Who Are You?


In a meeting this morning, a colleague related that the first concept discussed in an Organizational Development workshop was "self awareness." Most of us nodded our heads sagely.
The foundational requirement for self awareness in positive learning and change is a truism for a reason. It's true. And when you say it, people nod their heads. And we pat ourselves on the back because of all the people in the room, we, undoubtedly, are the *most* self-aware.
By definition, it is unlikely to know the places where you are *not* self-aware. (Yup. I'm smart like that.) There are some ways to find your blind spots. Stay tuned. I'll explore a few of these in future posts.


Great article. I agree 100% personal development is a must for any human being wanting to excel at life. If we all focused on this the world would be a better place. I have been dedicated to personal development for almost 10 years and it feels good to read some new content. Keep up the good work and feel free to post a comment and sitelink on my personal development blog. Thanks -David http://www.motivationandhappiness.com

Yes I like the article too. Personal development is a key for making change and becoming proactive rather than reactive to life.

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Oli Hille