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New Tech category in Liberal Ed requirements

The new Liberal Ed requirements for the University include the theme of Technology and Society.

Here are some excerpts from the recommendations. You can find more information on the Liberal Ed website, as well as comment on the recommendations.

Advances in science and engineering produce technologies that have a profound impact on society. Informed and engaged citizens must be thoughtful rather than passive consumers of new technology. As a major research institution, the University is not merely a witness to, but is also a conspicuous participant in, the tide of technological change. Because developing innovative technologies is essential to the University‘s mission, it is crucial that students and faculty reflect upon the complex and compelling ethical issues raised by technological change and its effects on society. Society, explicitly or indirectly, defines the context in which new technologies are developed, the ways in which they are adopted and implemented, and the rules by which they are used. Undergraduate education at the University of Minnesota must prepare students to make sense of, evaluate, and respond to present and future technological changes that will shape their workplaces and their personal and public lives.