Drive-by Decisions on the Rise. Film at 11:00.

Over the past few years, I've seen an interest in learning how to make "data-driven" decisions. This means that business and strategic choices get made by looking at actual data so the decisions are based on reality more than assumptions.

Something about it has always made me slightly uncomfortable, but I never put my finger on it. Today, talking with a previous boss, she said something that clicked it all in place for me. "Wouldn't it be better," she said, "if we allowed ourselves to be data-informed?"

That's it, exactly. I think that is probably the intent behind data-driven decision making already, and I think the wording doesn't reflect that. The idea of "informed" rather than "driven" allows for the voice of experience, of intuition, of creativity, of justice, to all be part of the package. It is the difference between making a decision based on information and knowledge, and making one based on information, knowledge, and wisdom.