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How the Environment Affects ME...

I believe that the environment has always supported my thoughts and feelings. When we compare this to some of the oppositions such as plains, riverbends, forests, marshs, seashores, and oceans all of these parts of our environment are supportive towards the built environment. These ideas in nature are always a great insparation towards the things I design and built for school projects or in my daily life. Theirs something special about going out into nature and spending time away from everything stressful. When I designed and built my paper jacket for 1281 I chose to use Frank Lloyd Wright as my main thought. I came to this idea after doing some research and one of the main buildings that came up was Fallingwater. This house is a great example of how an architect gets ideas from the environment and uses it to build something great.


Oppositions are a type of necessity in order for existence to manifest itself. As time goes on the environment is constantly changing and this affects us by changing us too. Our society has greatly manifested over our time and keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think as we grow we forget about the importance of nature and learning from it.



I think that no matter what environment your in you can always get something out of it and learn from your experiences. The built environment would there for always support me as a person. Alot can be learned from the ocean, mountains, city, or buildings. I think that many of these ideas were covered when we watched the Andy Goldsworthy movie. Life is too short to worry about the clockwork of our built environment but I think that it is important to learn about the framework of nature and relate those concepts to our built environment. Nature is something that has always survived on its own and I think this is a great idea to believe in.