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Rubrics Cube


Discussion at the Educator's Coop about rubrics for learning....
some notes jotted on my virtual napkin....

Holistic Rubrics from Gadget Loon

Sample of Course Objectives from North Lamar:
"Immerse ourselves in virtual worlds in order to critically evaluate the usefulness of virtual worlds as a collaborative work technology
Analyze our interactions and understand their implications on the future of work
Apply our readings to construct objects and design user experiences in Second Life
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of communication through virtual worlds
Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a virtual team by producing a virtual event."

North Lamar: my rubric

Resistance is Futile


Okay...I thought this was cool anyway....

"Cybrarian" = a cyber librarian

Today also talked about finding ways to incorporate some of the Customer Service training into Second Life. At last...possibilities.

AND...well wait...make a new entry...