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"You like me! You really like me!"

...*clutches her Oscar (r)*....

We had the Emerging Tech Expo. We were expecting about 70-100 staff members to show up - we ended up with 180! (If you build it, they will come, indeed!)

Here's a link to the TExpo blog:

Check out the short video of the event.

And now, for my next trick...

My colleague, let's call her "Intrepid Skills Trainer," and I worked on the 2010 workshop schedule yesterday. It will be a busy year. Here is a partial list of what we plan on offering:

  • Windows 7
  • Project Management - Fundamentals (2 day); Advanced (2 day)(new)
  • Google Apps, gmail, etc. - in concert with Office of Information Technology
  • File Management
  • Thunderbird - possibly, depending on google rollout dates
  • UMCal
  • Excel 2007 - multiple offerings including: Overview (new); Tables; Pivot Tables; Charts (new);
  • Word 2007 - multiple including: Overview; Collaborating; Mail Merges (new)
  • PowerPoint 2007 - Overview, and Punching Up PowerPoint Presentations (new)
  • (tentative title... probably needs more "P"s in it)
  • Wiki - Beginning and Intermediate
  • Effective Email Communication
  • Power of Positive Feedback
  • Risk Taking: Using Data and Intuition (formerly "How to Fail")
  • Effective Meetings
  • Managing Change
  • Training Others: One-on-One
  • Additional Office of Human Resources (OHR) workshops
  • Libraries Communications (tentative, in partnership with Communications Dept.)
  • More, more, more that I just haven't thought of or haven't yet witten down!

I guess I'd better get a move on....

Step Right Up, Folks!


I'm working with a small group on creating an "Emerging Tech Expo" for the UMN Libraries. It is scheduled for November 18th. So many cool things out there to show and talk about. If I could figure out how to enable my comments, I would ask all of you (e.g. all 2 of you? and that includes me), to give suggestions for capturing people's impressions during the event.

Apparently, checking each check box that says "Accept Comments?" is not sufficient.


Yankee Doodle

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"What do you wanna do?"
"I dunno. What do you wanna do?"
"Doesn't matter. You decide."
"Okay, how about a movie?"
"Oh, I know! Bowling!?"
"No, I'm really not in the mood for that."
"Well, what are you in the mood for?"
"I dunno. Whatever you wanna do, I guess."

I heard a VP here talk about how the university has over 1700 forms that are still printed out and routed in paper copies. I had two of them when I started here almost 2 years ago and I've narrowed that down to 1.

I would like to have that form routed electronically. The sticking point is electronic signatures. One would think we'd have a process like that in place. Every person I've discussed this with says, "Yes! Up to half my kingdom for that ability!" (Okay, that's a paraphrase.)

So I'm searching. I'm sending emails. I'm asking strangers on the street. I know there are commercial software applications that can do this, but I keep on believing an organization of this size has something...something....they must. Right?