October 13, 2007

Independent Self These Days

Like other students the term prosumerism was new to me and I found this reading to reflect upon a frequently brought up issue: the overall advancement of our society. We previously discussed how prevalent technology has come and this article showed how people now are designing beyond technology. If a product doesn't match up to one's needs then it just gets worked upon to complete whatever task or objective necessary. I thought the artists main idea of design being something that anyone and everyone should do was a good point. Years ago design did not have the appeal it has today. In the past people were rigid with their methods, actions and I think we have become more adaptive as is discussed in the article and the term prosumerism. Along with prosumerism comes the "templated mind". I believe this to be very true about people today. We all seek out a basis for what we need and then customize or adjust it to be fitting specific to what we want. The article goes into details about technology and music sharing and blogging. It is interesting to think how the internet has become our source for EVERYTHING. CD's are rarely purchased because everyone gets music online and communication is unbelievably widespread due to thew ability to travel, journal and talk all over the internet. The article stresses how so many people these days are looking to "do it yourself" but then questions where the receiving end is. While people are working and rebuilding for their own good there still is an end source benefitting from individuals doing their own thing. I hadn't previously thought about it but all the times I am working to improve things for myself I am also working for someone else. I was a little confused as to how this applies with the piece of art. I understand it is a model of building a functional coffin but the reading then questions if you are preparing the coffin for your career. What I made out of that was people are opting to design things for themselves and as a result their focus is turned to living the best way for themselves and their career is not what is keeping them going but rather this other hobby of seeking out the necessary and customizing it for personal use.

October 10, 2007

How-To Videos