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Puff the Magic Pixily

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Stumbled across this new service today. What if I could take my stacks of magazine clippings, recipes, receipts, important documents, etc. and have them uploaded for me...searchable, organizable, shareable, printable,..... Pixily sez they can do that. It is really tempting!

If I would have done this prior to the robbery, I would have all my important documents accessible still. But then, if wishes were fishes.....


Bloggus Interruptus

Screw blogging. Or maybe not. I can't decide. I'm finding Twitter much easier to maintain and now that my siblings are all on Facebook I'm kinda digging that action.

There is a weird balance between baring too much and not baring enough...I'm sure others have figured this out long before I did. Too far one way and it is a) unprofessional b) potentially embarrassing and c) more info than people with healthy boundaries can handle. Too far the other way and the blog becomes a) boring, b) boring, and c) did I mention boring?

It is interesting that when this college student and Somalian refugee wanted to remain connected to his homeland and also support community, he thought to establish a library.

There are good people doing good things.... sometimes it is good to remember that.

Evernote. Check it out. It might rock. Possibly. One Amazing-Cool function is that it can search and find words within images. zomg.

Casey recommended this to me as a possible solution to my "to do list" woes. Since he will someday be the John Lennon of productivity...I'm trying it out.