April 21, 2009

Darwin was late for everything.

I am plagued by lateness. It is one of my character flaws, and a difficult one to change. Part of the reason is because I'm not really interested in having "she was on time" as one of the eventual measurements of my success.

So I started to wonder...lateness travels hand in hand with procrastination. Is there an evolutionary benefit to procrastination? I did a bit of poking around on the intertubes. There are different kinds of procrastination 1) was to focus on the future in a negative way. This caused stress and avoidance of most activities. The 2) is indecision, which appears to be related to remembering the past and how things went wrong. This makes me think that the way to avoid procrastination is to maintain one's focus on the present.

My next question is should I become a Buddhist, a nun, or a Jedi?

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