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"You like me! You really like me!"

...*clutches her Oscar (r)*....

We had the Emerging Tech Expo. We were expecting about 70-100 staff members to show up - we ended up with 180! (If you build it, they will come, indeed!)

Here's a link to the TExpo blog:

Check out the short video of the event.

And now, for my next trick...

My colleague, let's call her "Intrepid Skills Trainer," and I worked on the 2010 workshop schedule yesterday. It will be a busy year. Here is a partial list of what we plan on offering:

  • Windows 7
  • Project Management - Fundamentals (2 day); Advanced (2 day)(new)
  • Google Apps, gmail, etc. - in concert with Office of Information Technology
  • File Management
  • Thunderbird - possibly, depending on google rollout dates
  • UMCal
  • Excel 2007 - multiple offerings including: Overview (new); Tables; Pivot Tables; Charts (new);
  • Word 2007 - multiple including: Overview; Collaborating; Mail Merges (new)
  • PowerPoint 2007 - Overview, and Punching Up PowerPoint Presentations (new)
  • (tentative title... probably needs more "P"s in it)
  • Wiki - Beginning and Intermediate
  • Effective Email Communication
  • Power of Positive Feedback
  • Risk Taking: Using Data and Intuition (formerly "How to Fail")
  • Effective Meetings
  • Managing Change
  • Training Others: One-on-One
  • Additional Office of Human Resources (OHR) workshops
  • Libraries Communications (tentative, in partnership with Communications Dept.)
  • More, more, more that I just haven't thought of or haven't yet witten down!

I guess I'd better get a move on....

I attended the first in a series of presentations arranged by the University of Minnesota Libraries this morning. We've* arranged for six (6) big names in the library world to address our staff on our six strategic areas of focus.

This morning we** heard from Lorcan Dempsey***, VP at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) about "Discovery and Delivery."

One of the things he said that drew my attention was that, in today's environment of scarce attention, if something takes a lot of effort to obtain (e.g.**** it has a "high transaction cost"), It is the same as if it didn't exist.


* as in "people other than myself, but I work here so I am going to "we" this
** this time "we" does include me
*** Hey, I told you it was big names in the library world, right?
**** Or is it i.e. ?

Step Right Up, Folks!


I'm working with a small group on creating an "Emerging Tech Expo" for the UMN Libraries. It is scheduled for November 18th. So many cool things out there to show and talk about. If I could figure out how to enable my comments, I would ask all of you (e.g. all 2 of you? and that includes me), to give suggestions for capturing people's impressions during the event.

Apparently, checking each check box that says "Accept Comments?" is not sufficient.


Seth Godin Reads This Blog!


Breaking News! I'm a Big Fat Liar!

Okay, he doesn't.....YET [insert dramatic music sting here] Besides, Seth Godin probably doesn't read blogs, he hires washed up ruby-sorters to read them for him. (Let me insert a disclaimer that I have no idea what Mr. Godin uses washed up ruby-sorters could be for other tasks altogether.)

Sorry...what was I saying? I was distracted by thinking about Seth Godin's head and looking at the ruby in the ring I'm wearing, wondering where it came from....ooohhh....shiny! Yes, both of them.

My point!! (yay!) I wanted to share an interesting blog post regarding social networking and the concept of tribes. I have yet to fully read it... it looks very interesting at first glance.