If you build it...it will require many trips to Home Depot to finish it.

I attended the first in a series of presentations arranged by the University of Minnesota Libraries this morning. We've* arranged for six (6) big names in the library world to address our staff on our six strategic areas of focus.

This morning we** heard from Lorcan Dempsey***, VP at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) about "Discovery and Delivery."

One of the things he said that drew my attention was that, in today's environment of scarce attention, if something takes a lot of effort to obtain (e.g.**** it has a "high transaction cost"), It is the same as if it didn't exist.


* as in "people other than myself, but I work here so I am going to "we" this
** this time "we" does include me
*** Hey, I told you it was big names in the library world, right?
**** Or is it i.e. ?