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The Silent Treatment


(Hey, that's a good band name!)

After many sacrifices to the blog gods, I'm now able to take comments on the blog again! [insert the sounds of harps and trumpets here]

Please, no pushing. The line forms over there *points* and seems to be moving rather quickly...



*looks at clock*


*smiles encouragingly at passers by*


*puts on lip gloss and tries pouting again*

*stomps off in a huff*

I attended the first in a series of presentations arranged by the University of Minnesota Libraries this morning. We've* arranged for six (6) big names in the library world to address our staff on our six strategic areas of focus.

This morning we** heard from Lorcan Dempsey***, VP at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) about "Discovery and Delivery."

One of the things he said that drew my attention was that, in today's environment of scarce attention, if something takes a lot of effort to obtain (e.g.**** it has a "high transaction cost"), It is the same as if it didn't exist.


* as in "people other than myself, but I work here so I am going to "we" this
** this time "we" does include me
*** Hey, I told you it was big names in the library world, right?
**** Or is it i.e. ?

The societal issues and other issues that my mind and heart gnaw on make me consider creating my own personal and anonymous blog for blathering. I find it interesting that rather than thinking of writing in a journal, I would think of using a blog to process my thoughts and possibly even share them and gain input on them. (Hey, some people have blogs that people read and comment on.)

"No way!"
"Get out!"
"No, it's true, I tell you!"

What is behind our rising desire for others to know our sandwich at lunch was dry and our dog's vet visit is past due? And why does knowing those things about an otherwise stranger make me think I'm "building community?"

Other minds than mine consider this and have macerated it well.

I love the "why?" questions.