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Hey everyone. Just throwing out a comment to see how this thing works exactly. Viven en paz!

Heyyy everyone, In response to Katalina's email I wanted to share my opinion about doing a food drive for centro for our class project instead of our previous plan. I think this is a great idea and I know I would presonally feel more invested in the project if it had to do with a place where we've all visited and understand what our services are being used for. Please comment with your thoughts so we can get this started!

Hi everyone,
So I contacted Centro and they gave me some info/stats they might like us to share while we do the food drive...

"Centro has been helping the Latino Community in the Twin Cities for 35 years. We offer different programs such as Mental Health Services, Maternal and Child Health, Youth Development, Gang Prevention services, Truancy Intervention Services, Senior’s program, Siembra Early Childhood Education, Adult Literacy, ESL classes and Food Shelf program.
We are serving approximately 200 households per month, averaging 882 individuals (427 children 0 to 17 years old, 442 adults 18 to 64, and 13 seniors 65+) and giving an average of 14,984 pounds. Most of our clients are below the poverty level according to the State guide.
We buy the basic food from Emergency Food Shelf Network (E.F.N.), such as rice, dry pinto beans, sugar, and vegetable oil. We also receive other donations from Hope for the City, Second Harvest, individuals and other organizations."
It's a start!
Ruth N.

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