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The Three Questions

Interactive design -- what is is? It is communication between one or more persons using digital technology - profound, yes?

What do I want to learn in this course?
I would like to learn to like blogging. I would like to learn Dreamweaver better so that I can offer better web sites to my clients.

What applications/programming languages do I know or want to learn?
I am self-taught in Dreamweaver and have used it for several years. I have built over 30 web sites (with various levels of success). I know myself well enough that I sometimes resist learning new technologies, unless I am required to do so. I definitely like designing much more than building & maintaining web sites. I hope I can overcome my own resistance.

Other applications I know:
QuarkXPress 6.0
InDesign CS2
Photoshop CS2
Illustrator CS2
Dreamweaver 8
Flash 8