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East Asian Library presentation

Presentation by Mr. Weiming Lu on Historic Beijing vs. Modern Metropolis:
Challenges of the 2008 Olympics Planning as part of China Today.

Mr. Weiming Lu, a distinguished urban planner, a numerous international design awards
recipient, an accomplished calligrapher, and an adviser to the City of Beijing and a
committee member of Beijing Olympic Screening Committee. In this brawn bag session,
Mr. Lu will address questions such as:

•How does Beijing, an ancient city of many historic sites, remake itself into a modern
metropolis for the coming Summer Olympics?
•What types of modern buildings/infrastructures have been built around Beijing and what
are the impacts?
•How did the city of Beijing seek creative ideas for planning the 2008 Olympics through
an international design competition?

A questions & answers session will follow after the presentation.

The East Asian Library will provide fresh tea and light Chinese treats.

Date: Wednesday (May 21st)
Time: 11:45am-1:00pm
Place: East Asian Library, Wilson Library Subbasement, West Bank