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Seth Godin Reads This Blog!


Breaking News! I'm a Big Fat Liar!

Okay, he doesn't.....YET [insert dramatic music sting here] Besides, Seth Godin probably doesn't read blogs, he hires washed up ruby-sorters to read them for him. (Let me insert a disclaimer that I have no idea what Mr. Godin uses washed up ruby-sorters could be for other tasks altogether.)

Sorry...what was I saying? I was distracted by thinking about Seth Godin's head and looking at the ruby in the ring I'm wearing, wondering where it came from....ooohhh....shiny! Yes, both of them.

My point!! (yay!) I wanted to share an interesting blog post regarding social networking and the concept of tribes. I have yet to fully read it... it looks very interesting at first glance.

Failure IS an Option


I created a workshop called "How to Fail." I facilitated it last year and the evaluations were positive. Basically, it looks at how failure is a necessary part of learning, creativity, and progress. If you aren't occasionally falling flat on your face, you probably aren't stretching yourself hard enough to experience the many lessons life has to offer.

If an organization can embrace failure - even encourage failure - it would go a long way toward breaking down the stifling, lackluster, and change-averse cultures of blame and mistrust.

The other day I engaged in a hearty round of failure. It was neither awe-inspiring nor invigorating. It was awful.