November 21, 2007

Lost Eden

For project three I felt that there was something missing from it, the project felt a little dry like it needed music. I wanted to put a small part of a song but since it could only go on a small part of the animation I felt that it would have sounded weird, so I left it without music. Some of the sounds that I had to make were a little difficult because I had no reference point like the buildings being deconstructed, so I just used a sound that which was like a drill. The other sounds like sun and moon passing by I got from the movie ‚ÄúThe Time Machine‚Ä?; to make it sound alike I just made a whoosh sound. When I got to the Garden of Eden I did not want to make it seem like the traditional view so I added some things like I researched on like dinosaurs. In many pictures or videos nobody ever thinks of having dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, everything else was basically traditional. In my opinion I wish I could have gotten better voices because I do not think they fit in the way I wanted them to. Overall I am pleased with the frame rate because the speed allowed the film to be the right length, and still kept the smoothness that I wanted.

Lost Eden

October 31, 2007

Contemporary Art and Animation

Contemporary Artists Working with the Animated Image

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