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National Geographic--China

Professor Connie Walker kindly provides this info:

"the most recent issue of National Geographic is a complete issue on China, with a wonderful map included...No doubt Chinese teachers all over would want to get a copy of this – great reading for students, families, and teachers. National Geographic can be purchased at most book store magazine sections."

national geo china.jpg
The website: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/05/table-of-contents

May 2008
Table of Contents
China's Journey--The great nation is on the move.

Gilded Age, Gilded Cage
A new middle class means aspiration—and anxiety.

Village on the Edge of Time
In Dimen, yesterday and today are merging.

New Great Walls
Beijing is building up for the Olympics.

Bitter Waters
Can China save the Yellow—its Mother River?

China's Aerials
Photographer George Steinmetz takes flight to capture a different view of China.

The Road Ahead
China's expectations are rising, with no end in sight. What's next?

In this 2002 article Tibetans are adapting to the realities of Chinese rule yet still holding on to cherished traditions.

Return to Changing China
In a 1971 National Geographic story a photographer who grew up in China returns.

Life in Forbidden Lhasa
A 1955 National Geographic article tells the story of how an Austrian became the Dalai Lama's trusted tutor.

Ethnicity and Language Quiz
Did you know that Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world? Learn more and take our ten-question quiz.

Your Shot
Submit your photo, check out Your Shot jigsaw puzzles, and see reader photos published in National Geographic.

Your Shot China Photos
Use our interactive map to browse through Your Shot photos of China.

Desktop Wallpaper
Decorate your desktop with beautiful images from this month's issue of the magazine.

Visions of Earth
Each month, National Geographic features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth.

Editor's Note
Editor in Chief Chris Johns writes about how China has changed in two decades.

Carried on the shoulders of the faithful, the 15-year-old Dalai Lama fled Tibet's capital as the Chinese army advanced.


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