I went out to the hazel wood


I can't capture or describe the ethereal nature of this place...

The Song of Wandering Aengus

I WENT out to the hazel wood,
Because a fire was in my head,
And cut and peeled a hazel wand,
And hooked a berry to a thread;
And when white moths were on the wing,
And moth-like stars were flickering out,
I dropped the berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout.

When I had laid it on the floor
I went to blow the fire a-flame,
But something rustled on the floor,
And someone called me by my name:
It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossom in her hair
Who called me by my name and ran
And faded through the brightening air.

Though I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done,
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

~W.B. Yeats


I forgot to mention that the picture is actually of the hazel wood that Yeats was referring to...

hopefully this comment doesn't appear multiple times (it seems to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not sure if it's actually posting), but all I really wanted to say was good post and thanks for sharing.

I have friends who swear they dream in color...It's just a pigment of their imagination.

Amazing! This post truly opened my eyes. It would've been fantastic if the edge hadn't have run off the screen. I believe it was the image at the bottom. Merry Christmas!

There is of course a lot to find out about this. i believe you've made some really good suggestions in on top of that.

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141, to enjoy themselves too, not to appreciate the advantages of others.

106, stupid people, always wanted others to know him. There are intelligent people, but efforts to understand ourselves.

109, compassion is your best weapon.

32, you have to accommodate those views with you different people, more days like this better. If you always wanted to change him, it looks like you will be very painful. To learn how to put he is. You have to learn how tolerant he is.

154, often think that someone else pay attention to you, or want others to pay attention to your people, will live in more trouble.

94, to bring their weight down low, that is the real dignity.

118, thank God I have, thank God I do not have.

48, can not say the line is not really smart.

53, to practice patience, to be willing to indifferent, willing to loneliness.

178, although we can not change the world around, we had to change themselves, the heart with compassion and intelligence to deal with that.

62, revel not and just procrastination, but rather to make personnel listen to fate.

67, you poor, when you go on with their bodies Busch, for instance, sweeping, watering, moving things, etc., this is a donation.

156, look down on others is easy, very difficult to settle themselves.

152, my wealth, not because I have a lot, but I ask for very little.

112, do not know how to respect themselves, who are unable to love others.

66, the world's people want the legal responsibility. Practice of causal responsibility to the people.

9, practice is a bit of work.

71, get along with others is a combination of unlimited tolerance.

76, to reject it with you has become a fact, you might as well accept it, this is called resign to fate.

168, you do not often feel that they are unfairly treated, you should want to, he has been very good for me, this is the practice of martial arts.

when you let the other win, you did not lose any. The so-called win, he has won to what? What? The so-called lost, you have to lose what? What is lost?

134, I hope you always said to myself, the smell of the Dharma, I am the happiest person, in addition to being outside, no anything else.

22, the first Buddhist concept of living beings will never see the fault. You see beings of the fault, you never pollute your own, you do not practice.

97, respectful of the people is a solemn yourself.

44, how many people want to leave this world, he will say the same sentence, this world is really helpless and sad ah!

92, away to praise the practice, like the fragrant beauty of the grass being trampled.

69, silently blessing others with care, it is an invisible donation.

35, medical doctors Ming Zhong difficult person, difficult to cross the Buddha missed beings.

125, right and wrong every day, do not listen to non-natural, non-every day, do not listen there, right and wrong every day, see how you do?

136, honest face of your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself.

16, know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves, to change others.

42, jealous of others, not giving any additional benefit. Jealous of others, it is impossible to reduce the achievements of others.

104, the error is revealed when you can not get angry, do not think willful or noisy, you can hide or overcome your weaknesses.

52, this world is only smooth, not satisfactory.

6, not to mention the poor people, she is more pathetic, his practice and how? They know how much his life?

127, if you really love him, then you have to tolerate some of his shortcomings.

164, you want to grasp the eternal, you have to control now.

133, if all went with him, who is the world itself.

116, not because of a little dispute, relatives and friends far away from you, and not to do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others.

124, a shortcoming often see other people who themselves is not good enough, because he did not have time to review his own.

176, prefer to give Long as Buddhas, sentient beings do first horse cattle.

172, if we look at the raw scrape from the tired look, then all sentient beings, who never did my parents, siblings, relatives and dependents? Who is the enemy of my enemy has not done? If there is grace, all grace with me; If there is injustice, all of them with me injustice. What we have scores like this closeness of the other do? Then the stupid is smart, clever, when everyone, there are stupid, when smart people may become stupid, stupid people who may become wise. Worst people, have done many good things, but not always bad; good people have done many bad things in the future will not necessarily good. So we have repeatedly thought, the so-called karmic, Xian Yu, the many different concepts, they will naturally vanishing. This is not chaos, nor is it good or bad I do not know, but the bias difference to our beginningless opinion, non-discriminatory concept of equality of everything!

142, live in other people's applause, was not withstand the test of people.

86, people are not bad, but nothing bad habits, everyone has bad habits, just shades of difference in terminology. As long as he has the heart to the road, he can be forgiven to forgive, not to him as a bad guy.

79, you would like to thank those who tell you shortcomings.

49, listen more carefully to how people say, do not rush to express your own views.

58, hatred of others that he is a great loss.

31, when you are not Buddhist, you see nothing along. When you later Buddhism, what you see are smooth.

61, the situation is distressing because the Executive, the Executive down situation, you can get comfortable.

2, not so much the pain of others so that you, as that their cultivation is not enough.

123, not to speak of an offensive, not lethal, does not boast has been able to, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy.

88, in fact, the beauty of the people, but nothing with his love.

21, there is no difference inside the heart, is the real penance.

129, all the patients, doctors most intractable of all sentient beings, self-righteous people the most difficult transition.

107, someone is always right, I'll never wrong, this way no more trouble.

98, with a selfless love, we have it all.

78, stress is a necessary process of growth can be bold to accept adversity, life will be increasingly of the strong.

75, not a bath person, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. Reputation and dignity, is from the real ability. Virtuous natural incense.

157, the biggest mistake of mankind is that the heart can not bear the saints.

34, practice is to fix their own misconceptions.

128, to overcome the fear of death, you must accept all the world who will die of the concept.

50, the same bottle, why do you have to install poison? The same mentality, why do you want full of trouble?

true tolerance is, even if he bullied you, apologies to you, and nothing but you, you have enough power to deal with him, and you are able to tolerate him, that his nature, like me, just am confused, or in harsh environments are argued nothing, you do not have to arguing with him, in such a state of mind under the circumstances and tolerance that is the real patient.

68, filled with envy, do not mind frankly, speech is not correct people who can not be regarded as a handsome person.

89, the world is not a never to be defamatory and has not always been a remarkable person. When you more than words, other people want to criticize you, if you less time - people want to criticize you when you were silent, others or to criticize you. In this world, no one not to be criticized.

120, on the death of a Buddhist is not sustenance, but to live at ease the moment and beyond.

100, you think life even better than complaining, for the immutable fact that you accept their fate, in addition to other, no better solution.

81, if you like to see as shortcomings of others, such as the discovery of their exact shortcomings, then your life will be extraordinary.

85, intentioned people who never distorted, incurable.

7, Buddhism is the account of their own conscience, not something to see.

161, right and wrong, and gains and losses, until the final result, in order to assess.

159, if you are ready to get married, tell you a very important philosophical saying 160, if you can ride in peace one day, it is a kind of good fortune. How many people today see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people today have family members dead.

83, time will pass, so time is running out for your trouble now!

27, arrogant people have saved, low self-esteem of people do not save.

137, cause and effect has not owe us anything, so please do not complain.

65, hurt other people with the means to cover their own shortcomings, is shameful.

19, do not waste your life you will regret it in the local.

74, the true life - science, just being hidden in plain tasteless.

90, praise us, praise us, this is not the teacher. Will tell us, directions, and this is good mentor, with whom we will progress.

26, when you know the confusion, this is not the poor, confused when you do not know when is the most miserable.

15, when you are happy, you want to, this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering pain when you want it is not eternal.

162, you do not have to fight and cause and effect, not cause and effect has never been wrong people. You do not have to fight fate and the fate of it is the most fair judge.

77, Buddha bless only those who are willing to help themselves.

139, nothing Do not make gossip talk, gossip is often non-students.

33, acknowledged his greatness, that is, acknowledge their Yuyi.

126, true alms, that is your worry, anxiety, and attachment were all down.

122, the so-called down, respectively, is to remove your heart, Shi Feixin, pros and cons of the heart, attachment.

13, you never have to forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to go, can only be really happy.

59, everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. Do not know life, life for him, is a punishment.

140, most people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied.

165, never bad mouth comes from our mouth, no matter how bad, how - evil. The more you call him, your heart is polluted, you want to, he is your good mentor.

47, to create opportunities for people who are brave. Waiting for the opportunity to fool people.

80, conceived for people who never lonely.

153, you must pull to eat, people must learn to revel down, otherwise you will? Constipation.

51, not something we will always think he is good, it is because you know very little about him, and he did not have time to get along together. When one day, you understand, you will find that the original is not so good as you think.

55, a little more effort to pay attention to others, reflect on their efforts on curbing, you understand?

14, the world has always been painful, with no exceptions.

101, not as living beings Yu Yi, brought their troubles. Not because of the ignorance of sentient beings, and the pain yourself.

138, we really like are the advantages, but also hide a bit, this is called conservation.

103, if you obviously right, others insist that you are wrong, you have to repent to the people, practice is to repair them. What do you all may be able to down, will progress. Is obviously you, you have to seek repentance to others, it is a practice.

117, the courage to accept criticism from others, just can adjust their own shortcomings.

102, others say we are not good, not angry, sad. Pleased to say that we do not have good, this is not good, there is good, good in and bad, to see you will not use?

36, a person can not be from the heart to forgive others, then he would never have peace of mind.

37, heart filled with their own views and ideas of the people, always hear the voices of others.

149, not someone to make me worry, but I take someone's words and deeds to trouble themselves.

110, as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality.

38, destruction of people as long as the word, to cultivate a thousand words, you multi-port mercy.

105, do not often feel that they are, unfortunately, the world's suffering people than we need more.

169, people can violate causality, others can harm us, beat us, slander us. But we can not and hates others, and why? We must maintain a complete nature and a pure heart.

166, when you start living tomorrow, when it was a dispute with you, you let him win, lose with this win, just text the concept of nothing.

115, sometimes we have to ask their own calm, we pursue? We live for what?

145, as long as the peace of mind consciousness, East and West are good. If one is not degree, was not to his escape.

70, speak more jokes, humor attitude of doing things, like this day would be a little better.

60, thinks people who have wealth, the wealth is owned by.

64, when you are honest with ourselves, the world got on no one can deceive you.

73, to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, we can know whether he was sincere.

84, you are deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful.

18, you can have love, but not attached, because the separation is inevitable.

56, eyes wide open not always so great, let me ask you, a hundred years later, which one is yours.

63, not too sure about their own views, with such less regret.

39, when you advise someone, if not consider other people's self-esteem, then even the words are useless.

135, if you can call twenty once a day,

96, silence is the best answer defamation.

113, Buddhism is the only man in the study.

170, contact with any person, to always ask myself, I have nothing against his useful? Benefit him. If I can not personal ethics, knowledge and the power of self-cultivation, to benefit people, equivalent to a debt owed.

91, you now have will be with you the death of others, then why not now Give it to those who really need it?

29, all draconian laws, this is false, you do not get too low self-esteem yourself. All the good ways, is false, you do not get too arrogant yourself.

150, do not bother to misinterpret other people's good, you should be a good place to go.

24, karma-ridden people, all day long looking at other people's mistakes and shortcomings, the real practice of people, never to see someone else's negligence and shortcomings.

99, hatred can never overcome hatred, only compassion can overcome hatred, which is to the eternal reason.

30, when you worry, you have to tell yourself that all this is false, what you worry?

45, love is not a charity, not just charity. Feelings is no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. But people are still persistent and the pursuit of death.

54, alive, is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear, I discovered that someone did not feet.

46, please use the compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction with the grievance that out, other people it is easy to accept.

147, to seize a thing when you hold hands, you can only have these things, if you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose another. If the dead person's heart run your own ideas, unwilling to put aside, then he can only reach a certain level of intelligence only.

95, forming the public edge, is not to hurt anyone.

12, you are ready to accept their fate, because you are human.

171, most people in the face of the other great power, wealth, big, air force, have no choice under the circumstances and forbearance, what a bear it?

131, about the eternal truth, not for any life to death and sorrow weep, because life to death is inevitable.

130, a donkey, even the best grass to eat, will not become a Jun Ma. Respectively, with the dedication and heart to practice, then a big sophisticated, it will not become a Buddha.

1, one reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.

57, For the world Dao Bingjie, but listen to the sound midnight Tu door. Do not just blame their illnesses, disasters will occur, see more violent death in living beings and how much of your sword?

72, do not bother to speculate on other people's ideas, intelligence and experience if you do not have the right to judge, there is usually wrong.

148, people afraid of you, not a blessing, people bully you, not a disgrace.

174, prefer themselves to forgive others, not to let others to forgive you.

144, bad boy, parents are always more to worry about. So for the sin deeper heavy beings, we should forgive him especially pity pity he should not abandon him away from him.

163, you have your view of life, I have my view of life, I interfere in your. As long as I can, I will influence you. If not, then I resign to fate.

143,Men North Face Jackets, the heart is the biggest liar, people can lie to you for a while but it will lie to you forever.

114, Masato line evil ways, evil ways also, evil people line Dhamma, Dhamma is also evil, all the idealism made.

155, I can cook for you, but I can not eat you. Eat each meal is everyone, everyone is an individual of life and death.

119, who can stand in someone else's point of view of others, this is mercy.

41, do not have to go back to curse you people? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him one do?

40, do not you smart mixed with arrogance. Do not make your humble heart the lack of intelligence.

82, to forgive, is to give his mind to leave room for maneuver.

4, good discipline yourself, do not control other people.

175, when you to face things with heart trouble, you will think everything is karma, the world will become ugly and hateful.

93, white day, doing nothing, just as guilty of larceny as.

8, reward and not enough people would often hear wrong; reward enough people had never heard of right and wrong.

146, with a sense of normalcy to life, ashamed of the heart to treat people with heart to doing things, deeds Buddha's heart with bodhicitta.

132, though you hate a person, but he can find the advantages of the benefits, like child have very good people, the world is really small.

167, most of our lives are wasted in the written language to fathom.

151, the world of things, as those who have been intended, that is, of course.

23, every day if you see the fault and non-sentient beings, you have to quickly go to confession, and this is practice.

111, each individual conscience is the most fair judge, you deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience.

43, never waste a minute, think about any of you do not like.

28, you should not have been dissatisfied with other people, you should always review their son. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

11, you never want to thank you adversity beings.

121, the Buddha never force others to do the things he does not like the Buddha just told beings, what is the good? What is the evil? Good and evil or to choose their own life or go to their master.

173, the world had not belong to you, so you do not need to discard, is to abandon all attachment. All is what I use, but not my own.

5, does not forgive all living beings, beings do not forgive, is suffering yourself.

158, you just live your own, do not have to mind someone else's twisted and wrong.

3, if you do not give their own troubles, others never to upset you. Because of your own heart, you let go.

25, every injury, is a mature.

20, did you go, when there is no trouble.

108, to be accidental, and take for granted. So you have to, revel unchanged unchanged revel.

10, in good times in practice, can never become a Buddha.

87, said a lie, to fabricate a lie to make ten, why?

17, today's dedication, will become tomorrow's regret.

! ! 9999 individuals ask you back to me ! ! ! A long time ago, a boy loves girl, and girls to be together, the boy lay down a lot of things! ! Boys and girls met in ten months, they finally came together ... the envy of everyone in the couple, they love the bifurcation of the ... ; ; the addition of a pursuit of the girl who, as the girl and the man long-term contact with, which makes the boy could not bear, the boy was repeatedly reminded, the girl can not be heard, said the boy did not Well, before, before any person will not control her and chat, the boy and the girl was very angry on to argue, in fact, because the boy is jealous, but just refuses to admit, but does not recognize the girl will leave him, although girls to boys Cheng Ruo many times, but he was afraid. To this matter how many times they are noisy. Both boys and girls what to say to exclude the barrier between. Are all unpleasant end. Girls like boys giggle Huan quarrel with her, it is joy to see the boy because of her laugh angry, on the boyish head, that guy called again came, the girl is about to eat, see a girl grinning like boys crazy grabbed the phone to the girl: Of course I want you. Then you say ah, the girl hung up the phone silent. See the girl did not say the boy, raising his hand ready to hit the girl, if usually not to mention playing, that is, more than two can not curse, but eventually the boy still did not play, put down the hand stopped in mid-air, silly blankly away.so noisy, and a month later, the boy saw no need in arguing, that person may be in little girls than their important now. A month later the day, the boy is still sitting beside the girl, but today the boy did not seem to trouble quiet - not just the girl laughed, said `We do not quarrel, and I just want you happy as before as another day, Then we break up. Perhaps we will not separate tired. If little boys and girls that day, at noon to go with them frequented the cinema, watching the last movie. The boy thought it would finish in a quiet and warm in and the girls love him, thought of that guy and send a message to the girl. The boy said: first look, you believe that? I say to you the content, the girl looked surprised silent boy. Content must be his girlfriend he ask you to do, please do not mind I would like to return to the information it promised. ; ; ; ; end of the film, the boy kissed the girl exhausted all about feelings, the way in sending the girl home, the boy smiled and said: After you free, I hope you had more fun, so much turned around and left. ; ; only for a moment of anger, the boy and girl on the end of this the love between ... not long after the girls and the man together, the boy re-find his girlfriend, no one knew he still thought the girl, in love with the girl. Soon the boy and the new girlfriend has gone, the boy did not hurt, because he knows that he is for what it together with a new girlfriend not because of loneliness was like her, she just wanted to get lonely. Sometimes boys really want, is not his as the girl put it changed, I kept thinking the boy regret, vowed to recover the girl. Pursuit of the girl back when the boy before, God is so love to tease people, said the boy found the girl still in love with her, the girl said: forget me, I love him, than do not love anyone else. Deep, deep in the wound ....... because when they are together, the girls do not have said so many love. Even so, the boy did not give up, it's still good to girls, though he also seems to back to the past.This matter was soon know the man, he threatened the boy, also beat the girl, the boy very hard to accept. Know all this only because he, the boy thought about trying to give up and fulfill them. Can give up does not mean you can forget, they want to forget ... but miss the deeper a few days, the man with five people beat up the boy, the girl watched the boy was beaten a few bricks, but could do nothing. She is not unwilling to help the boy, but she was pulled, the girl saw the boy's blood-stained red with them to buy that piece of white T-shirt lovers, those who frantically broke free, the boy rushed in front of rejection of the man a slap, the man dropped the brick, but also the girl a slap. Then the boy to know that the strength to stand up, look at the girl pulled his arms. Of the man said: You again dared to touch her, I want to kill you. Although the station is not very stable boy, the girl can still care very tight, the girl cried in his arms, cried a lot, cry or hurt for a boy ... only she knows. Later, the man police fear the boy ran away, but the boy would not, because he did not want to hurt the girl ... ; but the way to the hospital, the girl said: please do not alarm ? I do not want him to be arrested. The boy was heart hurts, is still the girl said: Rest assured, I will not alarm, you say I will listen. needle, which is after he and the girl with the fifth needle sewing, and have also had to protect girls and joints before, but he did not regret it too, right from the moment he fell in love with the girl forgot what it meant to regret ... ; ; ; this time the boy recovered from his wounds, he and the girl well, the boy with the girls and the thought is good, but did not think ... leave the bandage is also destined to leave the girl, boy injured After also went to see the girl, for the man and the girl manipulated the boy to persuade the girl to leave the man, the girl was silly to say: He hit me is good for me, do not you worry, not you he does not will hit me. The boy was loudly roaring storm and said: I love you is because, do I love you guilty of that wrong? girl did not care then say: If you had that slap hit, we will be more happy live, that slap at least let me know you care about crushed me. The boy finally understand why the original and girls fight, girls always have to laugh, and angry because they had seen the boys make girls think he really cares about .... ah boy, boys, how do you now know ... boy silly, completely silly ........boy disheartened, and people changed, they no longer good for girls, but with her everywhere against, and often said she was busy in the language class, but also spit loudly scolded. No one understand why he is so, only he knows. Because he can not be little girls meteor, even after a permanent cloud Ye Hao, at least the girls also remember him as, if not for love but hate does not matter. While this center will be painful, but the boys have no choice. In order to allow girls to hate themselves, the boy offended many people, but also beat the girl the best sister. He wanted to get a result, the girl hated him, from the original sweet to today's hate, all boys do, but he really happy? Only he himself knows the words ... carrying a conscience more, eventually tired. When faced with a loved one can say the only damage the face of love look, only pretend indifference. Painful experience that the boy, he was tired, regret, want to live in the mask, do not want to be cold and lonely again. He tried to apologize to everyone, but deaf ears to him. He knew that was wrong, no one gave him a chance. He hopes the girl will understand, but the girl did not. Also said to him: Do not you think now that these will only make me hate you more sick of it? Soon the girl and the man has come to an end, and this majority and boys all about it. Want others to forgive the boy, lost in thought. He thought of the past, that they first met the that love, then; phrase she said to him 'I love you'. Everything you want to get the original too, why I do not cherish. Why ... the boy crazy, like memories of the sweet past, who he no longer has in the past, like crazy to blame themselves cursed himself. But has no use, the girl no longer care for him, not to give him a chance. Boy disheartened, like those who lost the same meaning, hard start smoking, truancy, fall in love with the fantasy and nightlife network fascination, all day long with some dubious friends drunk; with some of the women are not serious home. Boy this ridiculous way to use this over half a year, thought he could do forget, but he was wrong, would a reality after the fantasy; sidewalks will be clear later; boys finally come to that phrase: ; and is a late night, the boy, as usual, with a female escort home, because drinking too drunk, the boy has been shouting her name. Escort woman holding hands as a girl, said a lot of sorry; also begged the girl back. The next day when the sun shines in the boy's face, the boy woke up, rubbed his eyes. Saw a woman dragged his exhausted body to prepare breakfast for him, the boy from behind and hugged her, teased with a provocative speech woman. The sentence allows the boy escort woman stopped it all: You are a coward, to escape everything, if you go to face, might get everything you want, including the girl's love. If you are afraid of even, and forget you are a coward. What did you say, coward .. I said you are afraid you will think of that girl, you roll the money out .. boy fell to the woman's face. I do not want money, so much I left. Roll ... a woman did not care for the boy began to say: There was also a girl like you fall, and she is outstanding students in the university met the love of her life, began their love also warmth , but later change of heart that boys and girls in order to restore that relationship, had done a lot and even suicide, but eventually did the results. The girl slowly fall, and dropped out of school to pursue illusory and short-term forget. Then slowly realized that reality is no escape; no one can cheat his lifetime; but it was too late, because the road is their choice. The story finished, the last to send you one sentence: If the girl had given up the chance to own one, and perhaps this would not be sitting today to tell you the story of this absurd and pathetic, so much was also infatuated with this woman had to go ...boy was innocently sitting there, thinking about the phrase last words, students, we all still live in that vision, the boy knew, Not rid the world of him. the word 'roll' the boy that he did not do a good job, then a month, remove the earrings; ring. also cut the hair. went to see the girl, the girl or the 'roll' the boy still did not give up, the previous lost clothes, bought new; the smoke left by the yellow teeth are washed, and the girl to his or word. six months later, the boy recognized by both teachers and students, and better social performance, but to stay or word to the boy. ; boy lying in bed at night, but can not sleep, why girls do not want to forgive me, how do I make the boy how to do ... all night, finally have the means, and this is to give up hope of their own chance, the boy started skipping the ...... girl students, said: I said it, he was powerless to change this person's friends. the eyes of the girl say this is not contempt but a full red worries. as if for boys worry about ..... not a day school for boys, just to pull one another in the street a pedestrian, they Bibi painting, do not know what to say? then let them write out what the brochure. many pedestrians think that the boy is a liar, and far to evade him, but the boy did not storm off before, only he and those who knew him said that if what he was doing. so the shuttle with the boys every day rain or shine city's most bustling area, doing his secret.and a month later, notify the school: boys do not go back to school was dismissed, but he did not when a matter, or a day as before. slowly to the girl's birthday, we are a gift for the girl's sake, only the boys are still pieces of silly things to do that. the day before the birthday girl, the boy disappeared, and lively street markets do not see his shadow. girl birthday party held normally, you have fun, girls also received many gifts, but no one could see the girl is not happy. Impossible, the girls hated him, that is why? Presumably only girl he knows. Girls can not wait to open the package and saw a few of the booklet and a letter from her is to be no signature. At the time the girl would like to split the letter, and a group of friends called the girls to play, as well put off, put the letter put out. girl put on such a simple one, do not know is a love she put down the person's soul. the girl came back to play late into the night and saw the pile of brochures,Men North Face Jackets, roses, and the letter, the girl opened the letter, immediately recognize the boy's words: Hello! I hope you remember me, how our love was beautiful, because I read the wrong one I love you leave me, thought no longer think of you fall , as made me hate myself even more. six months I tried to change me, do, but you did not give me the opportunity, do not know is this feeling will last a sense, but I hope you can see one, even if it is only a few will do. Happy Birthday !..........girl reading book quickly open pile, Home says; love you 999 reasons. One reason: because I have 999 reasons to love you; reasons: first time I saw you was my heart you stole; Three reasons: forget your love my eyes; four reasons ... ........ ... ... Five reasons reason 998: I love you said roll angry look; reason 999: I can write 999 reasons to prove I love you to see the girl crying, picked up another booklet, the first page says 9999, I pray you come back to help individuals: Come back, he is a good boy ~ unknown passers-by; he loves you not miss ah - have been lost; sister, the brother with him right - nice and fourteen Xiaoya ... ... the girl did not dare look down , word for word can still see last page. Tonight I will kiss you in the first place waiting for you, if you have not twelve, I left, out of here, since you will not be entangled again. Girls look at the table has been twelve, but still desperately looking for the boy ran, and my heart kept saying: Do not take the boy, waiting for me; do not go, waiting for me ....... girl to, but seen the boy. Like crazy girl screaming boy's name, no one to her, only her voice echoing this lonely night. Girls Han Lei, and back in that block they had never written oath of the wall separation. How wet the wall, the girl looked through the moonlight. Boy / / / girl stood up, began to find the boy, she knew the boy did not go far, will be waiting for her. Finally in the bushes not far away, the girl found a boy. But he has been dying, the girl clinging to the boy: you do not die, you said that love me to my death that day, you lie; you lie. The boy opened his eyes with a last effort. Smile / / that look and shut his eyes. He knew this moment the girl came back, but made no ability to kiss the girl's face. The body of the girl holding the boy kept crying: you up ah, you said love me. Do you know I love you, I hope you will become better only ignore you; you up Yeah, I promise you, do not leave you; do not you change. I was wrong, I beg you do not leave me ... ... the boy was gone, the girl left the boy a little more ashes, put it in a small bottle, hanging on his chest, she wants the boy has been living in her side. Each vial holding the girl will say: If we were reincarnated, I still love you, never let you leave me again ... ; If you love God, can we meet again! ; friends: Do not stay in love after the passage of time, to know the treasure ; a love stronger than easier to stay in a situation, do not write this love into a ; hurt, if love, make love! If you really love someone! Those who do not turn the men looked bachelor! Widow woman! Please turn it! ! To Happiness! Turn it!

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Please be patient and read on. . . wedding day, Mom asked me: sit in the corner begging look like two people? I think the last time, An old man is staring at me, next to a woman, found that when I looked at them quickly bowed his head. I do not know them but not like a beggar, even folding clothes is a new print can tell. Mom is like the beggar who 佝偻着身子, Granny's side leaning against a cane reason. mom Tianchi is an orphan, no relatives there, do not know if they go on the boom. Now beggar bad yet, like other in front of the hotel, see Which relatives to pretend to eat black wedding wine. I said no, called Tianchi ask, right? Tianchi Huanglihuangzhang my hands and flowers off the ground, said last creak Wu Wu Tang Shu and the Church is their home aunt. I glared at my mother one: almost the relatives away. mom Tianchi orphans do not you? Where's relatives do? Tianchi afraid of mother, bow, said his family's distant relatives, not from a long time. But marriage is a major event, did not come home, my heart felt a relative is a pity, so I rely on ... ... Tianchi shoulder blame also said that before he had relatives, should they transfer table, since it is relatives can not sit back on the table. Tianchi let them sit there and say that's stopping it, also take the other tables eating them uncomfortable. until the open seats that also sat on the table and Tang Shu Tong aunt. I express my thanks for that table through wine, Tianchi hesitation I pulled around them rub the past. Bury their heads back to see the low, I thought to pull back Tianchi: Tang Shu, Tang aunt, we toast to you both! They looked up and stared at me a little bit do not believe. Old couple's hair is gray, looks very old and should look like seven or eight years old, Church aunt's eyes are empty, although the front of my face, but eyes flash suddenly uncertain. I am not sure of the good in her eyes shook, did not respond. The original church aunt is blind. Church, Tang Shu, Tang aunt, this is the I wife Xiao Jie, beautiful toast it to you now! Tianchi in the use of accent to remind them. Oh, oh. Tang Shu crooked stood up, leaning on his left shoulder and right hand trembling Church aunt slightly to reach for the glass, the finger back are yellow cocoon, thick finger in every folder keep the black mud. Facing LOESS back into the air the day so that they prematurely tired knees. I was surprised to find that Tang Shu's right leg is empty. Hall aunt is blind, Tang Shu is lame, what a couple ah? Do not stand, and you sit down. I walked over and held onto them. Tang Shu and shaking sit down, and missed the church by the aunt's eyes suddenly Badabata straight tears, see Tang Shu silently patted her back. The two tried to persuade them, but I left Tianchi pulled. I told Tianchi said, so they go home to give them a little money when it, too poor. Both are disabled, it simply can not figure out how the day before. Tianchi nodded and said nothing, tightly hugged me. the first year of New Year's Eve, said the stomach pains Tianchi eaten dinner back to the room under the bed. I let my mother boil point and rice also followed into the room. Tianchi lying in bed, eyes still simmering tears. I say this without Tianchi, New Year's Eve is not the first one to eat dinner with us, but also ran the room like this. If we were ill-treat you like family, a holiday you stomach pains, how can such a thing? In fact, I know you're not stomach pains, Well what happened? Tianchi bored a long time that I'm sorry, he just thought of Tang Shu, and together father and mother died and his aunt. He could not help but fear on the table, just mess with the excuse that parents upset stomach pains. my arms around him said: What a silly child, after the New Year we want them to look into their opinions, They say I want to know is how to live. Tianchi said forget, particularly difficult piece of mountain walking. You will be tired, and so after the road leads to our birth, then I will take that to see them right. my heart to say: so we do not have children when they must be in it! But did not dare speak out, saying one to give them some money and resent it! second year I happened to travel abroad during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-day and not go home. I particularly want to Heavenly Lake and parents, talking on the phone I just Tianchi. Tianchi think I asked how do I get sleep? Tianchi said on the Internet or watching TV, and then not sleep like that too harsh with his eyes open. night, we talked until the phone far too hot out of power. lying on the hotel bed, looking out the window round the moon, how I could not sleep. Tianchi tears to his eyes open, like father, like mother. Tianchi estimates did not fall asleep think, maybe is online fugue. I turn to open the computer, re-apply a QQ number is called reading you would like to make fun of what Tianchi. Checked, Tianchi really in, I take the initiative to add him, he accepted. I asked him: good day for a ten thousand happy, why do you still hang it online? He said: Because my wife away on business, could not sleep so she would like to see on the Internet. I quite satisfied with this sentence, then hit again: his wife was not at home, you can find a lover instead of, say, online, console itself about. long time before he knocked a line: If you are looking for lover, then I'm sorry, I do not find the person you are, goodbye. I'm sorry, I did not mean, you do not get angry. Ba Baba, I quickly made in the past. After a while he asked me: how do you are wandering the Internet it? I said: I am working away from home, now want to father and mother. And her boyfriend had just completed through telephone or sleep on online. I also want my father and mother, only, parents home, son wants not. pro out, son wants not. How to tell? I repeated this sentence struck in the past. I am a little inexplicably, Tianchi how to say this is the case? you call read you, I let you read today, for once. Some things will get sick in my heart for a long time, sun drying out will be a little more comfortable, anyway, I do not know you, as you listen to a story! So, I accidentally know Tianchi have been hidden in the heart of the matter. 30 years ago, my father had not married soon fifty, because he was crippled and poor home with no girl is willing to marry him. Later, the village had a beggar came and helped a blind old man is also a woman. Very ill old man, father to see them in their own poor let them rest. Did not expect to stay the old man had gone up, then the old man's daughter is blind woman that married my father. gave birth to my second year. my home life was very hard, but I've never been hungry a meal. Father and mother can not field types, there is no income to someone else's home stripping corn kernels a day taken off fingers all Xuepao the next day and then wrap the cloth strip. For me to go to school, the family kept three chickens, two chicken sold for money, leaving me to eat a raw egg. Niangshui begging in the city when she heard the baby to go to school in town eat eggs,beats by dr dre headphones, eat our house baby, the baby will be more intelligent than the city. But they never eat, I saw your mother back into the pot after the egg shell in his mouth licking the rest of the egg white, and I hug your mother crying. Say whatever they refused to eat eggs, the father knew was going to use the sticks after the angry Mother. Finally, I compromise, provided that the three of us one to eat. Although they agreed, but each also symbolic of the teeth touch it. village's people never called me names, call me a lame blind home. Father and mother heard someone call me with that person will be hard. Mother took the bricks will not see the chaos hit, his mouth also swore: all you Sha Qiandao, our lame blind, my baby properly, it is not allowed to call out your way. A future you do not like my baby. that year in the exam, exam, lame blind home good news for the county's first really popular for a father and mother. Out of town for our family all tuition and fees, the day the father sent me to school the first time out of the mountain. On the train that will, my tears rushed straight out assassination assassination, father for my hand leaning on hand Shui Calei: into the city must learn, after the city looking for work in a wife. Someone asked about your father and mother you say you are orphans, no father and mother, or others will look down on you. Especially not on the wife to marry, people will dislike you. Miss you marry a wife, I have no face to see ancestors. father! I let the father do to say, this is something, do ye not useful for father and mother would not recognize it? Mother also said it was the truth, to listen to. You do not remember you in school? Just say you are lame blind home, people will run you get dirty looks. Beginning teachers do not even like you. After you go home with the wife said, Men in town is your aunt Tang Shu and Church. Mother finished in that Ma Lei. Dieshui, wife not to take home along the back will not help your mother revealed the secret. And then to my arms, ten hides your mother cooked eggs dragged away. my tears fall down flutter assassination assassination, disability is not their fault, it is unfair to their God. But they had a perfect Tianchi to me. This silly Tianchi, this father and mother, no longer perfect. I am very angry, so how he look down on me? it later, you tell them your wife is your aunt Tang Shu and the Church? I knocked over this sentence. I did not believe. My wife is looking for are not father and mother, father and mother can not recognize it why? But I am out ten years, a father and mother have not been to my school. First year of work, I want to play with them into the city, they refused, saying that people know my parents are disabled in my shame, affect my bride. A lifetime in the mountains do not want to go out. Mother said she is come from the city, but also mean nothing. Later, I talked about the first girlfriend, when I think about the time when you take her Huile Tang family. Surprisingly, after arriving home, she did not stay to eat dinner meal left, I hurried outside, she said, and such a person to live her day does not go. said our family genes have a problem, certainly not after the health of children. How far I let her anger roll far. Home, your mother in that cry, father also called me. That I do not listen to their words, have to our family of incense can not be broken. Later, I met a second girlfriend is now my wife. I love her, afraid of losing her dream, her family and very wealthy, some relatives are fine people, with the warning I am afraid only a lack of filial piety. But the holidays, I wanted one to them, heart block fast enough, uncomfortable. you never told your wife? Maybe she does not care about that? I did not say, can not tell. If she agreed to my mother I would not agree. I live with them, father of the people out there face. If the father and mother to a shame they do not? I can only sneak in a trip back to learn when spotted two. Thank you so much to listen to me, my heart now more comfortable. under the net, I still do not feel Italian. Children said the mother never too ugly, dog sees a poor family, see what we have done? I understand the frustration Tianchi, but also to understand his father and mother's difficulties. But they did not know I puts the innocent into a ruthless face of adversity. days will be put off, I knocked on the manager's door and told him the following things that please him full authority to deal, I have a very important thing to do as soon as possible, all to please him. Then simply pick up the luggage I went straight to the train station. Fortunately, catch the first train. really difficult piece of mountain walking. At first leg is still too strong, then grind the soaked my feet no longer walk. It is noon, the sun tan powerful, and I were just breathing. Back to the water were nearly finished, and I do not know how much the following way to go. Took off his shoes squeeze the blisters, which would be painful I cried out loud, really want to make a phone call to Tianchi to take me home, but finally refrained. Pulling a flower from the roadside reed mat in the soles of the feet, feet feel more comfortable. The father and mother think of Tianchi labor at home at this time the look of legs suddenly came strong, stand up and continue to move forward. when the old mayor took me to the door when the Heavenly Lake, and that a burnt red of the sunset was shining on their doorstep on the old date tree. Tang Shu sitting under the jujube tree, oh no, Tianchi father, father's older than the marriage that much, hand peel the corn, quietly leaning on his crutches incomplete piece of the leg. Mother kneeling on the ground ready to receive a good drying corn, is a hand line and a way inside. this, like a painting, but painting is the most perfect father and mother in this world. step by step I walked to the front of them, see my father, in the hands of corn dropped to the ground, mouth open and the boss, surprised and asked: Are you, are you hanging over it? groping in the side to ask your mother: his father, who now? days, Heavenly home. ah! In, where? Mother panic he found my direction. I bent down luggage, and then grabbed her hand, facing them, with deep pain, heavily kneeling down: Dad! Mother! I'll pick you home! father a couple of dry cough, tears silently out from the face covered with wrinkles. Anjiu said, I keep the baby not in vain Ah! Mother put his hands in rubbing back and forth from a body, and then hugged me, line by line the tears from her eyes empty excitedly to flow into my neck. when I go with father and mother are put firecrackers in the village. I was a scenery for the father and mother. when Tianchi opened the door and saw me standing on either side of the father and mother when the no small surprise, stared stunned at that, a phrase unknown. I said: Heavenly Lake, I read you. I put the father and mother we take back. Such a perfect father and mother, how can you be willing to throw them in the mountains? Tianchi broke down in tears, hugged me tightly, as the line as his mother tears into my neck.

fact, buy, you can use instead of papaya seed powder,monster beats by dre, freeze time, making it simple and fast, you want to freeze food (liquid) above the cloth with a quick rub with papaya child, and fell down to the liquid to the powder items will be frozen in liquid jelly general, not the fridge! do not know if you can not buy materials. In fact, fish powder to buy this stuff really is not good, generally sell more foreign goods, some supermarkets will sell, Guangzhou, where it is difficult to buy. Taobao above touches everything oh ~ ~ ~ West Point, baking something very complete, you took the trouble, then you can go about, anyway the thing is not very heavy. Note: you can not buy jelly powder, sugar, melted the use QQ to do some post said to do with agar jelly, although you can do, but the bad taste out of agar to do, very crisp, no taste of Q not give you some jelly fish powder easy way to do it, I believe you always have the right to use cornstarch ~~~~~ I done Jelly Oh! Materials: cornstarch, half of gardenia fruit (can buy at pharmacies), cold water, sugar. tools: stainless steel bowls (soup that one), spoon, filter, pan. Approach: first gardenia fruit cut into small pieces into the pot, add boiling water, the filter used to filter out gardenia fruit. Gardenia remaining juice stand. Probably put more than one-third of a spoonful of cornstarch to the stainless steel bowl, add sugar and juice, stirring gardenia, plus two cups of cold water and mix well. Stainless steel bowl and then heated until the material becomes viscous, and other materials, cooling, and then into the refrigerator, remove the cut block later, topped with syrup and their families can eat. Kudzu powder can be used to make jelly especially recommended - do jelly Oh, super simple, super delicious prepare: pure milk 200ml, QQ candy 11, a few raisins. QQ sugar with the milk and put the pot, then stir with a spoon while burning while, until QQ glycosylated open, pour the liquid inside the container , thrown into a little raisin. After cooling, into the freezer. Because I do at night, the morning after removing from the refrigerator, everything OK. powder really good oh! ~ Creamy and full of jelly and tender. ~ Good good food. there is a chance, we can try. And most important is: is not time to do it easily. simple jelly material: Wang Zi QQ a packet of sugar, milk and a box of method: QQ sugar into the hot milk, cook of the thousand million! And then into the refrigerator for one night! the next day you can eat them! add a little fruit in there good too! the smell of cold milk (use cotton candy on television this method introduced) material preparation: 1, 2 milk, a bag of cotton candy (bag , are sold in major supermarkets) 3, fruit (species not limited to, to see personal favorite) production methods: 1, the milk into the pot and heat 2, then the marshmallows into the pot Stir in melted 3, until marshmallows melt completely turn off the heat into the container after the spare 4, the fruit and cut into cubes, the amount of added cotton candy filled with a milk container, then placed in the refrigerator freeze 3 hours (preferably on the cold storage room on the freezer frozen and not frozen) 5,3 hours later, after removing from the refrigerator to make ice cream, cheese it! This Road ice cream cheese is characterized by: 1, making simple 2, make a good ice-cream cheese like jelly, crystal clear, eat mouth feeling very much like jelly, a little bit of sweetness, slippery, very tasty. can also add in milk chocolate, made of chocolate Musi Oh! also do not have jelly powder jelly Ingredients: Apple juice QQ sugar practice: 1. QQ sugar will dissolve in hot water, you can while dissolve while heating, QQ sugar can put points 2. in the QQ into the sugar solution in apple juice, then stir with a whisk, play bubble 3. down in the container into the refrigerator, out over a 3-4 hour like Hey, try it:) to do with the QQ sugar jelly, super simple material: three bags of QQ sugar, a milk pan, your favorite fruit cut into small. started slightly .... first turn on the water into the milk pot open, about 200 ml of water, opened the QQ sugar into them after boiling, turn down the fire and stir until sugar QQ complete melting point with chopsticks that look, if you feel a little bit sticky feeling on it, poured into a container (preferably with the mold) and then put into your favorite cold fruits small, and then into the freezer , 1 --- 2 hours to get food to eat the. By the way, before eating a slightly larger bowl with hot water, a container filled with jelly in hot water, shake about, this will be very easy to buckle the plate on. make their own jelly material: QQ sugar (quantity determine the hardness of the jelly! orange drink own favorite fruit into small pieces practice: the orange juice into a small pot, heated into the QQ sugar, stir to dissolve sugar QQ open, then the pot into a small container of juice, the fruit small particles into the container, then freeze the container into the refrigerator for half an hour to an hour! half an hour to an hour after the show, inside out and pour into small cap can eat delicious home-made jelly, ah ! own jelly made without preservatives and we quickly made themselves very tasty try! milk, frozen milk [materials], a packet cotton candy, fruit [Methods] 1 2 heating the milk into the pan, then stir into the pot melt 3 cotton candy, marshmallows until completely melted off the heat back into the container 4, the fruit cut into cubes, the amount of added cotton candy filled with a container of milk, then into the refrigerator freezer 3 hours (preferably placed in the freezer frozen and not frozen on the freezer) 5,3 hours later, from cream cheese on the refrigerator after taking out good friends! Features: make good ice cream, cheese, jelly like, like, crystal clear, eat mouth feeling very much like jelly, a little bit of sweet, slippery very tasty. You can also add in milk chocolate ################ simple jelly [materials] Wang Zi QQ a packet of sugar, milk, a box [Methods] QQ sugar into the hot milk, cook of the then refrigerate overnight jelly super simple way! not jelly powder yo. jelly powder so hard yo I teach you a trick, super-simple way Want QQ sugar you must eat it, today we use a package orange flavor of QQ candy bar, and a glass of orange juice, canned if you like some orange best. pot and add cold water first and then the QQ into the pot has been stirred into the sugar to melt, then pour the right amount of fruit juice and orange on OK and finally filled to the cup, frozen on the refrigerator 2 hours, jelly will do the work. romantic autumn purple Material: amount of lavender, violet amount, amount of shredded coconut, sugar amount, Robertsons box of pure gelatin (50 grams), a box of Danone yoghurt (vanilla ice cream has become), water bowls, flower ice lattice ( Chennai heat to 100 degrees), stainless steel container (bowl 2). practice: 1, each with a bowl of boiling water method with bubble tea, get to spend liquid, sugar amount of seasoning. 2, with lavender flowers poured into a stainless steel bowl placed in liquid water heating pot, stir into the Robertsons half a box of pure gelatin (25 grams), stirred melt out and let cool. 3, violet flowers fluid according to the 2 for, can love adding shredded coconut amount. 4, scalded with boiling water grid pattern over the ice, into the jelly with a teaspoon of water, placed in the refrigerator freezing. 5, jelly solidified, into the Crystal Cup , into the yogurt (or melted ice cream), and then discharged into the jelly, please enjoy the romance of autumn. cool summer notes (10 copies) material: 6 different flavors of jelly powder, the color box (strawberry, orange, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, blue even do not know), Lo Robinson pulled a box of 50 grams of pure gelatin, coconut amount, amount of Danone yoghurt (or ice cream), fruit, moderate, 6 bowls of water, note-type freezer (temperature above 100 degrees to Chennai), stainless steel container (bowl 6, plate 6). practice: 1, placed in boiling water pot with a bowl of heated water, add pineapple jelly powder stirred melt, add 2 tablespoons plain gelatin stirred melt, remove the let cool. 2, according to a the other jelly powder. 3, pineapple jelly water cool down after adding shredded coconut. 4, note-type cells scalded with boiling water over ice with a teaspoon into a variety of jelly water, placed in the refrigerator freezing. 5, the rest of the jelly water poured into a stainless steel plate placed in the refrigerator, solidified with a knife divided into blocks. 6, block crystal cup Pour jelly into yogurt (or ice cream), and then discharged into the notes jelly, add fruit, completed practice beer jelly ingredients: gelatin (farmers market will be able to buy ), Apple. practice: fish powder mixed with apple juice, apple juice and gelatin ratio of 1:5, even after mixing, the powder will be mixed with fish juice in a microwave oven heat 30 seconds. 30 seconds after the juice out, then put it in cold water to cool to room temperature, and then into the freezer one hour out of the box. delicious and nice beer jelly, If you are interested, you may wish to Try it. pineapple (pineapple) lemon jelly Material: pineapple 100 grams lemon 1 / 2 jelly powder 10 grams of fine sugar 10 grams of water 20cc practice: 1. diced pineapple, juice into the blender after the filter back in the labeled (3 to 5 pieces do not stay broken back). 2. jelly powder and caster sugar and mix well spare. 3. Jizhi lemon and mix with 20cc of water, into the practice of 1, then simmer to boil, to practice the material slowly into 2 and mix well, Add pineapple Ding, pour in the model and let cool, refrigerate solidified. strawberry jelly practice: can be bought ready-made jelly, the jelly on the glass, then pour in the cream or ice cream, jelly, and finally wash the strawberries, sliced ​​neatly code at the top can be. strawberry soup practices: Wash strawberries stalks, then put in the juice machine in minced, and then further to add a little strawberry jam strawberry juice, condensed milk, honey, a little orange juice, crushed ice can be placed last in the above. strawberry cake practice: 1. the pan paper shop in the oven, and then into the oven pre-heated to 18 ℃. 2. the eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, stir milk set aside for later use. 3 will remove the moisture of fresh cheese to 180 grams 4. the egg yolks, sugar and steel into a clean pot, heat the water heating means to send to the full thick-like 5. Step 2 Add milk and processed materials, fully stirred and then poured into the pan to temperature ℃ 180 ℃ bake 12 minutes. 6 in the cake cool down after removing from the pan 7. the ice cream to cool down the way across the pass to the foam after which will be divided into 8-9 equal parts sugar, slowly join to pass uniform, and finally adding vanilla extract and mix well. 8 to wash the strawberries stalks, leaving only 2 to 3 for decoration. 9 Step 7 treated wipe cream evenly on the cake, and covered to pedicle strawberries 10. placed in the refrigerator 20 to 30 minutes, with the remaining whipped cream cake decorated surface. covered with strawberries and mint leaves and then sent to the refrigerator after 20 to 30 minutes to complete. plum vinegar jelly / material Geely T18 grams fine sugar, 150 grams cold water 700 g plum vinegar, 120 g cellophane model 1 large sheet of practice 1 Geely T and fine dry mix sugar mixture, add cold water and mix well with fine sugar over low heat until heated Geely T is completely dissolved, then add plum vinegar and mix well. 2 will approach a jelly solution, while hot into cellophane, the following can be used to support a small cup, with a ribbon tied into a ball, set up free clip grip, so that the bottom is not deformed, so cool, you can put into the refrigerator. cool summer practice notes (10 copies) Material: 6 different flavors of jelly powder, the color box (strawberries , orange, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, blue even do not know), Robertsons box of 50 grams of pure gelatin, coconut amount, amount of Danone yoghurt (or ice cream), the amount of fruit, water 6 bowl, note-type freezer (temperature above 100 degrees to Chennai), stainless steel container (bowl 6, plate 6). 1, placed a bowl of boiling water pot with boiling water in the heat, add pineapple jelly powder stirred melt, add 2 tablespoons plain gelatin stirred melt, remove and let cool. 2, according to a the other jelly powder. 3, pineapple jelly water cool down after adding shredded coconut. 4, note type scalded with boiling water over the ice lattice, with the teaspoon of jelly into the water, placed in the refrigerator freezing. 5, the rest of the jelly water poured into a stainless steel plate placed in the refrigerator, solidified with a knife divided into blocks. 6, massive crystal cup Pour jelly into yogurt (or ice cream), and then discharged into the notes jelly, add fruit, complete. almond apple frozen practice: 5 grams of jelly powder with cold water to open, add apple juice 250 ml mixing uniform, heated to boiling from the fire, into the jelly mold. apricots chopped adding mold, etc. after the deduction of Ning Zhu, put the container into the refrigerator. red bean milk pudding practice: 5 g jelly powder with cold water of the open, adding the right amount of sugar and 250 ml of milk Stir heating, boiling, remove from heat. honey jelly beans into the mold, then pour the hot milk good . Ningzhu deduction out. honey and milk, beans, sweet incense perfect combination. crystal dragon jelly practice: 5 g jelly powder with cold water of the open, under the personal moderate amount of sugar and flavors added lemon juice, mixed with 250 ml of water stir, heat to boiling remove from heat, pour into jelly mold. dragon fruit pulp removed cut into Ding added mold. Ningzhu deduction out. cold after eating , sweet and sour orange jelly material: gelatine film 15, orange juice 600 grams, sugar 30 grams, vegetable oil 100 g milk, Orange wine 30 grams, 30 grams of fruit preserves, Tapie model Method: (1) bubble ice water to soften gelatine film first alternate. (2) orange juice plus fine sugar, boil 80 degrees, fine sugar until completely dissolved you can turn off. (3) added practices (1) Drain the soaked gelatine pieces and mix well, pour into hot model, to be moved into the refrigerator after cooling stereotypes. (4) pass the whipped cream, then add orange liquor gently mix in the reserve. (5) to practice (3) of the orange jelly removed from the refrigerator, squeezed a little practice in the above (4) heavy cream , add some fruit preserves embellishment, it becomes a rich and colorful desserts.

teach you the self-made kimchi - spicy cabbage today I put kimchi production methods to teach everyone. We might do a do it yourself, since you can not eat supermarket buy delicious spicy cabbage. need to prepare the main ingredient / ingredients / spices: a cabbage, radish 800g, leek 150g, water celery (Korean concentrated markets have sold) 150g, green onions 100g, onion 100g, shrimp (mashed) 100g, ginger foam 20g, garlic foam 160g, sugar 50g, chili powder, 200g, 250 seafood shrimp paste high 3 / 4 cup onion 300g, pear 2, glutinous rice flour 50g, sesame seeds a little. salted cabbage: 1. First pick a good solid full surface of the leaves and remove the cabbage leaves. 2. the cabbage into two, the head and then cut back (pictured). 3. the cabbage soaked in salt water (a small basin of water put 3 tablespoons of salt) over 2 / 3 minutes later picked up and get rid of excess water. 4. to put on a uniform coarse salt cabbage leaf on each. 5. After the cabbage into the container, the pressure on hand and then soaked cabbage in salt water just down near the container, can be silent over cabbage. 6. salt system, the process is best to double every twelve hours cabbage, making every part of the cabbage through the salt. 7. cabbage salt to the cabbage stem with a finger pressed to feel very soft and salted to complete (in my personal experience about the system 20 hours to salt). 8. cabbage with the salt water flush system for a good 2 / 3 times into the drain basket in good control excess moisture. sauce production: 1. first transferred into a thin paste of glutinous rice flour, such as pot and pour boiling broth in seafood, is consistently clockwise After stirring the direction to the container containing cooling. 2. radish, onion cut into filaments, water celery, onion, leek cut into small pieces 2/3cm. 3. the prepared ingredients and garlic foam, foam ginger, stir the onions are placed with the cooling liquid sauce in a good seafood, but also the chili powder and ready to go fully into all the spices stirring. smear sauce: 1. the salted cabbage into a good clean container with the clutch a little to make a good sauce cast, wipe from the inside out when order, both before and after every leaf of the cast full of sauce. 2. After wiping sauce sprinkle sesame seeds into a good seal in place near the refrigerator crisper. Tips: 1. choose chili powder ingredients most critical time. Have to buy the Korean or Korean chili. General chili powder sold in supermarkets are not very satisfactory. 2. If the system too long salt, salty, you can rinse with water several times more. Can also be soaked in water. 3. salted cabbage and finally put a good spicy taste best eaten the day after. If you like to eat a little acid can also be put in place after a day at room temperature food. 4. The best time to wipe the sauce to bring rubber gloves to avoid irritation to your hands. 5. kimchi fried rice can be done, you can soup, you can also eat with the pork. After a time one after another to teach you. 6. wipe the rest of the sauce in the refrigerator when the next production can then use teach you self-Korean side dishes - salad cucumber preparation of materials and spices: Ingredients: 3 cucumbers, salt particles sauce : chili powder, 2 tablespoons Korean chili sauce 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon chopped green onion at the end (light blue part) 3 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon sesame seeds 1 / 2 tablespoons production methods: Wash the cucumber, remove the ends, cut into blocks of average size of the blocks 4,5 then each cut into 4 equal-size strips After all the cucumbers cut into the container, sprinkled with grains of salt, ten minutes marinated in pickled cucumber sauce of time can be adjusted. Very simple, all prepared in the seasoning sauce into a small container mix well. container will be preserved after some cucumber juice, cucumber juice, drained, then put sauce mixed with a uniform mix, so that a simple Korean dishes - salad of cucumber on the well . Placed in the refrigerator crisper in refrigerator after half an hour you can eat. Very simple, right! Detailed authentic grams, 500 grams red pepper, cucumber and 1,500 grams. The first step is to pick dishes clean. then cabbage cut into sections of about five centimeters, white radish cut into blocks about two centimeters square, the red pepper into a piece of lobe, cucumber, cut into large segments. Then sprinkle salt, 300 grams, brake water. About four or five hours later will be a lot of brake to the water. net to find an oil pan, into the water three liters, then add 100 g sticky rice flour, sugar, 150 grams, then boil, let sugar dissolves, had sticky rice with a fine mesh to remove the knots to the knot. And then pour into the chili powder 100 grams boiled boil again, turn off the heat, let cool. Note that this can not be burned to a sauce pan ah ~ ~ ~ next friends on preparing other marinade. Include white radish, 1,000 grams, cut into wire; leeks 250 g, cut into sections of about two centimeters; apples and pears of the three a total of about 1000 g peeled, cut into wire; onions 500 grams, cut into silk; ginger 100 grams, garlic four, five, are minced. so that the pan sauce cool enough, put these ingredients into them, and mix well. then put the finished brake squeeze water dish of water, into the sauce, the mix all, put the altar, fermentation ... ... this fermentation Time may vary depending on temperature, are generally 4-5 days of spring, summer, three days a week in winter you need. Summary: pickled kimchi should be noted that during the question (1) jars, cleaned, must be dried, not with raw water. (1) kimchi should be placed on the altar where a lower temperature ,3 - 5 ℃ environment is appropriate. (3) feeding kimchi should pay attention to keep clean, dirty things to prevent oil mixed with the altar, or easy to make kimchi water corruption, smelly. (4) sink full of water and pay attention to maintain clean, regular clean replacement. For security purposes can also be added in the sink 15% to 20% of the salt water. (5) have found surface albuginea should be removed immediately, and add a small amount of liquor and fresh ginger, garlic and other inhibiting bacteria growth. While the altar filled with vegetables, you can stop to create anaerobic conditions. unique taste of Korean kimchi - stuffed cucumber kimchi to do this, use the Northeast. dry cucumber buy, to choose relatively thick cucumber. After the buy back, to rub salt, salted and placed in salt water 4-6 hours. The amount of salt and proportion can refer to my previous blog post - Korean-made pork with cucumber pickle + pickled cucumber when bent cucumbers are free to play when that marinated, and marinated cucumber cut 2 equal parts, about one-fifth do not want to leave off, because even inside the folder filling the folder is: a small green, blue, red peppers, onions and apples. They are all clean, except onion are cut outside the wire. sesame, cleaned, put in the green leaf, green, red pepper, apple and onion, then roll up into sesame roll. Cucumber core in place, It should remind you that within the limited capacity of cucumber, sesame roll that do not roll too thick, ah ~ ~ ~ If you have the ability to dig out the yellow seeds, and that the effect will certainly do it better. Next take a small cup rice flour, add 3 cups of water to boil, as Xixi rice paste, and other cool thoroughly, add 3 tablespoons white vinegar, 1 tsp salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, to adjust the taste, then add dried mushrooms, peppers, onions, and lemon to add flavor. and then installed can be appropriate to add some pure water. And then dipping a few hours, and so into the taste, you can eat. Eat when cut into bite-sized lump on it. authentic Korean spicy cabbage practice of two 1. cabbage one, strip the outer layer, washed, inside and outside even cast salt, pickled half a day. Note: spicy cabbage production from start to finish can not dip oil 2. marinate for a long time, after squeezing out the moisture 3. ready: ginger, garlic, apples, pears 4. ginger, garlic, apple, pear cut last child, apple, pear with 1 / 3 or half can 5. red pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, as well as fish sauce, soy sauce, feel the same amount of processing. the amount of red pepper spicy you like to see how much also depends on the freshness of red pepper, preferably to a little incense 6. join amount of cool boiled water, put pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate and mix thoroughly 7. to end child into the apple-pear ginger and garlic red pepper in 8 . stirring 9. start pickles! Starting from the innermost layer, the transfer put on a good chili gooey cabbage on the inside and outside wipe Note: You must wash your hands or with a plastic film gloves ah 11. Zhengke are wiped well 12. Take a lid of the container, pay attention to cleaning, must not have oil, if no cover , can be sealed with plastic wrap. 13.3-5 days after the successful 14. the last plate birds, wow Kaka ~! super tasty and weight of Korean cold noodles the noodles in a large bowl, put your favorite Cuisheng students spicy cabbage, cucumber, apple slices or a watermelon slice, tomato slice, sliced ​​beef sauce, spread half of eggs or egg Pisi, sprinkle with sesame seeds, red pepper and then pour cold soup, cold soup, the most important must do first and in the freezer to the refrigerator and even some frozen ballast with ice, this will be more refreshing. If I eat in a restaurant sometimes put a little cold beer in the soup will have a different flavor, and now will put some real wine, you may also wish to try. cold at home to do the raw materials: Korean cold half a catty, amount of spicy cabbage, half a cucumber, pear 2, 1 egg, cooked a little white sesame seeds, dried chili a little, 2 cooked beef sauce, coriander 1, 2 tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt,dr dre headphones, soy sauce,, monosodium glutamate, orange juice or (Pear, pineapple juice), sesame oil (sesame oil I hold) Korean chili sauce (can not) production methods: 1, the cold blisters cold soaked 1 hour, then rub their hands open, so the surface will not stick together, remove and reserve 2, the pot filled with water, add eggs start to cook 3, adding purified water in the bowl, then add vinegar and a half two, two tablespoons sugar, until then enjoy according to personal taste that neither vinegar nor Tang Wei, but a mixture of sweet and sour taste to 4, add salt, adjusted slightly salty, then add a little soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, sesame , orange juice or (Pear, pineapple juice), then shredded cucumber juice soak into the 5, open water under the surface of the wok after the fire to boil, immediately remove the surface, on a network of bowl, then rub the tap to clear soup noodles until noodles slippery non-stick hand 6, remove the dough, water control, adding a large bowl, add pickles, pear slices, cooked beef sauce, dried red pepper, chili sauce, parsley, tomatoes 7, the eggs out, peel cut in half in a bowl and put on the final point of ice and you're done the teach you self-made Korean food - braised potatoes, chicken primary materials and spices : whole chicken, onion 1, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 2-3 potatoes, green pepper and red pepper little sauce, garlic, chili powder, ginger, a little, half a teaspoon of sugar, pepper a little flour, a little sesame oil. 1. to dig a good chicken viscera and cut into suitable blocks, soak the water about half an hour or so to go out off the smell. 2. good to soak the chicken, cleaned and placed on the colander a good control excess moisture. 3. the prepared potatoes and carrots, cleaned and cut into large pieces. 4. the onion and red pepper, green pepper into four soak in cold water put aside. 5. 3CM the onion cut length, cut the garlic flakes, ginger pounded the broken foam. 6. Prepare a small container, put 3 tablespoons of sauce, two teaspoons of soy sauce, half a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of chili powder, chopped garlic with the ginger, pepper, sugar, sesame oil a little after the full mix a mix, until the sauce into shape. 7. and then prepare a slightly larger container to control the chicken put to good water, then pour the prepared sauce on the chicken full of stirring, the every place makes chicken glue sauce. 8. the salted chicken stirred for half an hour, set aside. 9. salt in the pot into the system after about two spoonfuls of oil after heating. 10. the oil burned for heat, when the salted chicken into the pot a good stir fry. Completely fried chicken from the pot after the surface of the side gently into the water, water added to the foam cover over three-quarters of the pot after the chicken to a medium heat. 12. heating, when added to the seven mature chicken prepared potatoes, carrots into them, then add salt and stir fry a few appropriate after the cover and continue to have a medium heat. 13. heated to a certain extent, fewer soup thickens then the onion, peppers, onions go into the high-fire after a few anti-speculation until the vegetables are bright in color after the pan. Korea tomato oxtail soup Tips: Shelter is the most active cattle parts, so its flavor is most delicious meat. Meanwhile, Port of sweet peace, rich in pectin, more bones less fat cream, full of flavor, can benefit blood, make up the essence of strong physique, Zi face; modern nutrition because of its low-fat high-protein, rich in nutrients substances, and view them as healthy and nutritious food. blood and kidney of oxtail soup 1, raw: a cow tail, mountainside two, ginseng a, ginger; 2, oxtail segments extended divided into joints, soak in cold water to blood; 3, yam, peeled cut, add the oxtail fly water, ginger, a spoonful of wine, boiled hot enough to boil, playing to the floating foam; 4, turn slow fire to burn three hours until the shallow white soup, oxtail soft rot, and finally add wolfberry rolling boil for 10 minutes; 5, when the drink, according to personal taste add salt, white pepper seasoning can the. Korean seaweed soup beef ingredients: seaweed: beef (1:1), green onions, garlic Ingredients: White sauce Lu, sesame oil (soy sauce, white sauce is a colorless gel. You can also use regular soy sauce, but the soup's color will be darker. have a special Korean dish made of seaweed soup soy sauce.) practice: seaweed cut into 1 × 5cm to the bar, plus a bowl of water, put the first microwave oven to cook 7-8 minutes. (Korean seaweed with a little bit different from our side, Korean food recipes do not have this procedure.) Shredded beef with white sauce Lu, sesame oil and mix well, marinate 10 minutes. Shredded green onions. pan pour a little oil, burn 7 into the heat, add garlic until fragrant removed. (Korean dish is corned beef with garlic, feel the taste too.) Stir into the beef, cooked beef color and pour into the kelp (with water). Salt, to boil. Finally, you can add green onions. kelp in South Korea is considered tonic saint. Kelp is rich in protein, vitamin A, minerals, iodine. Easily absorbed, the body has great benefits. In addition,mont blanc pens shop, seaweed contains soluble fiber, more easily than normal fiber digestion and absorption. Can eat kelp iodine, blood, weight loss. Korean miso soup sauce is a favorite Korean seasoning, it has soy sauce, a large sauce, chili sauce, sauces, moss sauce, miso and other species, including soybean paste, hot pepper sauce can be used for miso soup, do grilled fish, barbecue dips, can also be used to burn a variety of dishes. Red cooking is very good, especially good at making Korean food, she said the fat content of less miso, low in calories used to make miso soup, easy to eat a sense of fullness, it is food for the MM want to lose weight oh! cooking materials (three copies) Ingredients: Beef (184 grams), shrimp (68 grams), tofu (1), green pepper (1), peppers ( 1), cucumber (half the root), onion (half), fresh mushrooms (3), minced garlic (1 tablespoon), chopped green onion (1 tablespoon) seasoning: oil (5 tablespoons), salt (1 / 5 tablespoons), South Korea, miso (2 tablespoons), South Korea, chili sauce (1 tablespoon), chili powder (1 / 3 tablespoons), chicken powder (1 / 3 tablespoons) 1 beef against the texture cut into pieces, add 1 / 5 tablespoon salt and 1 / 2 tablespoon oil grasping uniform, marinated for 15 minutes. 2 cucumber slices, bell pepper cut into triangular pieces, onions, shredded, cut into strips, fresh mushrooms, tofu cut into small pieces, shrimp and cut the puncture to be. 3 Take a casserole, into 4 bowls of water, high heat 5 minutes into the shrimp soup made of shrimp, cooked shrimp dish stand. 4 Heat 2 tablespoons oil, pour the marinated beef stir-fry until meat color, into the shrimp soup boil, then pour into the casserole back. 5 continue to add 2 tablespoons of the oil pan, saute garlic and onion, into the cucumber, green peppers and fresh mushrooms, salty fried foods 2 minutes. 6 to the casserole, add 2 tablespoons of Korean soybean paste, 1 tablespoon Korean chili sauce, 1 / 3 tablespoons chili powder, 1 / 3 tablespoon chicken powder and 1 tablespoon chopped green onion and stir well. 7 into the fried cucumber, green peppers, fresh mushrooms and onions, mix well, cover with the heat and simmer 15 minutes. 8 into the cooked shrimp and chunks of tofu, stir gently, cover and continue cooking 5 minutes, you can turn off. Korean pig hot pot Korean hot pot (with pork soup almost) material: Korean hot pepper paste, Korean soybean paste, pig bones, potatoes, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, ginger, etc. . practice: 1. the bones had washed with water, placed in a boiling water to remove blood. 2. just over the water into the pot of cold water on the bones, onions, sauce, cooking wine, cinnamon stew slowly. 3. then add chili sauce Korea, South Korea, soybean paste, a small amount of salt, and simmer. 4. until the meat a little time away from the bone into the potatoes continue to simmer. 5. and then add cabbage, cooked, turn off the heat,dr dre detox, add bean sprouts to the final. Korea Lachao cake material: rice cake or rice cake pieces right amount of onion 1 / 4, less than half the carrot root, cabbage or cabbage a little, green onion 2, Korean hot pepper sauce to taste (just put the sauce seasoning on it, which already includes sweet, salty, spicy taste, etc., and also according to their need to add sugar, garlic, salt and other seasonings and then.), the amount of water or broth. Preparation: Wash the shredded cabbage or cabbage; onion strips; carrot slices; wash and cut onion back. mouth-watering Korean BBQ smoked dipped in special sauce, listening to the vegetables gently entrance sound, taste the tenderloin of the slightly mellow, sour juice of any seepage through the tongue, cool, cool cool, drink a cup of Lhasa beer, never had really a wonderful Experience ... ... mention Korean food, people immediately think of is that it's barbecue. Is also a barbecue, Korean food and Chinese food are very different. The barbecue lunch is meat on the sub-Sunburn (iron nails into the plate), the following wood-grilled; and Korean restaurants the grill strictly speaking, should be considered a The lady in the above first wok brush a thin layer of oil, then put steak, tongue, sirloin and seafood, sashimi on top. Blink of an eye, floating Meat will curl into your lungs, along with meat on it, mainly Korean barbecue beef-based, beef tenderloin, steak, tongue, sirloin, as well as seafood, sashimi, Korean barbecue is delicious, especially the grilled beef tenderloin and grilled steak the most famous . The delicious cool of its tender meat, so that each person will relish tasted. This is because every Korean restaurant attaches great importance to the choice of materials, many Korean restaurants with beef comes from specialized Roulian company. Different depending on the desired parts of the meat, where the cattle eat the feed, there are different formulations. It is said that some cattle raising, to drink beer, listen to music, but also for specialized massage. If true, is unknown. However, the Korean barbecue is definitely the choice of materials is strictly true. , reveals a delicious; Hunan spicy is hot, straight punch, and without any disguise; Thai spicy and sweet, spicy rough, with a rich tropical flavor; and the spicy Korean food, but the entrance mellow, potentially very strong , will make you a really sweating through the field. Like hot friends, we might go see for yourself.

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