpowering. It seemed more like a myth or your view on it and that made it new and interesting.


My proposal is to make an animation similar to my how to video; and have the story line similar to my stop motion video. I plan to have the story line based on the Genesis account of creation, and I plan to show the creation of Earth take place from space. I first wanted to do this for my how to video, and for my stop motion, but for the how to video I had to make a film that required instructions. The stop motion did not allow the use of computers in the creation process, and I sort of new that the forth project would be a do it your self video. I wanted to use the same process as I did in my How to Make a Superhero which is to have music, animations, and a good presentation, I hope. I chose to do this simply because I felt that the traditional view of what the creation story shows does not fit in with many people, and I want to show that scientifically the creation story is possible. More specifically there are several tough questions I wish to address that many people believe makes the Genesis account of creation a little hard to believe. For instance many scientists cite the star light problem; which asks the question, “If the Earth is only six thousand years old, then how could the star light from all those stars in space, which are billions of light years away.? Another subject that sheds doubt on the creation account to some is the land masses; the shapes and sizes of the continents suggest that they were connected and it seems that the bible does not suggest this. I also plan to film more of the real world than I did in my how to video; perhaps downtown Minneapolis will be filmed and a Church that will lead the audience to the creation story. I plan on having the background mostly in space and several scenes on earth to show all the animals and the environment. I probably will not have any humor but I would be open to it, but right now I do not see where that may fit in. I plan to have a music playing throughout the entire video, the song will be “I Don’t Belong Here? by Klaus Badelt, I am quite sure it will fit with what I am thinking about.

November 23, 2007

Critique for Sean's project

I found Sean’s stop motion project to be very creative because it reminded me of being a kid when I played with action figures and made up storylines. Firstly the use of the action figures like Leonardo, Splinter, and the yellow power ranger was interesting because kids are the ones who mix different figures together, so I found this variety of characters kid like. This variety worked well, because they all had their own style that added to the group; there was Leonardo the fighter, Splinter the serious one, that blob like creature (with a garbage face) was the dumb one, and the yellow ranger the funny one. I found the scenery worked with the theme but I felt a better one could have been made. The scenery reminded me of where a kid might play with his/her action figures. One scene that could have been used instead of the living room could have been a place like a city or sewer, since characters like Leonardo, and Splinter live in the sewer, and the blob creature looks like he might live in the sewer. I found that the sounds fit perfectly, and were very entertaining. The voices for instance fit each character well like Leonardo’s voice emphasized a serious and funny character. Splinter’s voice emphasized a serious person, while the power ranger was rather silly, and the blob creature just sounded crazy. I also liked the villain’s sound when he was flying and laughing, it added much humor to the animation. The villain and the blob creature were the funniest characters because of their voices. The idea of the hero choosing to be sort of a bad guy rather than live in a world without any problems is rather interesting because I really wonder how people will act in a world that does not have any crime, wars, and social problems.

Critique for Manda's stop motion

I found the Manda’s stop motion very interesting and imaginative because of the scenery, the characters, the sounds, and the idea. The scenery used was very creative with all the different shades of green, blue, and the plane in the background. The Christmas tree was also imaginative because it added to the feel of a forest environment. The scenery reminded me of little red riding hood, the part were she was walking through the woods. More specifically the little red riding hood movie entitled “Hood Winked? is the version which is the most similar to this piece. I found each character, the people and the animals to be well made. The characters reminded me of a mixture of two cartoons, Gumby, and Rocky and Bull Winkle. Obviously the use of clay and the eyes is what reminds me of Gumby, and the use of the squirrel reminds me of Rocky from Rocky and Bull Winkle. The guy who was hugging the animals did not remind me of anyone but I still found him interesting because how he walked and how he hugged each animal and how they all followed him. The soldiers, in my opinion were a good choice to show aggression because they are soldiers used in situations that require aggression. I found the color blue for soldiers was a little off, maybe I am over analyzing this but perhaps the blue color was used to show how they are separate from nature. I found the sounds to be cool, because of its use between the person and animals when he first saw each one in the beginning. The other sound I liked when one of the soldiers started screaming, it sounded like a movie scream. I also liked the sound when the turtle ate one of the soldiers, how the deer rammed one of the soldiers, and how the squirrel hit the last soldier standing with his tail. They were also very good action scenes. The timing of the sounds was very good is not perfect. I found the idea of this perfect world to be quite good because it involved nature, and wars, similar to what is going on in our society.

November 21, 2007

Lost Eden

For project three I felt that there was something missing from it, the project felt a little dry like it needed music. I wanted to put a small part of a song but since it could only go on a small part of the animation I felt that it would have sounded weird, so I left it without music. Some of the sounds that I had to make were a little difficult because I had no reference point like the buildings being deconstructed, so I just used a sound that which was like a drill. The other sounds like sun and moon passing by I got from the movie “The Time Machine?; to make it sound alike I just made a whoosh sound. When I got to the Garden of Eden I did not want to make it seem like the traditional view so I added some things like I researched on like dinosaurs. In many pictures or videos nobody ever thinks of having dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, everything else was basically traditional. In my opinion I wish I could have gotten better voices because I do not think they fit in the way I wanted them to. Overall I am pleased with the frame rate because the speed allowed the film to be the right length, and still kept the smoothness that I wanted.

Lost Eden

November 4, 2007

Perfect World

My proposal for project three is going to be about the Garden of Eden or the world in post end times. In my view the Garden of Eden would be a perfect world because at that time there was perfect weather, perfect animals, perfect humans, everything was perfect. Eden is considered the definition of perfection to some because it was before anything wrong came into existence. In post end times Christians believe that Jesus is coming and he will usher in heaven on Earth. Everything will be fixed when Jesus comes back; immortality will be restored, animals will revert to their previous state, and people will be happy. For my first idea I was thinking of setting the scene of a present day city and reversing time until I get to the point when the Garden of Eden was created. The city will have several buildings and several people. Perhaps I will have some dialogue between two people that will connect present day to ancient times. The garden will have trees, plants, animals, and maybe people. For my “time reversal? I plan on deconstructing the city, have things move faster and faster in the opposite direction and when I have made it to the Garden of Eden I plan on running it forward in real time like “Cold Play?. If I were to use my other idea I would have a war scene and a bright light appearing suddenly depicting Christ’s return. I would have to more reading to find out exact scene of the “new world? but it will probably be close to what the bible says. My technique for recording will be to simply use a digital camera (still mode) or a web camera set at video mode (taking pictures every second). The camera may be set on a tripod facing the city having it perform its normal functions (cars moving in the streets, and people walking). I will probably use Legos for the buildings and people. The Garden of Eden will probably be a diorama while the animals will probably be figurines. For my dialogue I will probably have two people wondering what a better world will look like for my first idea. The dialogue for my second idea may be panic from people, and/or a political leader giving a radio address similar to the stop motion video “Revolution?. I would like to have music and perhaps I will use several instruments if it is allowed and that is pretty much what my video will be about.

October 29, 2007

How to Create a Superhero

How to create a superhero

October 19, 2007

Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee, may perhaps be best known for her picture projects involving her dressing up as different people. Truthfully I do not see any art in these pictures. Along with many artists Nikki seems to seep into the realm of comedians, which is not necessarily bad but too much humor can say that she is either an artist or a comedian. As I observed her photos and the audience’s reactions to them it seemed more like a comedic show rather than an artist presentation. I can understand that Nikki took a lot of work in setting up these photos but to me it is similar to Dave Chappelle dressing up like famous people all for comedy. For example Nikki has a “Senior Series? in which she dresses up like an old woman, and when the audience saw them they started to laugh. The “Part Series? was art to me because it was Nikki portraying herself and the mood of the audience was in observance, and them trying to understand what it meant. The other series that were presented seemed like sketches some funny, and some not.

October 7, 2007

The Journey

My sound project is about my daily journey from my house to school. I take the city bus and light rail through downtown. I'm fine with the quality of sound of the vehicles but the wind seems to be very distracting and does overpower some of the sounds.

The Journey mp3

September 12, 2007


My experience with technology started, for me in tenth grade where one of my teachers showed me how to use PowerPoint. With that introduction I used computers more to make anything my mind thought of, and research what I was thinking of. I then used my basic skills in PowerPoint to make animations. After a year I discovered imovie and I made 3 movies. I then went back to PowerPoint and months later I discovered Adobe Premiere. I'm still using that software daily to make animation which may take me several weeks to do.