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Last week I did a presentation on identity theft with a FBI agent and an IT professional from the Libraries. I was comic relief... or the personal experience side of things... same difference.

It was a good combo of people to present. A nice mix of content.

FBI statistic was 600 hours on avg. is spent by victims to straighten things out. The next day I spent 3 hours on hold with Citi credit cards...coincidence? I think not.

My advice: get a safety deposit box.

Note to self: follow own advice.

Bullets Don't Kill People


Don't do it! Put...down...the...PowerPoint!! If you've sat through an awful presentation, don't blame the tool, blame the presenter. It is time people started using PowerPoint for good and not for evil. Here is a blog article by Seth Godin on ReallyBadPowerPoint.

And please, do us all a favor, if you need to introduce a slide by saying..."You probably can't see this very well...." DON'T SHOW THE SLIDE!

continuous partial attention

i can see that blogs are like diets...hard to keep up and obvious to everyone else if you don't!

Also - i have had more and more thoughts lately "i should blog this" and then the moment passes. which is perhaps the equivalent of eating another donut?

the concept of continuous partial attention - is how people are beginning to vew the information arrayed in front of them. environmental scanning. similar to air traffic control...scan constantly and then zoom in and focus when/where necessary.

this if from a MINITEX conference i attended this morning on "the future of social computing" by Elizabeth Lane Lawley. she rocked.