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Final Project Proposal

So. To update my project proposal, here are some more specific qualities that this project will have:

-It will be a webpage (which this part of it, has not changed)
-The pages leading up to the chromotherapy pages will be in all black and white, probably using helvetica font
-It will have at least three "opening" pages to guide the viewer in and give them some information
-These pages will be followed by the question pages that will reach upwards of 25 to 30, some unconnected and some interconnected pages
-The final questions will bring a user to their final "prescription" page where their chromotherapy will take place
-It will end with some sort of wrap up for the user, either a description of what they just experienced or a description of what chromotherapy can do for a person in general. And credits.

Along the way, as I am already finding, there are some kinks. I'm still trying to figure out how to make my animations in photoshop look graceful. It's somewhat jumpy right now, and that would def. work against my page. I've worked with a few pages having colors fade in and out, and they have to have a ton of frames to work correctly, but that may be the only way to do it.

Other than that, I'm thinking of posting more than once a week, because I think that will help keep me on track. I dropped the ball a little last week as far as progressing my project extremely far, so I need to keep tabs on myself.

more to come.