So for these drawings, some of them i feel were really easy for me to complete, while some of them i will probably not have done. I get frustrated to the point where i stop working even. I think the thing that is hardest for me about all of these is knowing where to stop, or what else to add. I get so into each drawing that I take nearly an hour to do some drawings, while others take 15 minutes. And i wonder if i should spend longer on each one, or if i should just wait till class critique to determine what else to do. At times i feel like i am being too much of a perfectionist, and other times i feel like i am not doing well enough. I think right now i just need to relax and do what i can until class tomorrow. And from here on out i can not afford to procrastinate or do whatever it is that slows me down. I can't wait to see what everyone has done, because for some reason it really motivates me to be a better drawer and helps me see things that i normally wouldn't.