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Here is my digital version of "The Frog Prince"


The Frog Prince has long been a favorite story of mine. I'm not sure if it is because I never felt very pretty and liked the idea of being something more than appearances. Anyway...as I pondered this story and trying to make it contemporary the idea for a cell phone sprang to mind. In the original story she has a golden ball. I do not know of many girls today that are desperately attached to a ball, but they do seem attached to their cell phones and "play" with them all the time. The color palette became a reflection of the two characters. Green for the frog and red for the girl. Yellow went along with the "gold" ball. I still feel like I need to change the first frame. I just couldn't think of a way to get the idea across that she was always on the phone without the layering. I'll work on that.

I like coloring in my own sketches as a way to work digitally. It seems more personal and expressive. Someday I'll go back and add more frames to the story to make the progression more obvious. This is my girls favorite piece, mostly because of the frog's wild eyes.

I did find a link to crazy frog. Evidentally it is a character created to market ring tones. How ironic!
Here is a link to the frog: Crazy Frog