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It's a show about nothing!


Here are your tasks:

  • Tell me. What is it you do, exactly?

  • Write a description for the staff newsletter about the project.

  • Why should I go to that training?

  • Fit that idea into a Twitter post!

  • Find a mate! (like Dilbert, here with a well-crafted message...)

This website from Harvard helps you craft your elevator speech. Nifty tool.

The elevator speech is a finely tuned message geared for delivery in approximately one minute - for example, in the amount of time you have when on an elevator with the target of your message.

Puff the Magic Pixily

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Stumbled across this new service today. What if I could take my stacks of magazine clippings, recipes, receipts, important documents, etc. and have them uploaded for me...searchable, organizable, shareable, printable,..... Pixily sez they can do that. It is really tempting!

If I would have done this prior to the robbery, I would have all my important documents accessible still. But then, if wishes were fishes.....