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Digital Self-Portrait (Mosaic)


Here is the final self-portrait entry. I decided to do a self-portrait of all the self-portraits I've been required to do for previous classes. Then I added my wedding photos. In a lot of ways how I see myself has really changed and I wanted a sense of memory (hence the color palette) and changeability.

In case anyone is curious, the drawing of the palm tree comes from a scar I have. About seven years ago I had a tumor in my muscle wall and they ended taking out that muscle (1/2 my stomach muscle wall) and replacing it with a plastic mesh. The resulting scar runs the length of my midriff. My husband has long been telling me to get a tattoo over it if it bothers me so much. My response is, "What is it going to be? A palm tree?" The result of that was the palm tree drawing. The wavy lines are what I imagine the mesh looks like and how the tattoo would try to cover up the staple marks.

The wedding photo of my husband by the beater car came about because one of his buddies owned that car and it was a pit! My husband asked the photographer to stage the photo and I was supposed to be fawning all over him even though he had this trashy car. That majorly goes against my personality and so at the last minute I couldn't do it and hence my pose. hee hee. What memories! That is the only wedding picture I like.

The funhouse drawing stems from my years at home raising my girls. The funny thing about parenting is that no one tells you it is not all fun and games. You wouldn't believe them if they did. All you can do is stumble through and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised, and sometimes you are not. The ghost-like aspect of myself comes from the idea that I lost myself when I stayed home and became a parent. Most people don't know me by my first name, I'm either Sabrina's Mom or Abby's Mom or Jon's Husband. Very rarely am I Kimberlee. I'm not complaining, just reflecting on how my identity got lost along the way.