When do you know it's been worth it?



On that day, I knelt on the Burren
Captivated by a crevice
An almost alien microworld
On that day, you stood
And smoked two cigarettes
In my garage


The Burren is a landscape in Ireland...unique and amazing. Learn more here.


Afternoon, the sun floating down the lazy ground, lengthwise on the road, the boy carrying the girl riding ..... girl clinging to the boy, Ce Zhaotou in his ear so sweet to ask, she know that this problem is not the answer 100. with Jiaochen chuckle,Herve Leger Dress Sale, she said: taking advantage of the opportunity to stop the red light, he raised his hand than a girl thought for a moment,Herve Leger High Neck, happy, said: green light, the boy is not only becoming vehicles to face the reality, and convergence from a smile, gently told the girl: This answer is good to true, like lying .. and then guess .. ? boy holding girl's hand, smiling at her, girl laughing, loudly said,cheap Herve Leger clothing, on . boy shook his head, between them do not need to wait, only the test of time ....... a hundred years is enough. boy said, girl laugh, laughter to light bell boy a red light .... want to hear

1. do not use water, plush toys clean clever way: the bowl of a large grain of salt (ie, coarse salt, the supermarket on sale, 2 per bag) and dirty together into a plush toy plastic bags, Department of mouth, hard rock dozens of buttons. when the salt has been removed due to adsorption of the dirt and become gray and black. advantages: avoiding the plush toys knot caused by washing, while the effect of salt as well disinfection . fast and save time. principle: the use of salt is sodium chloride on the dirt of the positive and negative ions adsorption. analogy: This method can also be used to clean the plush padded collar and inside the plush cushion like small things. 2. egg yolk separated clever way: the eggs into a bowl, using an empty drink bottles in the egg yolk gently draw the above can be easily separated egg yolk. advantages: clean and sanitary than other traditional methods of quick, if temporary no egg yolk, the lid can be covered with bottles, directly into the refrigerator. 3, thick blankets clever drying method: the blanket drying in the sun along the diagonal clothing ropes, the time required for drying can significantly shorten. 4, within the photo frame fixed clever method: put a rubber band or a few pictures monkey behind a good glass can be pressed again. yaw oblique vertical pendulum swing as you wish. principle: the use of rubber band increases the friction between the photo and glass This method can also be substantial with the fixed picture. 5, clever orange peel Paper method: This method seems to had been made, and I repeat it. with a steel spoon to dig up the pedicle oranges, dig a circle slightly larger than the spoon, then spoon close to the orange leather insert ( spoon fit the curvature of the curvature of orange peel), forced open the skin can be a little bit. do not know whether or not such a clear statement, Oh 6, identified using the watch clever direction (conditions: sun) method : the time was divided by 2 to get the number of pointers at the sun's direction, then 12 points in the direction is north of example, two in the afternoon of 14 points, only 2 of 7, the 7 o'clock position at the sun's direction, the 12 direction is north. 7, basin cleaning clever way: the rest of the tea to drink with gauze wrap, dipped into the amount of cooking oil to clean, and then after a little cleaning detergent can. advantages: Compared to the traditional scrub with scouring pads and other methods, this method avoids scratch the plastic surface while the plastic will scratch the surface uneven, is more likely to accumulate dirt . principle: oil oil, 8, stainless steel cutlery cleaning clever way: when to cook the carrots do not cut head after the roast on the fire to clean stainless steel. Advantages: do not hurt surface finish. principle: forgot, huh, huh. seems to be little use of acidic roasted carrots it. 9, clever foam Eight meters way: the colored hard boiled beans and rice into the common thermos bottle, add water, place ten hours, you can pour an ordinary pot or pressure cooker porridge. I have used this method several times, it is strongly recommended!!! very convenient , greatly reducing the porridge time cook the porridge sticky waxy waxy, very delicious!! 10, How to wash the dirty mouth of the bottle small way: the egg shell fragments into something, into the bottle, heating water, hard rock, to washed clean. principle: the use of egg shell to remove the friction lining attached to the bottle of oil and jam and the like. 11, open iron cap clever methods: the bottom of the bottle firmly with the palm can easily beat a few unscrew the cap. 12, egg clever sticky glass or porcelain methods: using a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of egg white (after cooking egg shell is enough to use the rest), applied to stick and the two edges of the glass, squeeze the two pieces of glass together, for 24 hours to cement. supposed to apply equally to some of the porcelain. 13, egg sticky shoes Popi children clever way: with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of egg white (egg shell left after cooking is enough to use), smear the inside of the broken skin of children , can be a good stick, and leaving no trace, not afraid of water immersion. 14, clever addition to the body of the electrostatic dry winter way: wearing slippers in the usual location of the central heel Dier tie a small hole with an awl, Then two thumbtacks were inserted from the soles of shoes and a small hole, so that the tip part of the offset. Dier wear out relatively thick leather suit with a pin so you can pay attention to the tip of a sole individual in a Waner 15, fried bread pieces clever fuel-efficient method: first a little bread pieces in a bowl of water before soaking into the pan fried, fuel-efficient, healthy, look better taste. 16, fried dumplings clever way: add a small amount of oil in the pan, a little heat, add a small steel steaming tray, fry the dumplings on top, not even paste. 17, clever addition to clothes, bed sheets on the hair and other clothes, sheets soiled with hair like a small thing, hand-pick a lot of trouble, so many people in the supermarket to buy the kind of roller with adhesive tape to stick it in addition. There is a more economical and convenient method is as follows: used in the preservation of a roller membrane (ie, paper tube) tightly wrap one end of two of the most common rubber band, and then holding the other end of paper tube the use of rubber band friction, hair and other debris can be wrapped around the rubber band on. Clean up after completing the rubber band to take down, put the water wash can continue to use. 18, clever storage bought tofu tofu, very perishable, in the refrigerator can store up to two or three days, and easy to tacky. method: the tofu on the salt water to boil, let cool, then put together with water and then into the crisper in the refrigerator, you can store at least one week is not bad. 19, water poured over books and magazines clever recovery: is simple: as long as the page a little dry on the water, then into the refrigerator freezer, can be formed after ten hours as new , a little wrinkle at all. 20, simulation jewelry clever way to protect: the jewelry before wearing evenly coated on a layer of transparent nail polish can. 21. Qiao do brooch in thin shirt when other brooch, brooch itself as the weight, often more obvious in the clothes left traces. as long as the clothes a little glue inside length of brooch is greater than the white medical tape, not on the chest after the town, it will not hurt your precious clothes when we do not scarf with brooch to time, you can also use this method. 22. Qiao worn with a long shoelace shoelace head tend to become loose, good wear. At this time, we just cut a small treaty foil 1 cm wide, wrap tightly in the head a few laces circle, then you can easily wear shoes with a Chocolate and other snacks can be salvaged within the foil. 23. Qiao cut onions without cutting onions is not spicy hot eye eye many ways, today introduced a new point The Methods is simple when you cut onions in the chopping board next to the point of two candles. I tried this method, but also good, although still a little exciting, but will not burst into tears, Oh. 24. Qiao deposit ginger ginger is not very good save, the general practice is to bury it in the sand today introduced a more convenient way is to ginger cut into thicker wire, wrap with plastic wrap and put refrigerator freezer. Remember, the freezer Oh! can be used with the check after This method is also tested in onions, and we can chopped green onion, divided into equal portions, the same into the freezer, with each cooking a packet, so that will not rot listless save ginger out, will not affect the flavor, but also saves each cut green onion ginger cooking time, why not? 24. Qiao steamed custard custard smooth and delicate, nutritious, adults and children are loved, but have a small problem, steamed custard bowl is difficult to clean as long as before steaming, the inner wall of the bowl to cast a thin layer of cooking oil, followed by then stir into the egg. finished custard,dre beats headphones, you can easily wash the bowl clean. 25, clever with a microwave oven is not hot leftovers in the microwave heating time, in order to prevent water loss, we need to cast on a plate, a layer of plastic wrap. heating is completed, the plate will be very hot, we tend to use special gloves to pick up the microwave, but the soup is often dirty gloves, cushion cloth come and collect it, not health, today introduced a simple method: when the plastic wrap in the package, leaving the two sides do not pack, remove hand side when two sides will not be hot. 26, Qiao shoes with easy send off shoes laces in motion the process is very easy to loose, brings a sort of trouble. have a nice little coup could solve this problem: first, the two laces look, then put a small nut, respectively, after the ordinary way in accordance to tie their shoes. This method uses the principle of centrifugal force, layman's terms is the nut on the laces have a tension, so that is not easy to loose shoelace open. analogy: This method is also applicable to other systems where the bag, the bag shut with a rope for example, with a rope instead of buttons for clothes, etc. We can use their imaginations, the shape of the nut is not replaced by other U.S. things, such as colorful beads, rock crystal and other plastic material can be. not only to prevent the tape release, but also play a role in the ingenuity of decorative Oh. 27, there are a lot of eraser to remove dirt MM certainly there are many Bose home bag ah, ah what shoes, these white things above dirty how to do it, I'll tell you a simple and easy to remove the dirt that's clever way. that with the eraser, no matter what dirt, rub with the eraser to erase the dirt, you may wish to try Oh, and white desktop, wall, sofa, what can use the eraser, and we try it soon the other, a friend of the other other coup with his secretly, to tell you ah storage of green beans into the summer, many people have the habit of burning Qushu mung bean soup, but the green beans is easy to protozoa , bought the green beans can be stored in plastic pots or plastic bottle, like a bigger bottle, eat the green beans this summer, also can be stored, you can save the arrival of the summer. can be placed on the big Coke bottle, inside the refrigerator to keep better ~ ~ ~ It was also said to buy back frozen green beans in the fridge out a week later, the infestation will not be then add ten: one egg shell with a bottle of cleaning oil. Installed at home soy sauce, vinegar bottle a long time there will be a lot of dirt, hands and out of reach, can be broken egg shells and placed inside the bear, plus a small amount of water, shake again, you can clean up. two mineral water bottles with the eggs and egg white separating. The eggs into the bowl, a bottle of mineral water with a pinch flat against the yolk gently suck, they can suck out the yolk, give it a try. Third, the clever cook green bean soup: Wash the green beans into the pot and fry 56 minutes, while fried side rolling. Then into the pot to cook, so easy boiled, and beans, and skin, regardless of home. Fourth, how the bag of vinegar into the bottle? With the bag of vinegar into the cup on, and then cut a small hole, and then further down the bottle is very easy, and no leakage. five, boiled milk coup: the first to add a little cold water, then pour the boiling milk, do not paste pot. six biscuit moisture: the family a long time to buy the biscuits will tide, bad taste, put in a few boxes of sugar cookies, the problem is solved. seven cups of tea with the dirt on how to do? Use toothpaste to clean, quick and easy. eight, the battery anode coated with wax, anti-run electricity. We all know that if you bought the battery time is not the case, it will naturally reduce the amount of power, using this method can effectively prevent the loss of power, there is experimental evidence oh. nine, at home, scissors unfavorable how to do? If you compare the blunt scissors, cut cans with it, the more the more sharp scissors, with the mill over the same. X. Qiao Jie plaster: plaster was stuck to the skin when exposed would be more pain, the moisturizing cream applied to the plaster surface and then exposed to a lot better. 01. not afraid of spicy onion cut eye: the onion before cutting the nose blocked with toilet paper, then cut the onion will not be hot the eye tears. 02. brush fork recovery: the bifurcation points of the brush into the egg, after which the complacent gets put together after the new look of the ventilation to dry. 03. Qiao cut lettuce skin: cut lettuce, when the skin around the outside of the circle along the white areas (bamboo ribs) cut straight down the line. 04. salt to clean broken egg: just sprinkle a little salt to the egg broken above the toilet paper over a minute later arrested and thrown away the broken eggs on the line. 05. the art of labels: first, use a pen to write the word glass top, and then use transparent tape glue, and then peeled off the tape stick to the glass on the line. 06. Qiao carry cans: to find a napkin and put it twisted into a rope. Followed by the ring-pull cans from going through, put sixty-seven tank no problem. 07. broken umbrella clever use: first remove the broken umbrellas umbrella, umbrella, then a bad bone removed. Umbrella of the interface has a small hole with a pin or small clip and cloth umbrella of the interface connected to a bone. Umbrella are somehow bone interface after a small clip or hanging clothes to dry, very good-looking shoes, and umbrella, then you can do together, not of space. Umbrella is waterproof material, can be made into shower cap, sleeves, aprons, etc. 08. happy to eat watermelon: first watermelon cut in half down the middle, then cut down along the texture of watermelon, cut to the middle. The texture also cut the other to the middle, so cut into pieces of watermelon watermelon seed in the West rang on the surface, using a spoon to scoop out the watermelon seed on the line. Although there was not a watermelon seed are not, but comparable with the less common method of cutting a lot. 09. chives fresh: two pieces of cabbage or lettuce leaves to wrap the leek into the shade on the line, the principle is the fast evaporation leeks, cabbage, water evaporates more slowly. With cabbage leaves to wrap the words of leek leek water is not easily evaporate, and cabbage leaves can absorb moisture. The same way, can also be used to save the coriander. 10. How to wash grapes (20070527): Prepare a pot, fill it into a small amount of starch. Then pour in the water, as long as they diffuse through the grapes on the line. Grapes into the water back and forth then rinse rinse, then rinse clean. This grape can not afford to wash the beads, and wash clean. 111. smoking or prolonged use of dark nail polish, nail color will be a day with half a fresh lemon to clean, wipe the last two weeks straight stains can be removed. 112, life tips: tips for reducing detergent foam: to add a small amount of washing liquid soap powder, foam will be significantly reduced. If the laundry with washing machine, can put a cup of vinegar in the wash tank, detergent foam will disappear. 113, life tips: taking tetracyclines, should not eat tofu, because tofu contains more calcium, with a brine made of plaster contains more magnesium, tetracycline encounter calcium and magnesium will react, reducing the sterilization effect. 114, life tips: ball, loose meat ingredients ratio: ball or loose in the cooking of meat dishes, as long as 50 grams of meat is based on 10 grams of starch, the proportion of spices, loose floss can make cakes, balls Ruannen. 115, life tips: In addition to tie on a clever wrinkles. Beat wrinkled tie without ironing can become both smooth and beautiful, as long as the volume of beer bottles on the tie, then the next day, the original wrinkles eliminated. 116, life tips: take the amount of brown sugar ten minutes to put your mouth for 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth, gargle. Then saline water (water mixed with salt, food base, 50 g) brushing for 2 minutes. 2 times a day, 1 week after soot can fall off 117, life tips: rubber cover on the waste collection bottle up, according to the criss-cross position, the rows of nails in a rectangular wooden board (nail to be nailed depression in the lid), has become a very useful washboard. 118, life tips: to make clothes fragrant: run out of perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. Do not throw away immediately, they opened the lid, on the trunk or closet, make the clothes become aroma very hot. 119, life tips: there will be a long time to put bacon acrid taste, cook bacon when you put in a turnip, and then cooking, spicy taste can be removed. If only the surface of smell bacon, plus a small amount of vinegar and water can be cleaned. 120, life tips: do not watch carefully in the water, can be granular material called silica gel together with the watch into the sealed container for several hours after the removal, the water table to disappear. Silicone can be used repeatedly. 121, life tips: Ganmian article, if you can not find a rolling pin, use an empty glass bottle instead. Filling a hot water bottle with Ganmian article, you can soften the hard surface. 122, life tips: use the toilet to clear the agent when the Spirit: Spirit bursts into the amount of toilet toilet, toilet seat cover boring for a while, then wash with water, can keep the toilet open. 123, life tips: mosquito bite can be hot water bottle cover (about 90 degrees from the temperature of the hot water bottle) on the surface of the skin friction 2-3 seconds, then picked up consecutive 2-3 times, itching will disappear . 124, life tips: be ripe banana in the refrigerator storage, make fresh bananas in a long time, even skin color, which is as fresh as ever. 125, life tips: Using the 84 disinfectant: laundry, clothes and other susceptible white cotton fabric dyed, dyed clothes will be bubbles can be diluted to 84 disinfectant, the use of its bleaching, but also your clothes as it is.

7. God is not your little raccoon, not playing your sport. 8. Life is too short to be sexy. 9. not all look coquettish beauty are the bitch, there may be a salesman. 10. I do not clean your room, my room is chaotic beauty. 11. the law: men 23 years of age to get married, but 18-year-old can be a soldier. This shows that the three questions: First, kill her husband than done easily; the second is difficult to live than to fight; third, more formidable enemy than a woman. 12. sister is not customer service, you do not have the right to ask sister answer to that answer that. 13. other people's money is my worldly possessions. 14. you were born is to be thrown up after 3 times, but has only been caught twice? 15. Some people, when the mask to do than live pretty much. 16. now you familiar? Nothing to play a video, you are your home TV when, ah, one click on the person. 17. to get involved, do not see those as much as possible. 18. Zhang insole face, do not blame people tread. 19. silly B, fighter, slut in the VIP. 20. cow dung cow dung, after all, on Steam, it will not become the meat and potatoes. 21. Get out of here, non-stop rolling ... ... 22. a fierce look at you much, you look closely, not as a fierce look. 23. you are the best example of failed abortion! 24. want mistress not your fault, can come to study at the University is your right! ! 25. temperament to be a rogue, be a good taste of the satyr, to be knowledgeable of the illiterate! 26. You ask what the most beautiful male toad, his answer must be a female toad. No doubt his appreciation, but in which the environment is different. 27. Some things do not argue, the surface subject, secretly resistance. 28. yesterday, picking up a mouse pad, like with computers, we still missing something that Shane? 29. hit you hit you have to pick the day? 30. I really envy you so young to know me. 31. the courage to admit, determined not to change. 32. you crawl on the ground looking up someone else, you can not blame people to stand straight overlooking you. 33. the soul's sexy, sexy is the real bones. 34. comrades not work, still have a successful revolution. 35. too sensible person would miss the opportunity to go astray, and bring along the wrong view. 36. Who is still in there waiting for you after the passage of time? 37. to quit smoking, going to bed early, good death. 38. either beat you, long ago fell out with you. 39. new social evil, ah, why you had not arranged marriages? 40. destroyed and who is not destroyed, destroy and who is not off. 41. No I do not make your bed, mainly because I nostalgia is like slept in bed before going to bed one day. Non-forced me to put this lifestyle issues rise up to personal accomplishment. 42. from mere indifference to what tired? 43. tears exist to prove that grief is not a hallucination. 44. I really do not want to use the toes despise you. However, you force me to do! 45. hate to hear 46. eventually be personally injured, will learn clever ... 47. invisible things of course terrible, but people are not more frightening? 48. Some disappointment is inevitable, but most of the disappointment, because you overestimate their own. 49. do not say a lot of things stuck on and between said between hypocritical. 50. This world,Coach bags 2011, this would really scarce, but the frugal. 51. care about people do not understand, understand people do not care. 52. promise not believe the enemy I live; promise promise not light, so I live people. 53. a man to cry, because he really loved; a woman cry, because she really gave up. 54. surrounded by too many injuries, I hope one day woke up this morning, there is only one person, quiet dead ... 55. Some of the problem is not the final answer is the answer, some things are not The result is that the best results. 56. the world has three kinds of people: First, conscience is a dog who ate the second is the conscience of people not being dogs, three is the conscience of even the dogs do not eat people. 57. a woman's tears is the most useless of the liquid, but you make a woman cry and that you are useless. 58. one they begin, mountains and rivers; an idea off, gloomy. 59. I am convinced that there will be a man is tortured by me and came to this world. 60. heart does not move, no pain. 61. say love me, first learn and be my friend. 62. man is a dog, who pulled who has the ability. 63. hate, and sometimes misuse the power of love. 64. lies and oath of the difference is that one is really listening to people, and one is that the people who take it seriously. 65. Wolf-line world, meat; dog-line world, eat shit. 66. is not the opposite of love is not love but once loved. 67. I do not call you because I do not want to compliment you, you know? 68. wake up, the days are dark ... 69. even David Beckham do not know what qualifications you Ah I would dare to talk about basketball! 70. a man with a toothbrush - I do not share with others! 71. future husband to marry a monk to do, to play on and play, not play to put him to eat. 72. people are not afraid of death, but fear not know how to live! 73. I can not make everyone happy, because not all people are human! 74. I only care I care about you, not in this range! 75. you think you are redundant, in fact it ... you really are superfluous! 76. do not love me, let me ... 77. he love you, is honest mistake, do not easily moved. 78. and then also stand a better forgotten, and then sad, but time has arrived. 79. Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love. 80. men lie, is to make yourself feel better; woman lying, is to make each other better. 81. let a woman have in mind the feelings, so that men have in mind the feeling. 82. feelings of precipitation over time, feeling as time away ... 83. who can understand who's in love, who can understand who's left ... 84. may seem to be about is, however, not necessarily. 85. In addition to change, without exception. 86. a person, treat yourself; two people, treat each other. 87. the earth is in motion, a person will not always in a bad position. 88. oath is just a temporary slip of the tongue. 89. even then want to cry, but also a smile to say: your uncle! 90. Life is like a play, thanks to the acting. 91. Believe it or not I slap you shoot a wall, do not want to pull all pull down. 92. like smoking because it can damage the lungs, but not sad. 93. no one look down on you, because people simply do not see you, we are busy. 94. rather deeply sad, do not want happy superficial. 95. I wish I could like a baby so forgetful and ruthless ... 96. and the people who tear up their malicious. People tear up, only close friend. 97. is now very painful, so look back over time around, will find that things that are not. 98. thing of the past can not forget, but it must be put down. 99. never to betray their friends had betrayed a second chance. 100. you do not have so many viewers, do not be so tired. 101. slut is a slut, the economic crisis, but also you can not! 102. and you laugh with people, you might forget him, but who cried with you, but you will never forget. 103. if in the wrong direction, to stop that progress. 104. you'll cry, do not represent true compassion; I will smile, does not mean all is well. 105. doomed to end in fact a long time ago, but we live in accordance with the fate of the script. 106. I have schizophrenia has been cured, and now me and my very good. 107. hypocrisy suddenly sincere thanks, gratitude lies self-fulfilling prophecy. 108. miss in a lonely moment, nothing. However, if the time missed in the excitement, but also different. 109. I have you, think of the sad. 110. There is no unfinished thing, only dead heart. 111. is not necessarily something I am stronger than others, but I was silent for some more thoroughly than others. Not necessarily more painful than others, some of you, but you express some more exciting. 112. we have a different mask, playing different roles, different interpretation of experience, but have the same sorrow. 113. This year, it was busy, single, was a busy end of the single. 114. happy to laugh, happy to not smile back later. 115. traveling, than ten thousand books; thousand books, as reading countless people; reading countless people, it is better that the teacher guiding. 116. only for Love of a woman, not infatuated man. 117. let me call a low-key here, I have no time to participate in your past, your future I do not want to participate in the killing. 118. my eyes this out, because of you blind! ! ! 119. the world's great corner there is love, I go, you are free! 120. a person is willing to make you sad, they do not care if you cry. So I quickly put away the tears that humble, wash your face and brush teeth, why you doing this go ... 121. If you are my food, I'm sorry, I do not want a bite recently. Moreover, you are not my food ... 122. This week, two on the next rain, the first three days, the second four days ... 123. We have been looking, looking , that we have the outcome. 124. hold your hand, eyes closed, I will not go lost. 125. What is happiness? Is to cover up their grief for everyone smile. 126. happiness and well-being so similar, but happiness is happiness? 127. The first sentence errors, the hypothesis fails. 128. does not love a man in front of your tears, it is an insult to yourself. 129. Letter to all parents: Please do not call their child is 130. a move to go, did not move the dead. 131. love or be loved, as love. 132. When a woman looking at the sky, she did not want to look for. She was just lonely ... 133. It is said, the fart is the crew, and talk and fart, are just one breath. 134. some people love, just a If the other party wrong to love this feeling as long-term, is itself naive. 135. If you can not forget him, do not forget the good. Really forget that it was not hard. 136. If we can not be together, so that we do not fate. Since there is no fate, can not be together then have nothing to regret. 137. How to know the ways of the world rather than sophisticated. 138. Let us suffer psychologically, not the thing itself, but what we think and the things around this tale. 139. treasure to have, not to give up, why not? 140. joy as short as fireworks, feeling as fragile as glass. 141. I want is to eat instant noodles, soup can with humility. 142. do not have to love love is a self-flagellation; there is love and not love, is a kind of self-mutilation. 143. see other people dislike, is their lack of moral cultivation. 144. a woman of taste, what is the taste of her side stood a man. 145. a woman's life into one of the most successful thing is choose a right man. 146. see through time, pretending not to see through. 147. swallowed resolutely not spit it out, so think carefully before eating. Love is. 148. can not agree, but to learn to respect. 149. I do not pot, you'd have a pot to stew! 150. you do not do harm to society is to contribute! 151. to play you should! Do not hit you sad! 152. as are water, put the purity of your mother ah! 153. history, only the names are true; novel, only the names are fake. 154. or forbearance, or cruel. 155. Do not talk to sister asking questions, baidu understand more than the sister, there are problems to find him! 156. the men go home early, telling stories to my wife to listen to; late home, man, listen to stories to his wife. 157. you are so linked to bovine B Why did not you Tiananmen photo ah? 158. plummeted in pots so you know you know what is vegetable! 159. I put the words you can squeeze the oil into the pan to! 160. an educated fool is a terrible fool ah! 161 you, I do not believe even the punctuation. 162.hey, to ask, your coffin is a clamshell or slider? 163.qq higher line rate, that this man more lonely. 164. a man of strength, that is, you pocket the yuan. 165. think about it, or a good nursery mix. 166. the dream is not achieved because not enough reality. 167. If my life is a movie, you are the pop up ads. 168. How can I play with you empty, ah, like me, a big, early schedule this year are booked, I have many, many movies, television and advertising to see ah. 169. I said the brother, I'm not Caochuan, you do not need to always go cheap here, I recklessly! 170. two people after breaking up completely, either in each other's birthday each year to send text messages to send blessings to prove: although you see we two parted, but I remember you even remember your birthday. Dog feces is not necessary to act, you people when the martyrs cemetery? 171. a pair of light long enough that the eyes of the United States, the key is you have to have eyes that can find their ugly. 172. love into marriage, nothing more than slowly put into the experience, which may also not be expected to bear mixed. 173. What are the prices that people are increasingly cheap ... 174. you had in my heart, then you slowly ran my stomach, and then later I put you to digest You run in my large intestine, and finally you become a fart, then I'll put you, you ass I hold you, do not remain in the intestines slowly recollection fails? ! 175. we can brave face - the people you love do not love you; but no one able to face - a long, long time people love you and walked away. 176. how many people have a lifetime commitment to love one another to act out? 177. rumors of bad men to women sanitary napkin will do next life. 178. not often in youth, pay close attention to love. 179. a lifetime of success failed to see the memorial service. 180. if you go first, do not blame me when it turned back to you also. 181. can not find my favorite umbrella, I prefer the rain. 182. No one held my hand, I - hides his pocket. 183. life is not the most important location, but the move direction. Is also a B, you can become all the way north NB, crashed through the wall Do not look back, it can only be a SB. 184. empty head does not matter, the key is not to water. 185. life is chess, I am willing to death, although the action slow, but who have seen me take a step back. 186. shrimp, red date, when is it compassion. 187. friends and the only difference is that Assassin: Assassin stabbed in the back of your knife, your back pain and said, ah, do you? ---- You friends knife stabbed in the back, back to surprise you say, ah, you! 188. China's two major characteristics: does not love to tell the truth, do not want to hear the truth. 189. sentimental results: the feminization of men, women, aunt of. 190. like every drop of wine grapes can not return the original, I can not go young. 191. Life is sweet, food and drink have a computer. 192. In ancient times, we do not network chat messages are not blocked on the road not across the ocean, if I want you to go five miles on the road crosses two mountain to hold your hand. 193. that you do not know, is doomed. 194. estrus and unfeeling of me how you face the melodramatic world. 195. From then on if you want him to forget you, then you always look to you to see him; and if you want him to forget you are from, then look to see him a subversive. 196. I am not a fortune-telling on the bridge, not so much chatter you hear nibbling. 197. comparative study, wine and the sky ... sky, said: roll your mother, I am so busy, how have time for you to look up weather to go! 198. Tiechu to ground into a needle, but only Mu Chu ground into toothpicks. Material does not, more effort is useless. 199. Touxing when a man second only to Einstein's IQ! 200. Some people say that a baby would not have dysmenorrhea, and then give birth to a bar! 201. men will maintain the interest of time, usually proportional to the time struggling with the prey, the sooner surrendered, out of favor earlier. 202. and then also stand a better forgotten, and then sad, but time has arrived. 203.Miss somebody I lost.Forget somebody I miss ... 204. Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love ... 205. young, who for love or because we dance with the field because of loneliness; vicissitudes of life, we ever have any reasons for his rather lonely strangers. 206. Since the two prostitutes claiming to be graduates of a prestigious university, I now generally claimed to illiteracy. 207. man who is bored ah, the nose can be used to play bubble will be. 208. recent poor mad money to buy a pie to eat, but to eating bread. Want to eat pie, and put the film flat bread, eat noodles, and bread on a comb to comb a few. 209. in the workplace should be like Conan did, there is a I let other people die they go where the dice. 210. the wrong, or the meter on the meter, anyway, will the. 211. love is infinitely good, just hanging early. 212. afraid will be more sad than you had to pretend indifference. 213. this world there are two I, a pretend happy, a really sad. 214.'s good for me with you Get out of my life. 215. how would suddenly want to cry? Do I have some small sadness into a river upstream. 216. I do not ask for things, does not mean I do not care what. 217. a weighed me very happy, not happy when I eat something. 218. I wish you lonely, and long life. 219. When I try to improve self-cultivation, when there are always some people just like to serve as cannon fodder ... I ran I had another point of view, give you your heart! 220. no amount of 221.9 roses is a long, long, or 99 roses, not that 99 is a relative luxury long chant ... 222. there is such a person, you send text messages to him, he will get right back to you, regardless of Day or night. There is such a person, you ask him, he will hear you say, you do not want to care for him, he would no longer send text messages to bother you. He is 10086 ... 223. Penguin Penguin GG and MM to date, has not to date MM Penguin site, Penguin GG has been in the left see, right look ... the left to see, right look ... left to see, right look ... see the penguin came after the Penguins MM GG this way, anger! A slap in the face call in the past scolded: 225. boyfriend said he got a job in Thailand, called me at home to work and do not go to Thailand. 226. If you hate a man, put him into a woman beat Li Yuchun, the upper body so that he can not enjoy the happiness, if you hate a woman, put her into the men beat Li Yuchun, the lower body so that she can not enjoy happiness . 227. who can be like my feelings on the yuan as the firm ...... ah? 228. your mother must be full of anxiety when, absent-minded, so illegible ... 229. you do not always like depressed with a look of constipation! 230. more than love is crazy people - romance. 231. obviously township cadres, but also the temperament of the son of wealthy urban bias installed. 232. no one to give you grace, or his right to move the chair. 233. there are retaliatory rebound after the stock market crash it, I occasionally do the next outrageous things, to express their discontent, nothing wrong with it? 234. shake off those young eyes, a few pairs left after ten years? 235. not have a boyfriend who is there every night time ... 236. ears do not hear the window, bent soap opera look. 237. wake up, the days are dark ... 238. as long as you want, as long as I have. 239. a good memory, or too concerned about the reason? 240. you this special kind of people, especially when the person I'm sorry ... 241. there is no need to run the umbrella of the child. 242. If the mind does not like the sea, how can the sea the same cause. 243. only the first one I, who do not do the second. 244. slim gentleman, seeking a good lady. 245. Experts suggest that not more than 24 hours of sleep a day, there's almost on the line, they should not too. 246. If you believe in fate, then the chance is all destined; If you do not believe in life, then all are doomed to chance.

1. and I do not love, hypocrisy. We two have the ability to marry. 2. you have betrayed your rival and who also fall into the river, and they can not swim, you choose to go disco or KTV? 3.love your mother who who ... ... 4. Do not put anything wrong to do all the dirty water splashed in his own body, but also keep flushing the toilet sister does. 5. News Network cattle X is that even if you have been changing, but also read a full news. 6. the two of you whom do the whole face that. . I owe you a loan or how to expire.

Pounding the floor, Barbara is also a strong culture, good, very powerful! ! And I just saw dreams of the Qing, to the mine to not work. . --------------- I reproduced the line -------------------- br> The so-called high click-through rate, is able to groom reading ah, Jinjiang literature, ah, sought after by many on the horizon + four reproduced novel. The so-called obscenity, specially written by a female writer with more than two emotional entanglement between the actor. first state, I do not hate obscenity fiction, to read people's blood boil, still empty, there will be into its body, immersive fantasy effect. People in the plain reality, to retain some of Rose's romance. obscenity is the novel's ancestors Qiong Yao, the Chinese mainland in the development of novel obscenity on the track, it has made important contributions, had a profound impact on people is Xijuan. She's write a successful novel high click-through rate of obscenity, as the writers themselves, must have two basic qualities: a is to have imagination, and make a mess with the imagination of story into the text of courage. This point, the key word is off courage, my knight in fourth, five had written a lot about himself and Richard • Chrysler Friedman's love story, the result was has lost the courage to become despise themselves, leading to now only looking at someone else's book book, fame, fame; second important quality is a tendency to abuse, although the heroine to be content as crape myrtle Mody Mody (next to the word + female) of the child and aspirations changed and thousands of off 100 back still Chongrubujing noble quality. These qualities must not laugh at a man at home by the villain into a prison of injustice and was as large as Shi Kefa, Yuan Chengzhi, Yue Fei, although involving national boat, after all, and the crape myrtle and the nature of the content is actually steamed bun is the same. Yesterday, I saw the gold book, to talk about literature as a young woman how to write a successful obscenity novel. At that time Kangxi Li is the second son of Prince, Queens born, still called the Yin (as word Department, students, and still not read the word is). Have to compete for the throne of the fourth son (later Emperor Yongzheng) led a party , including the fourth eldest and the old thirteen, there bye party (the old 8 and 10 old), old 14 is the heroic cake. The main story is that , a modern 25-year-old girl, for some mysterious forces back to the Qing Dynasty, named Ming Wei possessed a 16-year-old girl who Manchuria, to enter the draft, met you Prince, by the old 4, 8 old, old 13 and 14 of the sought after old, finally gave up the fourth of affectionate, and finally married the old 13 that the hardy, no mother, no one loved young children. Well, the story outline introduction here, here to talk about obscenity in a novel, how to successfully shape the characters. 1. Actress: as obscenity novel heroine, in general, the writer confesses that she would I can unmistakably tell you this is nonsense. She must first beautiful, you do not want to us, get to the stars who think it is. Authors generally love the have a large brain . Or in accordance with the current trends: small chest, but there is the brain, because the chest is too ugly to wear camisole. The students asked, why does not directly say she beautiful? Students, you too Farfetched the. To learn to write for this superb skills, do not try to provoke those ordinary women readers. Basically, each female readers are and generate into effect. Now that's wonderful, called the opponent! as the heroine of the second important feature is that she is not fat, not Kongwuyouli, but it must have full of youthful vitality. She must not exceed 100 pounds, or else, even if you are symmetrical, you are a sad fat. More than 100 pounds girl child, it is difficult to survive in China, you can consider emigrated to the U.S., because here you will be a cute little sweet , buy clothes had to be 0, or trumpet, and everyone Doukua your body good. Self-confidence has been greatly improved , vanity was greatly satisfied. So if you love a girl weighing over 100 pounds, to take her to the United States it! Because it is paradise. as the heroine of the third important feature of the bear must have mental and physical abuse by a dual capacity. We minutes to discuss two points: first, the spirit, go to the ladies of the party, others will suffer the sarcastic comments, you must first endure, show did not go, and will show the eloquent, if not Yede others say. People say, three women in a drama, the other supporting roles, maidservants who must all love behind Jiaoshe Gen Yee on people, you have to care, no matter what others say, just a smile listening to all rot in their stomach, this is the female lead and supporting actress the difference. The second is physical, crape myrtle is steamed bun fight we do not allow that, and that is too simple, they will learn with . To the point we advanced course, you have loved his actor abuse, for example, if 4 Debu to God because of you, call: 'ah, let go! you hurt me I it!'. You can always use another plot is: actor . so, the heroine's body on the wrist and fingers, especially the neck and the chin exposed, can be easily grabbed pigtail place, must often black bruising (by pinching it!). Incidentally, the heroine of the wrist got to be refined, because At this point, Xi Juan, though a pioneer, but went fairly contemporary writer farther, because her heroine is far more than wrist, the body should be abused, everywhere hickey small strawberries. Formula is But it's Xijuan invention can be transparent and fragrant ointments applied to the actress wipe, absolutely do, but one size fits all, it tastes! Really! Although the heroine of the brain developed - as I said - but must be extremely underdeveloped cerebellum the job. Tube for the brain because wisdom, cerebellum tube balance. In adolescence, often walked throws to be laughed at , grew up just fine. But the actress grew up retains all the characteristics of puberty. Students, what are you writing a novel when Department obscenity, be sure to let your heroine underdeveloped cerebellum, so that she will have a chance to fall into the pool rescued , stepping up to the back were cuddle possible. Fall into the pool of rescued, rescue can only be sought after by her male 1 or No. 2 (typically rival), the scenery after that, I do not easily say, you from a half If it is being back for cuddle, and that more likely, one actor (eg, 13 4 Lord God), the second is the male protagonist rivals (such as 8 Lord), but in any case, the heroine of the first be cuddle, the man generally first Was, half a Millionaire be fishing. However, these are not so important, most most importantly, the actress got to be a pure, meaning that no had sexual experience. This, Jia students already had a brilliant exposition: that the girl is not married before Pearl, after the wedding is a fish head up. See Students, if you want to maintain high security hits, we must try to drag the end of marriage. heroine's not had sex in order to make her worthy of those princes, even the wedding night of lust-filled description provided for numerous possibilities. As a literary young woman, of course, impossible to describe our Generally speaking, the word used is The strong contrasting actor actress Puliu weak, this is Roland Barthes five kinds of literary • codes of >, meaning that comparison. 2. Actor actor we can be divided into male and 1, 2, 3, to discuss. Unlike the heroine of No. 1 in men and between men and 2 generally have relatively large difference, he their character might say the opposite. If one is naughty, then the other is calm, if a is flying escape, the other is after things, one is warm, one cold, one is laughing, the other must then be smile, one that was br> Da whole family, and the other without form or color, a clear atmosphere vowed No shortage. Oh, dear students, two the face of such great actor, you fall into a love dilemma. Not proud of, the heroine can not encounter this situation as mundane in all my other dreams laugh, others earnestly to look at this as a trouble of friends. (Note: I did not start the Although this is not enough feminist justice, but it is human nature. Hop on the computer, I examined the thought for a moment, think of a grandson of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao's grandson . Chiang Kai-shek's grandson is really handsome ah! Interested students can go to the dog look at his picture, but Mao's grandson this ... ... ... ... ... ... this ... that ... ah! The weather today is good ah! Students, think it, multiplied by 4 if the grandson of Chiang Kai-shek sought after in you, love you, there is still dominated by anyone, the students estimate is maintained, not anyone's estimated long fly to heaven. Substitution effect can be see how much of the effect produced. Turning back to men and angle, he certainly was very sporty, you can hug, hold, save with being bumped actress, sitting which is not being torn and deformed. He must have a pair of cause, although still suffering uneven and very calm and quiet. He certainly must be rough at what can cause the heroine of He had Kongwuyouli, can cause a variety of injuries in the female body, and can be like to take care of him, give him to discuss drugs, feed him medicine. Students, these are the basic elements of obscenity novel, we must keep in mind, it does not live up to you to the online teaching paid money. above is the content of this lesson, if there is no problem, I gave you the homework. multiple choice: 1. Obscenity in a novel, as there is much choice of words, try translate To set your D. Fu Huang, I would like to discuss your Answer: different from the mathematical literature, no right or wrong. It can be said of the four answers are correct. But apparently the A strong emphasis on results than BCD, B and C slightly to win the reasons is that it is more a classic (Qiong Yao and Xi Juan are used ), and the actor showed indomitable spirit. D had a relatively strong substitution effects, immersive. 2. If the actor and actress to be injured to save, you will choose what parts of the injuries? A. forehead B. arm C. ankle D. chest answer: Select chest injuries the students, must be male students, and is novel to see more yellow male students The Zhangzui . In fact, A and C are all good answers. Generally will not be seriously injured his forehead, and will not disfigured, but generally do not face the blood ferocious, but has a eclectic temperament. Choose an ankle injury can be brought to the following circumstances may of (was holding). And the choice of chest injuries classmates to note that if you do not want to make hits, do not want to write a few more words earn royalties and want to immediately write an end, once wrote that the male and female, you can choose the plot . 3. If the actress and actor for the first encounter must select a site exposed, you will choose: A. wrist B. arm C. chest D. ankle E. thigh correct answer: the students should choose ABCE stations being punished. A and B do not have to say natural, do not you choose it is bound to reveal . C and E must be novel to see more yellow, especially the choice of E students, do you think is the Miss America run it? Is correct answer should be D. Although very exposed a divide-and-imagine, this is the convergence of human superb writing skills. 4. When male and female tokens of love, a man to get what should be the heroine: A. Diamond B. Flowers C. Yu D. embroidery E. grassroots Correct answer: A and B students selected should also be left standing, Tai Su! In fact, CDE is a good choice. C help promote Chinese culture and D, and E expressed civilian students love the plot, the 5. If the heroine must be a disability, she should be: A. B. deaf dumb blind C. lame D. E. be removed ... ... choice of E students, please automatically stood up and walked outside to stand up in class. The correct answer is A and B. deaf or mute heroine's life experience will help enhance the sense of desolation, and if her attitude gorgeous gesture, but also attract the attention of the male angle. Lame it quite right, because after all, does not look good coming out; is also blind, unless you have a pair though blind and still bright eyes. 6. If you want to actor position, into the eyes of your character should be: A. C. Liu Xiang B. Prince D. Yang E. underworld boss The correct answer: In addition to B other than the above answers are correct. Liu Bang is a rogue, unless you want to change this rogue gas quality makes him a love specific figure. 7. Male and female accent should be: A. M: Beijing accent, female: male Jingqiang B.: Hong Kong and Taiwan, female: male Hong Kong and Taiwan C.: Beijing accent, female: South D. M: Beijing accent, female: male Hong Kong and Taiwan E.: Hong Kong and Taiwan, female: male Jingqiang F.: Hong Kong and Taiwan, female: male South G.: Southern, female: Jingqiang H M: Southern, female: Hong Kong and Taiwan. I. South: West, female: South West J.: Western, female: South correct answer: the students, although the problem asks to provide a lot of possibilities, but only one correct answer is C. Port Taiwan accent is definitely not a choice, because Tai Su, so join in on the first pass out they should be, the male southern accent angle to make him look small white face, while the western accent make the actor look rustic, a metropolis of Ho Jingqiang gas included, the heroine makes her Southern accent is cute feminine look. 8. You may choose to let the men fall in love with your heroine? A. a two C. B. better three D. The correct answer: Select D students can get a small red flower. Because Students, we can not only enjoy the spirit as the spirit of enjoyment,Outlet Cheap Coach Bags, be sure to have it converted into a substance the job! 9. If you want your heroine actor holding the wrist release, the heroine should say: A. Let me go B. let me let go C. Well! D. let go ah! You let go ah! ... You (then frown) ... soon to let go ah! Ah, it really hurts ... ... correct answer: In comparison, C and D is a better answer, C's serious abuse plot, recommended! 10. Writing a novel obscenity, your hero should be: A. B. male and female female female male male C. correct answer: Select the C students, I can refund 80% to you. Bitter ah! No female readers would like to see female heroine. Select A reader all normal men and women are willing to see the plot. Option B students with a tendency to Pioneer, as has already been men and men began writing the novel, the plot remain unchanged, but the actress just replaced actor, and this Enchantress, the reader can more smoothly maid into.

1. Choice is always greater than the effort. 2, sales is a great work. 3, the big boss is driving a BMW salesman. 4, the difference between the poor and the rich more than the neck is something different. Think of how poor people save money, think of how the rich invest money. 5, a person is not successful, because people lack a world-class coach. 6, success in life is a choice, a decision. 7, successful people will always affect someone else and not be affected. 8, are all successful learners 9, the more successful people understand more 10, time is always greater than the money 11, I have been successful because I 90% of the money invested in over the neck, you want to make big money, look at your head with no long-term ability to make money. 12, your friends decide your quality 13, self-confidence is a priceless asset. 14, there is a language of energy, the more afraid not to mention the more afraid. 15, changed only in the moment, the concept of change, action to change. 16, his speech is to tell other people to understand, never nervous. 17, a person's success is not his own, but rather how much he paid for the community? 18, success requires an environment: (1) successful work (2) and the successful cooperation (3) allows for their successful work. 19,beats by dre pro, all parents want in their own lifetime, to see children succeed. 20, continue to invest in their own brain, I want I want ;

four. strategy articles 1. success is equal to the target, others are words of comment. 2. clear goals and specific plans; fully prepared, a lot of action. 3. When you become an industry first, the wealth and honor unstoppable. 4. setting goals does not mean that to achieve goals. 5. must be established weekly schedule. 6. target policy decisions, objectives determine the results; goals must be ambitious, plans must be clear and reasonable. 7. there must be a core objective. 8. we must analyze why they did not achieve our goals. 9. goals to achieve: the first to focus, while the second repeat. 10. appearance is the key to success. 11. be sure to use timing, location, and know how to set priorities and to the industry to become the world's top goal. 12. we must know how to focus law. 13. to establish accurate values, over all-round balanced successful life. 14. the election of the pond to catch big fish, the election of the industry money. 15. program is a guarantee of success, the necessary conditions for a successful program. 16. must have a short-term goals (3-5 years), medium-term objectives (10 years), long-term goals (30 years). 17. to achieve one of the most important key goal is to continue to do self-examination. 18. to set high standards, never accept the Dier Liu's performance. 19. things to results-oriented, market to the results of Heroes.

two. work papers 1. Every effort will have a private double recovery, recognition will be out in public. 2. the courage of ordinary people do not want to do, not do, can not do. 3. do you like to do something, then put it best. 4. never want to trade first in line. 5. there is no best, only better. 6. never to do even better than the best. 7. always do more and better than required. 8. with world-class standards to do everything. 9. with world-class standard practice strict self. 10. everything the pursuit of zero defects zero error. 11. continue to create their own world-class platform for success, learning platform, a network platform. 12. just think, not impossible. 13. so-called efficiency is the first time Do it right. 14. everything required quality, the quality of work determines your success. 15. efficiency does not mean busy, busy does not mean that productive. 16. a plan will be effective. 17. effective one is enough, no more and no effective use. 18. extra leverage less effort. 19. Whatever you do, must be happy! Must enjoy the process. 20. pay attention to the fact that force is equal to, pay attention to what I want, I fear, rather than frightened. 21. adhere to the wrong idea, can only get the wrong results. 22. success is not only what you do, but do not know what to do? 23. be sure to enter a positive cycle. 24. before doing anything should have a clear idea and a clear purpose. 25. things must have a focus, must have a strong ambition. 26. goal setting and values ​​coincide. 27. to establish a time limit could be reached but also the goal. 28. the goal of cutting. 29. we must make a dream board, the dream board attached to the upper right. 30. more than ten times a day to write the core objective. 31. the success of tomorrow's first step: handle every day 32. dare to public commitment. 33. self-confidence comes from knowledge, experience, planning and preparation. 34. should always reward yourself. 35. Failure is not the mother of success, only the review is the mother of success. 36. a person must be at least 16 repetitions, 95% will remember the content. 37. self-analysis, where short board? 38. to constantly analyze and improve their workflow processes. 39. good to find you the biggest obstacle and continue to improve. Every day should continue to review their work and performance. Success requires a successful change requires action. 40. Success Success requires action to change 40. every day must constantly review their work and performance! 41. Success Success requires action to change. Every day should continue to review their work and performance! 42. is important is not what happened, but what is done to improve it. 43. to continuously improve their shortcomings, to continually play to their strengths expertise. 44. to carry a laptop anywhere, anytime, anywhere to take notes. 45. Time management is the key of success. 46. to do a daily review of: summing up his right to do what? Doing something wrong? Where you can better? 47. successful time management is to understand the learning experience. 48. with proven ways to reduce the time of self-exploration. 49. Time management is based on what the priorities set priorities. 50. control of your phone time. 51. you have the ability and the use of time is proportional to your success. 52. successful every minute in the most productive thing to do, other things are all authorized doubling time out. 53. the use of the law 20/80, the most important thing to do. 54. Setting the time is not disturbed. 55. the same sort of thing together. 56. you have no way to do everything, but you always have the means to do the things most important to you. 57. must have to do everything listed. 58. do today completed. 59. Only by fully relaxed in order to effectively attack. 60. we must adhere to exercise! 61. every day sit-in. 62. the benefits of meditation: 1, 2 to eliminate negative energy, absorb the positive energy 63. absorb less than the wealth around, because too much negative energy.

three. incentives articles 1. There is no failure, only temporarily successful. 2. everything happens must have its purpose and help me. 3. latency does not mean denial. 4. in the past does not equal the future. 5. If I can not, I must; if I must, I will be able to. 6. did not get what I want, will soon get better. 7. positive thinking, getting better and better. 8. I am willing to accept more wealth and greater achievements. 9. A person happy, because he wanted to make people happy. A person suffering, because he wants to be happy. 10. see the goals do not see obstacles. 11. to make things change, the first change themselves; to make things better, to make their own better. 12. winners never give up, never give up those who succeed. 13. a reasonable requirement in practice, the requirement is unreasonable temper. 14. two focused exclusively, and create 10 billion. 15. positive and successful. 16. a dream, have the power; there is hope, will be hard. 17. successful 18. success is always an excuse to not live under the same roof. 19. attitude determines altitude, the success or failure is determined. 20. things are not possible, to see you are determined enough. 21. adhere to have any value. 22. determined to be successful. 23. all of the objectives can be achieved, all the dreams can be realized. 24. must work harder than your competitors. 25. successful is more about people than the competition. 26. successful with strong conviction. 27. The more you use the better physically. 28. plus as boss of things. 29. to help owners succeed, they will be successful; help owners make money, they will make money. 30. God wants to send you a gift, it will give you the frustration. 31. If the situation has now reached the worst, and the rest only got better. 32. rather hard for a while, not to hard life. 33. is important is not what happened, but what to do to improve it. 34. repeatedly confirmed that he is what you will become. 35. destiny in their own hands to grasp. 36. I am the best! I am the best! I am the best! I like my own! 37. he is a treasure. 38.YesI can! 39. my thoughts focused on creating success and wealth. 40. tell myself that I can, I row, I want to, I would. 41. everything in the shortest possible time to take the maximum amount of action. 42. I have a lot to absorb with every success and wealth. 43. I can have things any human good. 44. I have superior mobility. 45. the best gift in life is to short-term setbacks! Fall is not the point, how stand up is most important. 46. to be successful the first crazy, simple minded ahead. 47. Yes, success will belong to me. 48. I have a great idea. 49. I am a charismatic, attractive man, and I believe I will succeed. 50. I am a very successful person, I live a balanced successful life. 51. the success of economic opportunities continue to be absorbed from me. 52. Success will belong to me, because I am worth it. 53. I have a lot of wealth, my life filled with joy and hope. 54. I have unparalleled self-confidence and charm. 55. Yes, I can have it all. 56. I enjoy every day work. 57. a lot of success and wealth to flow to me. 58. I seem to be a magnet, to absorb a lot of success and wealth. 59. I am very lucky every day I live a happy, happy, happy life. 60. Yes, I can achieve any goals and ideals. 61. everything started thinking, so the changes are in the moment, all customers can be persuaded. 62. play power of the subconscious, subconscious sense of power than junior times!

75. I am always concerned about the customer's needs and his problems. 76. I continue to improve the performance, constantly doubled my income. 77. my deposits continue to increase, the success it is a very easy thing. 78. I believe I will succeed.

I. Sales articles 1. to sell products than to sell themselves. 2. the only big customer buying is attitude. 3. to sell your product is more important than selling. 4. to convince the transmission of confidence, emotional transfer. 5. What is business? Do business is to make friends, more friends the better the performance. 6. customers to buy is always a mood, an atmosphere. 7. marketing is selling mood. 8. the habit of selling title is: not only on time, must also be prepared in advance. 9. to promote the success or failure is proportional with the advance preparation. 10. anytime, anywhere to gather intelligence related industries. 11. for you, and the trades to be omniscient. 12. knowledge, the more able to resonate with customers to find friends like the topic. 13. more about the customers like the kind of knowledge, the more chance of success. 14. in order to get what you see is what you pay for. 15. you in the end what really sell. 16. only when the customer really likes you, trust you will begin to choose your product. 17. You must know what customers really want. 18. we must understand the characteristics of their products in any place. 19. to understand the customer's problems and needs, and then introduce your product. 20. 100 per cent confident in their product promotion. 21. more than the customer to buy products, but buy your spirit of service and service attitude. 22. customers can come meet you half success. 23. See the customer five minutes before the mirror to practice smiling. 24. never left sitting on the customer. 25. successful sales staff has excellent ability to listen. 26. never to praise each other for the opening. 27. from the language, speed and body, action, up to simulate the other, to go along with each other. 28. you have to tell customers all need to know. 29. selling process, the most important thing is to establish trust. 30. without a trace of the product sold, the highest position is the point of sale. 31. your stress will affect your customers. 32. your self-confidence will also affect your customers. 33. sale is to help customers solve the problem. 34. every day should improve your sales skills. 35. with the right methods to sell the company to enhance the performance guarantee. 36. to sell, it is necessary sales results, not to sell the full; talk about, we should tell stories, not to mention the theory. 37. continue to sell, sell resell. 38. should always keep smiling. 39. every customer want to be respected and affirmed. 40. service than sales. 41. begging the customer to help you write the customer witness testimony to provide customers the best is celebrity witness. 42. talked to himself every day of every customer's name and content of the review order again. 43. ability to pay is not enough. 44. on a regular basis, and continuous contact with customers. 45. back to the customer should be 100% customer respect. 46. to constantly come up with new ways to attract more customers. 47. the key to performance improvement: a day to set quantitative limits to complete the degree. 48. To more than who he is more than four times as hard. 49. as long as everything seriously, the performance will be better. 50. have seven days a week, 24 hours a day's work of consciousness. 51. practice what they preach to others is a guarantee of confidence. 52. service terminal goal is to make customers most satisfaction and loyalty. 53. the highest position is the customer service team constantly active referrals. 54. not only service, but also do pre-sales service. 55. customer objections too much, he does not believe that you represent, do not like you. 56. a person has been successful, because quite a lot of teams he wanted to be more successful, must serve more people. 57. Customers do not buy products, still to give customers information. 58. any service requires a lot of promotion, a lot of selling. 59. customers to buy your product, because he likes you. 60. I love my product. 61. to continue to thank customers, because customers make you successful. 62. must work harder than your competitors. 63. every successful man, is the top salesman, has extraordinary persuasive. 64. I have a lot to promote my daily products to the needs of customers. 65. I continue to provide value for money. 66. every customer likes to buy my product. 67. all customers continue to switch to introduce customers to buy my product. 68. Every day I continue to sell products to large customers. 69. I love each customer to sell his product. 70. I continue to introduce the latest and greatest products to my customers. 71. all customers wait to buy my product, every customer is very like me. 72. I have a lot of potential customers every day I want to know. 73. I have a lot of 3A class customers. 74. my service is always the best one in the same industry.

I. life chapter 1. with love to do business with a grateful heart man. 2. do in advance to do things big business small business man. 3. serious work earth person. 4. a person's success is not because he will be doing business but because he is a man. 5.'s quality is the root of all. 6. practice what they preach is a successful start. 7. All the winners are those who pay. 8. always remain humble attitude of gratitude. 9. attitude of good people, more opportunities to make money. 10. all as long as the people, events and things to keep a grateful heart, it will be great success. 11. modesty is a guarantee of continued success. 12. treat people honestly friendly, modest and polite, gracious initiative. 13. your choice of friends, decide your fate. 14. to take the initiative to make new friends with people from the heart to move. 15. with a heart to touch people's hearts 16. anytime, anywhere to keep smiling. 17. the universe is round. 18. we must continue to expand their social circle. 19. looking for friends to do asset, not to find friends to do the wrong balance. 20. continued relationship others, including his family. 21. must understand that often take the initiative to help others. 22. for the ideals for mission work. 23. attentive, serious, hard work, responsibility. 24. because it is not competing with them, so no one fight over you. 25. know how to lay down their movements, the future will be worth special. 26. Good communication comes from a good attitude. 27. new attitudes to create records. 28. adjust attitude and change beliefs; to strengthen action to create results! 29. all must be positive, but never hurry. 30. constantly looking for someone loyal to the proposal.

This is a very ashamed of the letter, see it, benefit! ! ! ,---Finally have the house !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! students: you been? It would be a long overdue letter to write, which should have much to say, but I do not have to write, not to say. Do not want to, but I know you hate an empty preacher. So, I am waiting, waiting to experience your own life, waiting for you from the feeling of life, waiting for your own reflection on the attitude to life. These things just a matter of time, in a semester is over when you start a new semester at the time, I think, you can write this letter, these words can say, I believe you should have and I together certain feelings, thoughts should be able to reach a depth. Remember University graduation ceremony, ** students talking about college life when feeling a remark: spent some time in you, I want to ask: Are you human or scum? if I guess wrong, you certainly will answer: I am neither a human nor is scum, I am borderline between the two. If so, I think: you are the scum fall. You are not that extreme? On this issue, we need to think of it a little too extreme. Has spent the semester in which you are not a lot of time are at a loss, there are a lot of time spent in bed dormitory, there are a lot of time spent on chatting on QQ, there are a lot of time fighting in the network game. Another semester has passed, suddenly found himself not seriously listened to a few classes, although classes are to you above the level of lecturer; suddenly found that he did not carefully read a few books, although there are a lot of your university library collections; suddenly found himself did not learn something, although there are many universities can learn. Not to mention the school did not understand, not to mention the teachers do not care, not to mention the professional is not interested, do not say the school sucks, no reason to fall, just an excuse. If I remember correctly, your annual fee is 4,000 yuan, plus your living expenses and other costs, most of which can reach seven or eight thousand or more, you are now studying in the university, is in the acceptance of a high cost of education, but your parents high investment in your body to get the number of output? ? ? most of you are from rural areas or small business family, not many people at home are enormously wealthy man, you are now the parents with every penny earned hard-earned money, and even borrowed from everywhere money, during which contains a tremendous hardships and the love of you. They were left Chuanghen years in the old face, a pair of eyes full of hope for you, then a pair of muddy and even a little blurry eyes. hope turned into disappointment, disappointment can be turned into despair, but who is this change in the decision-maker? responsibility, not someone else, but his mature thinking the default. You say they grow up, say they mature, but I think you only a 20-year-old to the mature form. Your own parents have never not shirk responsibility, but you have fallen in inaction and commitment to the mission were abandoned. one end of the semester, back home the New Year, your parents still fallen in love with you, you still hopeful, still exhort you asked, but you have not the slightest regret, did not talk about your learning, do not even notice the results showed them to look over, hiding in a corner with their hands should have been signed on to sign by their name. liar, a liar without any sense of responsibility, a liar can be a scum, I do not want, do not want my students to become more so, I have been stubbornly think: you could be my pride. difficult to build a thing, a thing very easy to destroy, the students, keep in mind and take you on parental responsibilities. in college, many students have reflected such a problem: their day in the end do not know what to do, or do not vigorously. This is a very common phenomenon, because you lose the target. For the following reasons: First: You admitted to the university. You completed at the elementary, middle and high schools dominant ultimate goal. For many students, the university is your last studying. Through college to find a job, but this has been done for you in terms of years students still seem so far away. Second: university teaching methods and other times a completely different way of teaching. No one in the university teachers would you turn around, lest you do not learn something, learn not to learn something entirely their own, you have an adult. No previous repeated explanations, no previous finish the job, you feel empty of their own class, learn what will happen, not to learn what? Instead of letting yourself learn to work so hard, might as well make their own flies free and easy point. Third: there are too many universities of their own time. From the previous morning study hall to study up, you have a teacher to complete the task be properly arranged, and now no one tell you what you should do, so you feel perplexed. Most of you lack the spirit of independence and good self-control, you can not seem too much to take advantage of these free. Fourth: college counselor and former teacher is completely different. What should the former teacher tube, like a harsh nurse, not because they see you as a child growing up; counselors now control less specific things, because they put you as an adult. This process, there is a huge gap, psychological and intellectual in you simply can not accomplish this transformation. Fifth: most of you people lack clear, specific goals in life. In the end what people do, in the end to what kind of business, these terms have no idea for you. From elementary school my ideal, to my future junior high school age to high school, my university, to college I confused you in the process to complete the transformation of life goals, what is left is dead insects skin. I think it is the combined effect of this five-point loss to your goal. However, the direction of the ship is not what the wind is not wind. you should find their own goals, not to say that immediately, but in the shortest possible time. Here I give you some suggestions, hoping to help you find the target. first step: put aside all obstacles, starting from a professional, ask yourself what kind of work to do later in the end, or what kind of career. Find a piece of paper, to record their final decision, please do not hesitate. PubMed? Civil service exam? Teachers? Technician? Salesman? Other? The second step: using the Internet and the job market and other channels to fully understand the job posting in your set of skills required for professional and other skills. Most of these skills, theoretical knowledge is from books to, you need to do is follow the order from basic to deep learning to their own book lists a record. This also ask you to write on paper. third step: according to the book has to own distribution of recorded time to learn. Of course, you can assign most of the time should be his spare time. And will it to every semester which, let yourself have a learning plan for each semester, every week, even every day learning program! Step: According to the study plan, down to earth to learn and use all possible conditions to practice. I believe that if each student has a goal, you will over a very full, will be over very busy and will get a lot. So please, gave each student set a goal of their own right. life is like chocolate box, you will never know what it's like the next one! In fact, the above four steps, one, two, three steps are very easy to implement, the hardest is the fourth step, it is not easy to do. First, you goof around too many college students, who aspire to live a chic life peers to be the fourth point, you need to overcome the impact of the environment. Second, the university has too many temptations. QQ, also issued a voice of people itchy; network game has a very close fight sound exciting; street stood a small tree and one pair of cuddling couples; ... ... To achieve the fourth point, you need to reject these temptations, like a monk in the eyes of others, like walking through the university. Furthermore, you should be able to endure loneliness and loneliness, it seems to be incompatible with university life. But the great success and people are alone and lonely, their patience in the process develop their superior stamina and extraordinary wisdom. have called vulture animals, it has profits and taxes of the beak and sharp claws. But with the growth of age, it will become a long beak beak, much longer to peck at their prey not to bite; its claws out between the president of the meat thickly webbed, the claws are connected together,beats by dre studio---Mother rescued two young chi, so that It can not go to capture prey. Will die without food, which is the same law. It, the death seems the only way out. However, it can make the choice of human shock: it's beak in his own hard rock bite repeatedly pecked, broken some long, until the resumption of the previous sharp; mouth to beak to claw the meat between webbed pecking bad, though bloody, pain shivering. This process should last a full month, then they are as old as flying proudly in the sky. pain, great, new process. Life, is it not the same? Some people may ask: why people can live in cool, and I have to fight pain. I've replaced it with another problem: the university in the end is to enjoy life or to shape themselves. many students entered university at all times tried to run for student unions, various associations of officers and cadres. Later, many students are sent a such a sigh: not fair, what to do with the relationship should be. I would like to ask, schools like this, society is what? Surgery on the right of the community, relationships,beats by dre sale---Honey, I never shut down cell, money is not a good time more thoroughly it? Why after you in the end to gain a foothold in the community? No power to power, it does not matter to the relationship to money not money, that in the end what else? Graduate early, or you work in management or in technical work. But you do not have power, there is no relationship, no money, no matter how good management in order to work, in order to get a monthly salary of more than four digits, do not Nankeyimeng it? Your best bet is to engage in technical work, but it requires real materials, might simply with whom great power, relations between hard money and more. after graduation when you suddenly find yourself in addition to outside to get a university diploma, in addition to that a little like a very esoteric topic, the truly excellent and did not learn the skills, the work you do much better than others? Nice point it may be only the name, maybe just anyone can do it. Then you are not even complaining? each of us thought about the quality of life, all want their loved ones to live a carefree life, want to leave their own value in the world traces, but not in the enjoyment of the can be achieved. God has given each of us a hand and a brain, is to make us to create and think. University, this time is your best learning time, so please give up to enjoy your efforts to reinvent itself for the future accumulation of power take-off. since it is about college life, then love is sure to talk about. It is gathered inside the University of adolescent boys and girls, love inevitably occur here. But do not know when the feelings of students flooding. That students are too many mixed feelings inside of utilitarian, desire and indulgence. Graduates each year, the couple were the last meal, the last hug, last kiss, then turned and left foot on their journey, from the feelings of this forgotten, as never happened. Love is seen as a need. university has many people to grasp the love of love, or be caught. But I hope your love is sincere and serious, is pure, is the character's. If you think he very handsome, and he wanted to fall in love, please think twice; if you think she was very beautiful, and she wanted to fall in love, please think twice; if you feel very lonely, want to find a person fall in love, please think twice ; If you are just a few words because after listening to friends, go and love someone, please give up. between carefully chosen; Please cherish your feelings, otherwise it will become very cheap. What is love? This should clear your heart. I think: because good and are attracted because to attract and be loved, as loved and learn to love, this is the love of the process. wrote here, wanted to say is almost finished. This is more than four thousand words seem tiring, really hope that I can bring you more or less help. If you think there is no help, tore it to throw away, please forgive my temerity; If you feel helpful, please treasure it, and quietly Duokanjibian.

(Political Animal)  MORE ON TRADE....Speaking of trade policy (see below), there's little doubt that the biggest remaining distortion in global trade comes in the form of agricultural tariffs and (especially) subsidies. The European Union's CAP program is at least as bad as anything we do — probably worse, in fact — but what we do is plenty bad. Daniel Imhoff provides a taste of what's in store in our latest farm bill:What can we citizens expect if the proposed $300-billion farm bill is signed into law? Federally subsidized feed — corn, soybeans and cottonseed — for animal factory farms that spread disease, greenhouse gases and dangerous working conditions wherever they set up shop. (Farm bill "environmental quality" programs will even pay up to $450,moncler jackets online shop,000 for the construction of lined "lagoons" to be filled with lethal concentrations of manure.) The continuation of America's obesity campaign,moncler jackets women, which ensures the cheapest and most widely available foods are made up of such high-calorie ingredients as high-fructose corn syrup, refined flours, saturated fats and unhealthy meat and dairy products. And more federally backed exports of California's water — in the form of cotton and rice, mostly sold overseas.But here's the one that's really hard to stomach. More than $4 billion in permanent disaster assistance to growers in the Northern Plains. The brainchild of Montana Democrat and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, this is essentially a trust fund to guarantee income to farmers plowing up prairies and grasslands — lands prone to drought and erosion — to plant corn and wheat. Many observers fear a second Dust Bowl.Question: which is more important to the cause of free trade: (a) passage of the Colombian trade pact or (b) reining in the monstrosity that is U.S. farm policy? The answer is (b) by several light years. So why do we hear so much about the dire consequences of failing to pass a piddling bilateral trade deal with a ruthless Latin American regime but almost nothing about the dire consequences of the hideous $300 billion distortion caused by the latest round of farm subsidies — most of which goes to big agribusiness,Moncler Vest Men, not struggling family farms? How about a little more noise on the farm front?