Kids Alive International

It is the 11th day of our trip to Peru. Today the weather was rainy and cloudy but still much better than Minnesota I am sure! it has been two days since our last blog so there is not too much to say. Both yesterday and today we have visited the children at kids alive international. It has been a great experience. The kids are always excited to see us and it has been great getting to know all of them. We have learned much about the games they like to play and the music they like to dance and listen to.

We have played volleyball both days and we played basketball yesterday. The smaller children like to swing MAS ALTO! on the play set. The older girls and boys showed us some of their dance moves yesterday and Ice showed them some of hers in return. We have been having so much fun playing with all of them and learning a lot about their culture. One girl, Carina, is an incredibly intelligent 16 year old who speaks english fluently and has helped our group with translations. She wants to study nutrition when she goes to college and I know she is going places in life. Many of the children have special talents and it is fun to see the potential in each of them.

The children are always laughing and they get along so well. The little ones are constantly running to you with big hugs and smiles. Also, they have taken over Wally's camera and have taken tons of pictures and videos. They are currently waiting for their swimming pool to be filled next week. Summer school also starts next week for them and we are going back on Tuesday to help out with whatever we can. We will write again soon!

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