John Hancock Is Spinning In His Grave


I heard a VP here talk about how the university has over 1700 forms that are still printed out and routed in paper copies. I had two of them when I started here almost 2 years ago and I've narrowed that down to 1.

I would like to have that form routed electronically. The sticking point is electronic signatures. One would think we'd have a process like that in place. Every person I've discussed this with says, "Yes! Up to half my kingdom for that ability!" (Okay, that's a paraphrase.)

So I'm searching. I'm sending emails. I'm asking strangers on the street. I know there are commercial software applications that can do this, but I keep on believing an organization of this size has something...something....they must. Right?


Been looking for this type of information. Everything I've read anywhere else hasn't covered it very well, but your post did. Thanks...

Nice stuff. I'm going to recommend your site to a few friends of mine, signed up for your feed already.

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