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Mysteries Project - Landscape


This is the second image I did for the Greek Mysteries project. This is the view of the temple from the outside, up on a hill. Because I spent the majority of my time on the interior view, this exterior is not as seemless. There is much research which says the exteriors were highly colored and not the plain ruins we see today. I tried to experiment with the color scheme we were given to create a "jewel" on the hill. For this view I added a few more building around the temple. In actuality, the temple sits low on a hill, below the big temple. For lighting on this one, I relied on gradation (old fashioned shading) to create the sense of depth. The frontal rock formation in reality is a large egg shape, but I chopped it off so it had the look of a column in progress and also so the viewer could see all of the temples on the hill. I made the hills very green because the curse mentions how nothing would grow anymore and everything turned to dust (so-to-speak).