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EDUCAUSE wants YOU (to respond to their survey)

Take the challenge!

Weigh in with the top teaching and learning challenges in IT Assessment.

Learning space design. Changing student and faculty practice. When polled, focus groups within the EDUCAUSE teaching and learning community identified their top ‚Äúchallenges‚Ä? in teaching and learning with IT. But how does your list compare? What big issues are dominating your campus conversations and water cooler debates? What challenges would you add?

This fall, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) is kicking off a new community effort to list the biggest "Challenges" in teaching and learning with technology and to aggregate resources that can help to address them. Through online brainstorming, face-to-face sessions at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, and a community-wide vote later this fall, participants will identify their top five issues. With the list in hand, the community will begin building content around each challenge, creating dynamic resource pages in wikis within EDUCAUSE Connect, and joining collaborative working groups on the Challenges Ning Network.

But first, we need your help to generate the initial list of challenges.

Take the community brainstorming survey and decide which challenges are most important to you. Then, add your own suggestions and join us at the EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting when we reveal results and roll out this new community project.

Take the survey now: