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The societal issues and other issues that my mind and heart gnaw on make me consider creating my own personal and anonymous blog for blathering. I find it interesting that rather than thinking of writing in a journal, I would think of using a blog to process my thoughts and possibly even share them and gain input on them. (Hey, some people have blogs that people read and comment on.)

"No way!"
"Get out!"
"No, it's true, I tell you!"

What is behind our rising desire for others to know our sandwich at lunch was dry and our dog's vet visit is past due? And why does knowing those things about an otherwise stranger make me think I'm "building community?"

Other minds than mine consider this and have macerated it well.

I love the "why?" questions.

Seth Godin Reads This Blog!


Breaking News! I'm a Big Fat Liar!

Okay, he doesn't.....YET [insert dramatic music sting here] Besides, Seth Godin probably doesn't read blogs, he hires washed up ruby-sorters to read them for him. (Let me insert a disclaimer that I have no idea what Mr. Godin uses washed up ruby-sorters could be for other tasks altogether.)

Sorry...what was I saying? I was distracted by thinking about Seth Godin's head and looking at the ruby in the ring I'm wearing, wondering where it came from....ooohhh....shiny! Yes, both of them.

My point!! (yay!) I wanted to share an interesting blog post regarding social networking and the concept of tribes. I have yet to fully read it... it looks very interesting at first glance.